Autumnal Equinox Blessing

Thursday, September 22nd is the Autumnal Equinox.*

Autumnal Equinox Blessing 

A time when day & night are equal
A time where we let the season help us reset
Where we prepare for our descent
Express gratitude for lessons learned
Breathe in the light
Turn towards the dark with awe
Forgive ourselves in order to move forward
Integrate lessons with compassion
Take action where we must &
Begin the process of harvesting from within.


Blessed are the candle makers
Blessed are the lamplighters
Blessed are the lantern holders
Blessed are the guides that hold us through rough terrain
Blessed is the descent that brings us back home again
Blessed are the mysteries awaiting us in the wane
Blessed are those that can vision in the dark
Blessed are those that can feel in the dark
Blessed is the dark and the beauty it brings
Blessed is the grief that burns the base of our throats
Blessed are the breaths that fill our ragged lungs
Blessed are the sweet words
Blessed are the check-ins
Blessed are the whistleblowers
Blessed are the asylum seekers
Blessed are the mutual aid fund creators
Blessed are the memorials
Blessed are the fighters
Blessed are the writers
Blessed are the truth-tellers
Blessed are those that have seen always,
that the Emperor has no clothes
Blessed are those on the front line
Blessed are the sick
Blessed are the survivors
Blessed are those brave enough to capture new mythologies
Blessed is all that shows us what is most important
May we remind ourselves until we need no more reminding
May we weave this into our every day, our every heartbeat, our every breath, our every action
Until everything living is treated as the sacredness it is
Until equity harmonizes for each one of us
Until love flows freely for each one of us like the river it is


*For my babes in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Spring! You made it.

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