December 2022 Tarotscopes

December 2022 Tarotscopes

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December 2022 Tarotscopes 


The theme for December is Practice.

Practice finding closure. Practice integration. Practice all you’ve been learning and reading about. Practice floating. Practice simply being. When’s the last time you let yourself live, without judgment, goals, or the constriction of certain expectations? Air out your soul and spirit. Give yourself time to process the events and shifts of this year. And what a year it was. The prompts each week will help you reflect on 2022. Before beginning this month, look back over the spells you wrote between the pages of your Planner. What came true? What are you still working on?

— Excerpt is from the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner. Get this month's digital guide here. Order the 2023 edition of Many Moons here!

This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. Read for whatever sign you feel called to: your Sun, rising, Moon, or a placement that is particularly loud right now.*

Ace of Cups  

The year is at a close, and your heart yearns. There’s a little bit of emptiness there, alongside all the internal and external growth. You’ve got a lot of love to give. You have a lot of folks who adore you. So why can’t you believe them? Why can’t you fully receive the love that flows your way?

Some of your doubt comes from misconceptions about your innate worth. Self-love requires honesty and action: be disciplined enough to give yourself what you want most. Receive it in a way that shifts you, that leaves you satiated. Accept yourself, as you are, now. No personality shift, new expensive skincare routine, or fancy new job is going to make you more lovable. It starts here, now. 

Let yourself be loved by others. Don’t push them away to guard your heart. Compromise: meet people where they are, not where you wish they’d be. This will include recalibration: a conversation about the future, a game plan around changing certain dynamics. Clearly communicate what you need to feel safe and seen. Then, give people time to show you that they are trustworthy. But mostly, see what happens when you are the source of your own approval, adoration, and validation. Show up for yourself, in new ways, each day. Try what you’ve wanted to do for years. Choose what is best, for you and you alone. You’ll know that your heart is expanding by how uncomfortable it feels at first. You’ll know healing is happening when your heart beats stronger and lighter at the same time. You’ll know things are changing for the better when no external validation, or attention, matches the sensation of smiling easily at a reflection of yourself in the mirror.

Suggested spell ingredients: Mirror affirmations, a candlelit viewing of Amélie, rose quartz, All About Love by bell hooks, and the 2023 Many Moons spiritual guide. 


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10 of Wands, Reversed

The year concludes with a big personal ending: you just can’t do it anymore. You can’t keep stringing yourself along. Promising that after this next season—or this next amount of money, or after some external milepost—then you’ll give yourself a break. Then you’ll change. Then, somehow, things will be better. That approach hasn’t worked out for you yet, because you’re exhausted. Even worse, you’re dangerously close to self-sabotage. 

Being a Taurus who doesn’t know what’s next sucks. It’s your worst nightmare, which is why you’ve kept going like this for so long. The unknown feels terrifying, starting from scratch feels humiliating, but phoning it in feels like a fate worse than death. It’s ok to take a break. It’s ok to not pour absolutely everything you’ve got into some aspects of your life—especially your work or “public” life—for the winter. Tend to your creative life, focus on your spiritual life, and prioritize your physical and energetic well-being.

It’s time to switch up how you use your energy and what you put it toward. How do you betray yourself in non-reciprocal relationships? Are you depleting yourself? December is a month to take back your power and energy. Ultimately, this is about sustainability, about embodying a life that is gentler on your body, mind, and spirit. This is about your next steps, your new directions — even if you can’t yet see it, even if you aren’t yet sure which way to go. Your future is you, and that’s who you need to invest in. Clarity always follows surrender and ultimate trust. 

Suggested spell ingredients: 9 hours of sleep every night, honesty journaling, sobriety, magnesium salt baths, and the Winter Solstice Seasonal Support Session. 


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Strength means doing the hard thing, but remaining soft. Soft as in let yourself off the hookfinally — soft as in relaxed enough to access your intuition during the chaos. Figure out what is worth fighting for, and how to approach the fight so that it doesn’t explode into a war. Healing means not lashing out from the wound that left you vulnerable in the first place. Healing also means taking actions that your future self will be proud of, even if there’s no reward—no confirmation that things will work out—in the present moment. 

A horoscope that tells you to expect a happy ending without doing any work to get there is a silly thing to read right now. You are so much smarter than that. Lately, any happiness you’ve enjoyed has been hard-won. A dash of grief glimmers in all the joy you experience — that’s how you know it’s real. This month, dream up the happiest ending for the year you can muster. Then, do all that you can, within your ability, to get there. Let the rest go as best as you can.

