February 2022 Full Moon

February 2022 Full Moon

Wednesday, February 16th
Full Moon in Leo at 8:57 am PST

February Full Moon by Fariha Róisín

“Green, of course, is for Venus; and the moon, moist as it were, for the moist ones . . . and appropriate to things of birth.” Chroma: A Book of Colour by Derek Jarman

When I think of the Full Moon in Leo, I think of the generous Sun, of the early, early thaw of a dormant spring that is about to birth in the Northern Hemisphere, preparing for a rupture, of believing in the new dawn and the new day with a poised possession. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is about the grounding of the heat, of solidifying all that has been processed over the month of January through action. It’s about stepping beyond the moment to find illustrious gifts hidden beneath the surface, of the pulsating drum of summer into autumn.

The energy of Leo is a brave spirit—it’s a puncturing one, too. It’s a spirit that sees and leads and prioritizes heart, courage, and a willingness to be bright, bold, and astute. It has a desire to ground in truth and loyalty to one’s self and mission. But it is also about using the ability to see where truth resides, to call to it, to let it come to you. Our own self-belief holds what is known. To protect it, to remember that beauty deserves cultivation, care, and attention.

This Full Moon, in all its Leo glory, is about an awakening that penetrates the surface of old patterns—ancestral, familial—and all that lies and quakes beneath the tumultuous Earth you think you stand on. This energy is asking you to prepare for the journey with a steeped, solid resilience. Will you meet that energy now?

With this Full Moon, I prepare for my own birth: a rebirth of the person I know myself to be, buried beneath tumult. I do that by coming back to my body, something that I was never taught to do. I wasn’t raised with the understanding that I could be in my body, that I could be safe there. As an adult, I see how that lack of safety in my formative years shaped my dissonance with myself. It was hard for me to like who I was, it was hard to feel proud or loyal to myself. I felt as if I had no compass and that I was floating, edging always toward an eternity of loneliness. A lot of my life was shrouded in loneliness, with both myself and others, until I began to ask myself what kind of life I wanted. Did I want to be happy, like truly happy? Or, did I want to be lost in confusion about who I was, uncomfortable to take and stand in my own power? This came with a realization that I had spent my life being small, playing small, and constricting myself to be something that I assumed would be palatable, beloved by others. I thought that’s what brought others care and loyalty. But dismissing myself for others was not feeding me. I had to learn to root in myself for myself.

What is one moment in your life where you have played small? Write it down and reflect on how it made you feel. Do you wish you could change it? You can change this right now by offering yourself more.

The body is always communicating its knowings. Your higher self is too, sometimes through your body. The wisdom that is already inherent within us is immense. Sometimes it’s about listening, paying attention, noticing the signs, the patterns. The Leo Full Moon is asking for your persistence, it’s asking you to dip into yourself with more grace. Announce yourself. Become yourself: take those steps towards manifesting your safe self arrival back to yourself. Feel it run through you, you are free. You are you.

What is one truth you live by? How does this define you as a person?

As I step more into myself—and more into my body—with distinction and remembrance, I also begin to see myself merge with the world, with nature, with Mother Earth, and the tendrils of the Universe. I honor my body, my spirit, and call for romance as I speak to the trees in whispers. I ask for love, affection, recognition from myself and from the trees and feel inspired and touched by her lush green soul, of the soil that sits beneath me, of the branches that pulsate from the depths of roots, reaching towards Grandfather sky and Creator. There is beauty beyond objects. There is humility in knowing we are all connected and loved, eternally.

Embrace the standalone major lunation that is the Leo Full Moon, this powerful Moon. Go outside, connect to Mother Earth, to the green. What is she whispering to you today?

—Excerpt from the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner. To read Fariha Róisín's exclusive Green Homecoming Spell to honor this lunation, grab your copy of the Planner by clicking here or download the February Guide by clicking here.


Fariha Róisín is the author of the poetry collection How To Cure A Ghost (Abrams, 2019), as well as the novel Like A Bird (Unnamed, 2020). Her upcoming work is a book of non-fiction entitled, Who Is Wellness For? (HarperWave, 2021) As well as her second book of poetry, Survival Takes A Wild Imagination. Follow her work at @fariha_roisin or @studio___ananda