December 2020 Tarotscopes

December 2020 Tarotscopes

December is a big month for me and my studio! My book, The Moon Book: Lunar Magic to Change Your Life, comes out December 14th! Pre-order it from Bookshop, IndieBound, or Barnes & Nobel. If you pre-order by December 10th, you can enter to receive a free mini-course here. 

On December 6th, I am teaching my online workshop Lunar Humanifestation. This is intended to be a primer for working with my book, taking my longer Moonbeaming Online Course I offer once a year, or thinking about co-creating in a different way than mainstream New Age preaches.

Also on December 6th at 3 pm PST, I am hosting a free, online Lunar Celebration to honor the 2021 Lunar Planner. Four of the Many Moons Contributors will be present: Diana Rose Harper, Martine Syms, Syd Yang, and Renee Sills. We will be talking about the moon, magic, and more. The event information can be found here. Please note that there is limited space so we encourage you to arrive on time. We also appreciate your understanding it is first come, first served, so there is the chance you are not able to log on due to space. We will most likely share a replay with subscribers of the Moobeaming newsletter at some point in the future.

On December 10th, I’ll be involved in a free online event hosted by the Alchemist’s Kitchen. I will be in conversation with Lou Sagar, owner of the Alchemist’s Kitchen. Sign up here.

On December 12th, Hauswitch Home + Healing is hosting one of my brand new online workshops: Honoring the Dark Moon. Sign up here.

December 13th is the last day to order from the Modern Women online store. All orders placed before then have ensured holiday delivery.

December 14th is my book release party! Hosted by Skylight Books and moderated by Pam Grossman, this is a free event. RSVP here.

May this month find you rested, healthy, and aligned. Sending everyone blessings on blessings.

The Tarotscopes below were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for it. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

3 of Swords 

Heartbreak is evidence of having loved deeply. Disappointment is evidence of how much you care and what you value. Heartbreak is not your fault. In the game of love and the game of life, there are not winners and losers. There are moments of suffering and there are ways we care for our inner child, our worried brain, and our nervous systems when they have been pushed to the brink. Do not turn the knives inward. The sensations of loss and grief must be surrendered to, of course. But solutions are found in softness, not self-harm.

Whatever heartbreak is being highlighted this month is also a nudge towards self-acceptance. Your needs are not something to blame yourself for, or feel shame around: they are non-negotiable. In time, you will be able to see these truths as gifts. 

Center space for your wholeness. Prioritize room for your desires. Sometimes, grace can only be met through stumbling through the darkness. We have to spend slivers of time in cold, ghostly spaces tracing our loneliness until we remember we are not alone. We have to slay certain dragons to uncover our own mythologies. It is in these moments that we honor our healing and our humanity. This is how we heal our own hearts. 

Suggested spell ingredients: fresh pine, fairy tales, rose quartz, any deities in your practice that resonate with mercy and mothering, long salt baths, and rivers of compassion.

The Hierophant

This month is a warm-up of your themes for next year, so pay attention to what floats through the cosmic telephone wires into your consciousness. Trace and memorize yearnings, desires, or flashes of anger. These sensations will inform how you are to structure and strategize for next year: a year where you will be stepping into ways of self-expression and creative expression as never before.  

You, more than most, know how interconnected all aspects of your life and self are. When you put your health first—or your relationships, or your rest, or your art—you aren’t sacrificing career, or ambition, or abundance. Everything is connected, and this is the month to pour more attention and love into the neglected aspects of your world. 

It’s time to embody all that you say that you are, and all that you say you want. It can feel scary to put yourself first, but that is what your soul is calling out for. Practice this until it becomes second nature. Devote yourself to what it feels and means to be spiritual in all aspects of your life. 

Suggested spell ingredients: lapis lazuli, elderflower tea, a favorite devotional chant sung upon waking, a forty-day devotional practice to your favorite deity, energy, spirit, plant, or element, and time spent with a favorite spiritual text, or writing your own. 