The year will end as a bit of a mixed bag, echoing the rhythm of the entirety of 2022. The amazing moments were a contrast to some major devastation. No one really talks about the next-level tests that come with success. No one really talks about the dehumanization that occurs when you’re viewed as a victory story, when you’ve overcome hurdles and hardships with grace and good cheer. Gratitude must become your foundation, especially gratitude for the lessons your shadows have taught you. Stay strong by staying human. Listen deeply to your heart, as you continue to be an ambassador of strength to your beloveds and to the greater world.

Suggested spell ingredients: Hawthorne berries, The Art of Communicating by Thich Nhat Hanh, carnelian, and long winter walks in the forest where you allow your heart to confide in you. 


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5 of Pentacles

Is it safe to be yourself? How much is too much? Themes of safety and security surface this month. While some of this is about financial security, this is about more than money. It’s about feeling safe enough to be yourself, share yourself, and change. It makes sense to feel wobbly as you make different moves, explore different aspects of your personality, and nurture different interests and skill sets. It makes sense that shifts in your physical needs and capabilities would shake your overall confidence. Don’t confuse fresh starts and beginnings for lack. Something will come from nothing. It always does. 

Much of this is about attitude: do not confuse a temporary lull for an entire identity. Congruence is getting interrupted by perfectionism. Be gentle: show up to new endeavors with grace, snacks, and affirmations of encouragement. Be clear about where you’d like to go, to be able to tell where you’re making progress. Figure out what you need to do to impress yourself by ending self-betrayal. This is about what the Universe wants for you, not social media. 

There’s somewhere in your life where you’ve been confusing fantasy for reality, lip service for actual friendship, intentions for actions. It’s time to get real and stop wasting your own time. Make a plan, ask for help, and take action instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Security is created through nervous system healing, by staying inside your body more, and by being kind to yourself no matter what. Safety is created by keeping soul promises to yourself. This is a month for doing, and an invitation to redefine abundance. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Cash money (saving it, investing it wisely, placing it on your altar as a reminder that you can always have it), The 2023 Many Moons spiritual guide, the 5 of Pentacles episode of the Moonbeaming podcast, oat straw tonic, and reality. 


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5 of Swords

We’ve been taught to end the Gregorian calendar year cleanly and deliberately, as if it’s the last chapter in a book we can close. But right now, you’re in the messy middle of something that will continue to play out for the next few months, well into the New Year. This continuation won’t make your end of 2022 feel resolved, or tied up like a gift for the grandkids in a big red bow. Accept that and don’t blame yourself for it. Understand that life unravels on its own timeline. 

The main task of this test is for you to uncover—and practice—more self-advocacy. If you want to respect yourself more, there are some things to let go of. Think about the deeper symbolism around what is most important right now: most likely, there’s some trauma there, some meaning attached to who you want to be, and how you need to show up for yourself. You want to make life easier for others, but that doesn’t mean that things get easier for you. Usually, you split the difference in order to move on, but this time, it might cost too much. Swallow your fear of appearing difficult and go after what’s yours. 

The rut you’ve been in isn’t your fault. Others’ projections or insinuations are simply their coping mechanisms, not the truth about who you are or what truly happened. What is needed most is detachment: go beyond the narrowness of defense. Recognize what you owe yourself, and let those values lead the way. 

Suggested spell ingredients: A shower screaming session, pranayama breathing, the 5 of Swords episode of the Moonbeaming podcast, sunflower seeds, and a reset ritual. 


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Ace of Pentacles

You don’t have to make suffering your identity, or lead with scarcity in order to belong. You don’t have to deflect a compliment from a new friend. It doesn’t have to be a sacrifice or utterly exhausting to get to the finish line or to simply have some basic needs met. This month, there are a lot of “do nots” to practice. Do not overcomplicate, do not force a connection, do not fall into the trap of negativity. Do not ignore some incredible opportunities because they require self-starting and self-motivation. 

Of course you aren’t going to be amazing at a new endeavor the first few—or few hundred—times you try something. Every farmer knows that when we plant seeds, we put 2-3 in a hole: not every intention placed in the dark takes hold. This month, it’s a good idea to toggle between the projects and activities you are confident about and the ones with learning curves. Accept that not every project will take off as imagined, not every pitch will be caught with praise, or even acknowledgment. Remember why you are doing what you are doing. A different life comes from doing things differently.

