August Full Moon

August Full Moon

Hello and welcome to the August Full Moon!

It is the 8th Full Moon of the year. For many reading this, August is the warmest month. This Full Moon falls in the sign of Aquarius, while our Sun is in the zodiac sign of Leo.

The servant and the self. In service of the self. How we serve ourselves, in the name of greater good. I think about how whenever I frame my work as being in service to, or of, any other greater thing, any other larger thing, it always gets imbued with more meaning. It feels so much easier to carry out, more sacred. Living becomes more important when we realize we are responsible for one another in ways we could never fathom or ever quite know.

The myth of Aquarius commonly goes that an attractive youth named Ganymedes of Troy was spied by Zeus and plucked from his life to be a cup bearer to the deities of Mount Olympus, as well as Zeus' special companion.

There are two versions I found of how the myth plays out. In one, after time, Ganymedes finally can't take being indentured anymore and tips over all the water bearing vessels on the mount. Zeus lets him go, so as not to drown Earth's inhabits below, getting pelted by water. In another, Ganymedes spies his beloved Troy undergoing a drought. He spills the vessels of water on the mountain to save his family, and loved ones.

Both of these versions illustrate the archetype of Aquarius: independent, caring and thoughtful of the collective, a trailblazer. I think of the gaps sometimes that lay within the helper and those being helped. How about in order to be in service to others around you, your own space must be looked after and cared for. Sometimes there are actual, vast spaces: that between a King or President, the head of a foundation, and those being served. Being of service can feel alien or uncomfortable, but those distances can sometimes help us see things we couldn't if we were right in the fray.

Ganymedes was honored by Zeus by getting placed in the sky as the constellation of Aquarius, the rain God. Rain is cleansing, clearing, and temporary. Rain is not a flood, it is refreshing. Sometimes it is jolt of coldness to wake you up, like walking under a waterfall. Pay attention to messages at this time. This time is excellent for manifesting goals that have to do with your self expanding, networking with others, helping more people in more authentic ways. Stepping into and enacting the next, more authentic version of who you are now.

Can you take a detached view in some of the areas of your life so that you might honor them in a more helpful way, down the road?

To not be so IN the narrative, that fray of your own emotions, but more detached?

Where do you need to get a different or more helpful viewpoint on the roles you inhabit in your life?

Last, what are a few behaviors you can adopt emotionally that would be more helpful to your soul's service?

At this Full Moon, I encourage you to honor your soul's service, in the ultimate good of the collective.

The Full Moon affirmation from my workbook is:
"My soul's service ripples outward and comes back to me, infinitely."

Sending you my biggest brightest Full Moon wishes!

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