Page of Wands 

Gemini, after Quite A Year, this month brings a sweet reprieve. The caveat here hinges on your perspective: what you choose to focus on will either continue to burn you out, or begin to light you up. Particular harsh truths could usher in a much-needed reorganization or two, or leave you despondent. This is a month to develop and refine energetic boundaries: it starts and ends with you. Spend time in daydreams and practices to spark your imagination for future plans. Don't worry about the how. Focus on the what. 

Spend the first half of the month clearing any residue that has been dragging you down. Schedule the tasks you have to get done. Apologize to yourself in the mirror. Keep your eyes on your own precious paper. Center a creative practice: whether it is a poem a day, a meal a day, or a playlist a day, use your impulses to remind your spirit that you are a genius of love. 

By the second half of the month, you’ll be able to stretch out into your life more—you’ll begin to understand the how. The notes of angel song that previously felt so far away—those little feelings of hope—will glimmer so bright in your sphere you’ll have no choice but to feel brighter.  

Suggested spell ingredients: tealights sprinkled with cinnamon and red pepper flakes, an altar that celebrates shadows and light, a rose-colored lightbulb for your bedroom, and a special (socially distanced) Solstice celebration with one or two of your nearest and dearest. 

The Devil 

When elephants are trained to serve humans, they are tied to a stake. For a long time, they are trapped in the confines of a space that someone else has determined for them. The chain is then cut, but by the stake the elephant remains. They’ve forgotten their life before their capture, what freedom tastes like, the ability they have to run, run, run past confinement into an open field.

Darling Moonchild, you’ve needed to take the invitation to escape into your own open field for a while. In one way or another, you’ve acquiesced to some kind of tether. You've convinced yourself to stay put to a stake that is no longer serving you. And now it is time to figure out why. This month is asking you to consider your juiciest desires and most paralyzing fears in equal measure. To make it past this particular snag, you’ll have to interpret each in a way that will grant you a way out. 

This next year offers the ability to step into all that allures you. Next year is imploring you to live your life on your own terms, with a priority on the pleasurable and the most resonant. First, you need to take the steps to shake off the fears that serve as your chains. Take this month to take all steps to prepare your soul’s liberation. Watch out for chain makers disguised as caretakers. No one else will set you free but yourself. 

Suggested spell ingredients: an obsidian blade, images and videos of howler monkeys, pictures of you as a baby, ghost pipe, time spent buying new green friends or propagating one of your plants, and sex magic

5 of Wands

It is ok to be messy, it is ok to make messes, and it is ok to identify proudly as a mess, Leo. This is temporary. If this is the month when you do this, let it be a blessed and glorious unraveling. All year long, you've made decisions or choices that have changed your trajectory. The ways you do business—or the business of being yourself—has been switched up. 
Now is the time to make even more decisions about rearranging the structures of life and relationships. So if your life resembles the floor of a teenager’s closet before laundry day, that’s ok. You are most likely in the part of the Marie Kondo episode where everything you have done, or owned, or believed, or identified as is laid out before you. This month will find you sorting through and assigning what will stay, what will go, and what you need to go after to spark more joy. 

Pat yourself on the back for being brave enough to be in-process. Plan for moments of tension and frustration: these always accompany big moves. If you find yourself getting stuck, remember that it all comes back to energy. What makes you feel energized, and what drains it. Who you want to collaborate and connect to, and who you need to avoid. Who you are becoming, and why you are becoming, this next version of yourself. 

Suggested spell ingredients: sunstone, ginger tea, a morning routine including boxing or lion’s breath, early evenings spent decluttering, and as much time with fire energy as you can.

Queen of Wands 

Are you in love with yourself? Are you in love with your life? These questions will tug at your heart until you figure out how to make every day reflect the spiciest aspects of your soul. 

You might have felt like you lost some particular sparkle, some particular way of experiencing your own magic. And angel: that is perfectly understandable in These Times. Just because you feel a bit dried up right now doesn’t mean this is for always. If you need to feel invigorated, start small. Start with treating your body like the temple it is, your mind like the haven it must be, and your hours with the utmost sacredness. 