The Ace of Pentacles is about the gardens we leave behind, and the gardens we wish to stay planted in. Remind yourself of where you came from as you enter into different spaces. Remember that as long as you are showing up with love and the clear energy of your best intentions, no matter where you go, there you truly are. Remember. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Garlic planted underground for boundaries, ocean jasper, ginger tea, encouraging voice notes to your future self, some deposits into a fuck you fund, and the 2023 Many Moons Lunar Planner. 


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Queen of Cups

All memories can do is heal or harm. You can’t fold them up in your pocket and take them on your next plane ride. They can’t feed you like a delicious warm pie does, baked for you by a friend. They cannot tell you what really happened: they aren’t accurate reflections of the past. Memories can only show you what you think and feel about the moments you’ve most let shape your identity. The way we relate to them are oracles of the future. Many get trapped in an endless time loop, constructing the present from the unprocessed emotional wreckage of the past. If you’re lucky, or rather, if you’re smart, you use your imagination to tell better or more accurate stories about the past. It isn’t advisable to utilize only trauma when gathering memories that create maps for the future. 

Nothing can hurt you right now, except certain memories. 

Memories can heal when we replay the ones that reflect our courage and compassion. I invite you, this month, to make peace with your memories by choosing to tell a different story about them. Ones where you were the star, even when you were misunderstood. Ones where you remained the hero, even when it looked like you lost. You see, even when you weren’t safe, you made it out eventually. Even when you pretended to believe lies about you, the deepest parts of you knew the truth. You’re much bigger and brighter than any labels. This is the month to consciously choose the memories you’d like to remember years from now, and create them.  

Suggested spell ingredients: Pearls charged in honey, lavender baths, Enya, new stories, present time savoring, and the 2023 Many Moons Lunar Planner. 


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2 of Wands

Endings and beginnings close out 2022 for you, sweet Scorpio. Whether there’s a graduation, a job change, a move, an arrival of new life, or simply a big realization about your next steps after a long period of trials and unknowns: you are in between life chapters and pathways. There’s the encouragement to pace yourself, something about this celebratory moment is coupled with the knowledge that there’s a long journey up ahead. This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. You’re learning the art of energetic mastery when you reserve the same amount of energy to begin an endeavor as you do to end a chapter. 

There’s also an element of a passing of the torch, spirituality: this period of maturation has also got you antsy for adventure. Your heart calls out for another risk, challenge, or out-of-the-ordinary experience. Get outside: go to a new place, join a local activist group or initiative, break out of your routine, and experiment with a new spiritual practice. If you are an artist, explore different ways of creating, or finally muster the courage to plan studio visits or pitch yourself for a show. It wouldn’t be growth if it wasn’t a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

Last, but certainly not least, the 2 of Wands is highlighting where you’ve made some sacrifices and where you’re ready to be more self-full. Sacrifices are noble, but withholding becomes masochism at a certain point. Selflessness is thought of as a virtue but not if it’s performative, not if your needs are erased from the equation completely. There’s a way to both take up the energetic and emotional space you need and also hold space for others. It requires refinement, discipline, and emotional sobriety. This is a new personal era for you. Practice it, live it, become it.  

Suggested spell ingredients: A map of where you want to visit/move to, crystal ball meditations, red candles, determination, different choices, and the 2023 Many Moons Lunar Planner. 


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2 of Pentacles

It’s your time, Brave Archer, and you’re going places. December is about a yes practice. Yes, and, to be exact. Yes, you have to take care of certain obligations, and there won’t be any overgiving or overworking this month. Yes, you can help out/show up to the party, and leave when it’s bedtime. Know where your limits are so you can be flexible.

This push and pull you feel between going all in or completely refraining can be tempered with balance. This practice will also alleviate a lot of your anxiety around this holiday season. A lot of your anxiety comes from mixed feelings about caring for yourself and showing up for those around you. There’s an urge to get it all done, to experience everything—to push forward into the stars—that becomes anxiety when unchecked. Competition with yourself ensues, which can teeter into judgment or resentment. Figure out what’s happening before the tipping point, and course correct. You might be slightly superhuman, Sagittarius, but you’re still human. Listen to your body. Tend to your physical health. Get back into a daily movement practice, especially something that supports your spine, neck, and shoulders. 

The end of this year arrives with different options after a period of narrowness or confusion. New insights, new opportunities are on the horizon. Use the practice of yes, and to keep the momentum going. Some late nights and early mornings will help create bursts of needed momentum. Small moments of focused time add up to some bigger projects and a-ha’s.

