December Full Moon

December Full Moon

Tomorrow we have a lovely Full Supermoon. In my current Many Moons Workbook, this simple ritual is called: "Writing yourself a letter."

With the Sun currently in Sagittarius, you can take this energy to boost your intentions far over the edge of previously self-imposed limits. How do you talk to yourself about your limits? Do you know what your limits are? Is there a pattern going on for months, years, or lifetimes?

Take the time to reflect on what has shifted in your life. Affirm that whether things have shifted for the "good" or the "bad", they are happening for a reason, and that you are expanding and opening yourself up to opportunities. Sagittarius is is ruled by Jupiter, humongous planet of expansion and luck. Gemini syncs up with communication, inquisitiveness, research, and imagination. How do you talk about what you want? WHO do you talk TO? (Versus WHO do you WANT to be talking to?)

Do you need to do more research? What are any patterns of messages you give or get? How can you change your language to be more in alignment with who you are turning into?

Once in a while you screw up your courage and take that chance. Define the different areas of an unnamed map. Once in a while you gotta reach for the brass ring and grab it.

Now is the time to reach for what you cannot.

Full Moon in Gemini suggested activity: Writing Yourself a Letter.

Suggested Tools: Pieces of paper, pen, candles in any color you are feeling drawn to.

Suggested Affirmation: "I celebrate my hard work and the maps I create for my personal journey. They serve my inner strength and vision."

During this Full Moon time think about where you would like to be in sixth months' time. Get as detailed as possible. Withhold any self-doubting thoughts; know that they only eyes on this will be your own.

What would you be looking at every morning? How would your curiosities and intellect be engaged? How would your space be decorated? Would you be getting accolades, recognition, and where? How much income would be coming your way? Would your relationships, intimate or otherwise, be the same or different than they are now? Think about what the majority of your activities would be, how you would feel in body and mind. Who would you be serving? What people would you be helping? Feel free to scribble over many pieces of paper, taking as long as you need.

Now, write the letter to yourself describing all your wishes in the present moment.

Take a tone of congratulations on a job well done. Let yourself know in the letter how grateful and appreciative you feel that you took all the steps needed to get yourself to your current state of abundance, calm, joy, and ease. Acknowledge that the work is an ongoing effort but that you are happy to take it on as the payoffs are so great. Thank yourself, any guides, deities, or ancestors, and the universe for helping you.

Now, either make a copy of this letter or rewrite it again. Make any additions or changes. Burn the first copy in ritual. Affirm that the fire will stoke dreams, wishes, and feathery hopes.

Stow the second copy away somewhere and put an alarm on your calendar to reopen it in six month's time. Tell yourself that you will do everything in your power to get to that place, and bring more of that place into your life in the present moment. Let yourself feel excitement for the future and present.

Bless you! Bless your love, your hate, your fear, your hopes, your dreams, your life! Happy December Full Moon!

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