No dream, no wish, no desire is out of reach. If a vision was not for you, it would not have been delivered to you. It all starts with scheduling in and strategizing ways to amaze, seduce, and surprise yourself.

Suggested spell ingredients: fire magic, boundary work, bamboo essence, citrine, lemon balm, and “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac on repeat. 

The King of Wands 

Sometimes, it makes you feel uncomfortable to identify as the leader you are; so much of your time is spent harmonizing your energy with others. You value collaboration and cooperation, and sometimes you associate being “the boss” with unsavory qualities. This is the time to reframe what it means to be an effective decision-maker and guide. You have influence and you have power, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can claim the gifts that come from owning your shine. The more you have, the more you can share.

This is the month to take concentrated action around fostering certain relationships: your relationship with your will, your creativity, or with particular people who can support you in being unapologetically brilliant. This is not the month to be shy or to waste your own time with half-expressed desires. 
As soon as you clarify what you want, you can figure out how to get it. And how you will be getting it in 2021 is going to be easier, more pleasurable, and filled with more help. Read this again. You know it’s time. It’s on you and your main connections to make it more fun, bolder, and brighter. Anything less would be selling your beauty and all the hard work you've done so far short. 

Suggested spell ingredients: orange and red candles, red nail polish, rubies, rose water, pomegranate tea, pillows, and videos of lions roaring.  

7 of Wands

Scorpio, all this month, repeat after me:

I will no longer sacrifice my belonging for my self-respect. I will no longer let my energy get tangled up in another’s emotionally manipulative traps. I will no longer let my self-sabotaging bullshit get incredibly out of hand. I walk away from any and all relationships where I am not fully seen and listened to. I bet on myself and ignore any and all naysayers, including the ones in my head. I respond from the present, not the past. I build towards a future I cannot completely see, but can absolutely feel.

Every time we reach a pivotal moment, a certain stop of the train of our soul’s timeline, we need to pause. We need to invest in the future, not doubt it. This month, double-down on where you are headed, not where you've been. If that means you need to walk away from certain battles or call a truce with certain people, or let go of certain goals that may not be meant to be, do so. Examine the ways you are still in resistance mode, fighting with demons that may no longer exist. Be clear on what actions and spiritual practices will support you through this particular transition.

Create portals into the reality you are creating with your focused energy. Make it as easy as possible for the good, the better, and the best moments and opportunities to find you. 

Suggested spell ingredients: burdock tea, Dalmatian stone, visits to the Goodwill or the dump with at least one trash bag, a social media detox, a doubt detox, and a plan to set up multiple habits or tiny rituals a day that remind you of where you are going and who you are becoming.  

The Lovers 

Choose your emotional, physical, and mental well-being over anything else. This is hard work, it is layered work, and it is work that will pay off handsomely, handsome. The choices you make in service of staying present, staying resourced, and staying engaged with your needs are key to your creative expression. Start the month off by writing down all of the subtle ways you engage in self-harming behavior. These are habits: too much phone, too much brushing off of compliments or other gestures of love, too little sleep, too many times spent saying “yes” instead of “no”, or “I can’t right now.” The good news about habits is that we can change them. As you decide to make different choices, be careful about succumbing to guilt or other self-punishing thoughts. 

This month will also have you integrating different aspects of your life or identify in ways that will make you love yourself more. Come out of a particular closet. Share your beliefs in public ways, have your actions be an extension of your values. Combine two previously disparate practices or interests you have. Take the shame out of pleasure. Take the procrastination out of self-actualization. Revel in the release that flows in when you breathe in deep and scream out your prayers to an endless sky.  

Suggested spell ingredients: blue kyanite, pink pea shoot essence, skullcap tea, one new-to-you recipe, creative voice notes to friends, and time spent vigorously sloughing off dead skin cells in the shower.  

