February 2023 Full Moon

February 2023 Full Moon

Sunday, February 5th
Full Moon
in Leo 16°40'
10:28 am PT

Leo Full Moon: Transformation by Fire & Stillness
by Rachel True

This Full Moon in Leo compels a shift in focus with or without our consent. Certain Full Moons can feel like mini Eclipses and this Leo Moon is no exception. In parts of the Northern Hemisphere, there is the tiniest glimpse of a thaw in winter’s icy hold. Even through the frost, you can sense an ascent on the horizon.

Now is the time to lean into any subconscious callings to pause, reflect, and release. The contrasting fire of our Leo Moon to this season’s cold energetic embrace creates a space for transformation and, of course, magic. For some, this can be a controlled burn: What needs to be severed and surrendered to the season? For others, an aggressive banishment of old behavior, thought patterns, and/or people are needed: Will you let go, or will you keep being dragged along? The differences between our fiery baser desires, our higher vibe, and our loftier pursuits are highlighted by this Full Moon’s glow.

Leo energy is often a reminder that our best self relies less on the loud, empty roar of pure ego and pride and more on our true heart and intentions. You must be strong enough to look your personal demons in the eye without believing their lies. Personal strength and confidence find better mooring when pride is anchored in tangible connections and actual accomplishments.

For this Full Moon, I encourage you to root yourself in the truth of your authentic beauty and ability to evolve. Under the guidance of this warm and wild lunation, commit to your transformation.

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Rachel True is an author, Tarot reader, witch, and actress in films including The Craft, Nowhere, Half Baked, and the TV show Half & Half. Connect with Rachel on Instagram: @trueracheltrue and purchase her Tarot deck and accompanying book, True Heart Intuitive Tarot, at www.truehearttarot.com.