Suggested spell ingredients: Fantasy movies enjoyed by candlelight, energetic rooting and grounding, knee, ankle, and wrist massages with Rise Magic Oil, spinal twists, and a new root vegetable recipe. 


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Page of Wands

The last part of the month is your season, and that means a reset. For the first part of December, give yourself a break: try to put your inner critic on a time-out. Be honest: if you are at 30%, then your 30% is 100%. There’s no shame in being tired or having a chronic illness flare: you’ve had a tumultuous year, full of curveballs, high highs, and low lows. It’s been a lot, which means you need to get back to basics. Get extra sleep. Hibernate, hermit, and nest.

By resting now, you’ll regroup and be able to gather some hope for the coming year ahead. The creative process requires rest. The more you keep going while not feeling completely great about what you are doing, the harder it will be to get re-inspired. Feed your creative spirit by being careful about what you consume. Detox from social media, escape from the noise of the outside world. Spend time with your favorite poems, look at artwork that inspires wonder. 

Finish out this year by doing activities that help you feel most like “you.” For some of you Seagoats, it’s been a while since you let yourself play. This is about reconnecting to the kid you, the innocent one. Find awe wherever you can: a sunset, an exchange with a loved one, the way certain foods transport you. Putting some words from your brain onto a glowing screen means you get to connect with your favorite people? Moving your body for 20 minutes gives you endorphins and completely changes your mood? It’s all so amazing, isn’t it? 

Suggested spell ingredients: Fire, fallen leaves, inner child journaling, long walks under the morning sun, and the 2023 Many Moons Lunar Planner. 


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9 of Cups

It’s the end of the year, and you made it. You’ve created so much, grown so much, and learned so much. As you take stock, integrate the lessons you’ve learned. Pay extra attention to where you leaned on your intuition, experimentation, and risk to great outcomes: those are the skill sets that will continue to guide you into expansion, fun, and abundance. 

Every day, count your blessings, show up for them, and court them. The blessings you’ve received are results of both luck and labor. Day after day, you show up, you do your work, silently help others, and spread laughter and good cheer. Just because it appears effortless doesn’t mean it isn’t a practice. Joy is a discipline, love is a choice. It’s one you continue to practice until it becomes second nature. 

This month is about stepping into more confidence. Make space for complexity, let your genius be top of mind. You widen your capacity when many truths can exist at once, in your body, in your mind, in your relationships. You can be exhausted and grateful, frayed, and excited. They can be doing the best they can, and maybe you also need something more, or different. Celebration does not negate humility. Widen, widen: choose broader containers for your bounty. In doing so, you model to those in your life that you are a leader, you model to your younger parts that it is safe to be abundant, and that joy will not be stolen from you. Trust can also contain curiosity. It’s all a practice that can only result in more blessings.   

Suggested spell ingredients: Morning walks around bodies of water, chrysanthemum tea, the memorization of a favorite poem, flower agate, and the 2023 Many Moons Lunar Planner. 


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7 of Swords

Distractions are inevitable this month, as various relationships, vices, and old stories attempt to hook you after so much progress has been made. This is normal, it is to be expected, and it is not based on anything you did or did not do. (Distractions also look like taking too much responsibility for situations, or others’ behavior, that have nothing to do with you.) Stay in the present moment. Be clear about what is truly yours, and what is a projection or an emotional habit.  

End the year making it about you, completely. Practice not leaving energetic cords dangling by needing validation, or even a clear response, from those who can’t give it. Practice processing your own emotions and energies with yourself before, or after the fact, or in therapy. Being overly focused on the other, those who you can’t control, is still a form of hypervigilance. It’s still your energy, thoughts, and emotions shadowboxing in a futile game. Take your energy back by affirming you are safe. Extend the safety by playing, making, and creating every day this month as if you were a child, a genius — as if you were the creative muse themself. 

Name what the best version of yourself might look like, feel like, and do. As best as you can, experience those aspects every day — bonus points when it’s hard. No one will remind you to make yourself the artist and muse of your life, to open your arms up to the wind in a grocery store parking lot, to make mornings a silent hymn to self-forgiveness. Remind yourself that practice is time magic. It’s never too late to use the gifts you were born with as keys to unlock different doorways of possibilities.  

Suggested spell ingredients: An altar to the next version of you with at least one mirror on it, playtime with children or animals, gold stars, a poem that rhymes, Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance by Julia Cameron, and the 2023 Many Moons Lunar Planner. 


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*Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

These Tarotscopes are not intended as an alternative to medical or psychiatric health services and should not be interpreted or used as such.