Knight of Cups 

It is nice to be liked, but not for being someone you are not. It is wonderful to be paid compliments, but it is even better to be paid cash. Believe in things, and they will believe in you. Actions speak louder than words. Sweet Sea-Goat, these are adages you know well: how well are you putting them into practice? This month, the themes of what you love and why, authenticity and transparency, passion, faith, career, investments of the heart, and where that is taking you are all rolled up into your Eclipse season, which also happens to be in the season of your solar return. No big deal. 

Yes, December promises to be a lot, but the last few YEARS have been a lot. Everyone has been through it, but you have experienced intense excavations and situations that would stop others completely in their tracks. A lot of moves, a lot of upheavals, a lot of course corrections, a lot of reminders of what is most important to you and why. You have spent many moments in serious reflection around your legacy, your time, and your purpose.

What you are growing—community, a creative practice, self-love, patience—requires your whole heart. The growth you are experiencing requires you to move onto a different path. Whatever it is, whoever it is, wherever it is, has to know you are serious. This is the month to touch base with your heart and let love lead. It is a currency that will only appreciate.  

Suggested spell ingredients: crocodile jasper, clear conversations, a self-love or pleasure nighttime practice, invoices written for future endeavors, sprigs of mistletoe hung over your bed, and letters to Santa or the Solstice fairy asking for exactly what you need. 

Ace of Wands 

When was the last time you turned yourself on, Aquarius? Was it when you slid a rose petal slowly against your clavicles and inhaled deeply? Or there a small shudder upon seeing the visage of a mountain rage you could only climb with your eyes, reminding you that while you were quite contained this year in some intense ways, in others, you roamed into completely new, absolutely stunning territories?

What was the last time you paused and remarked out loud “I am a complete, hecking genius and I’ve come here to change the world as only I can, to innovate, and serve the global community through pleasure, titillation, and through my own unique creations and thoughts?" 

If the sensual and the intellectual have been out of reach for you as of late, this is the time to court them. If they are your familiar bedfellows, this is the time to experiment with different combinations of a ménage à trois. Focus on what piques your interests and pushes your beauty button firmly. That which devastates your imagination and leaves you swooning at the altar of sensuality is what is going to deliver you out of whatever stagnant feelings you've been experiencing. 

Suggested spell ingredients: spells that are synonyms for how gorgeous you'd like to feel, smooth pebbles you gather on chilly morning walks, long rose petal baths with your favorite philosophy book, new projects that make your heart and brain muscles skip a beat, and any and all chances for you to exclaim out loud "Goddess, I'm good!” 

6 of Swords 

I’ll tell you a secret, Pisces, because I love you so much: over the years, a common refrain I hear from Pisces is that they feel left out, forgotten, looked over. The last sign—one of subtleties, cosmic whispers, the one that so often serves the collective without requiring fanfare doesn’t always receive the star treatment they deserve. 

Because of that feedback, generally, I start each month’s Tarotscopes writing your sign first. I want my freshest, most inspired, most tapped in energy to go to you. I want you to feel my love, gratitude, and appreciation through the screen. I want you to be reminded that you are more than deserving of demanding appreciation, attention, adoration, abundance, and all of the glitz and glitter you crave. 

But here's the thing: it doesn’t matter how much I love you, how much I want to wax poetic about how talented, how gorgeous, how special you are. What matters right now is how much you can believe in yourself and how much your boundaries and self-advocacy reflect that belief. This month is about understanding what you require in terms of help and acknowledgment and swimming towards those shores. Don’t expect others—or the universe— to match your level of mind-reading. Name what you want and energetically claim it. Don’t continue to give others endless chances after you’ve clearly communicated what you require and what you are worth. This is a time of big, big risks and big, big clearings for you, cosmic child. You aren't supposed to know exactly where you are headed yet. Focus on the journey of becoming your own lover, leader, and fantasy. 

Suggested spell ingredients: amethysts under your bed, sentences involving the words “not right now” and “I need…”, lavender and mugwort tea, craft projects involving biodegradable glitter, purple candles, and at least one over the top photo shoot in your bedroom or favorite familiar space.