Full Blue Moon

Full Blue Moon

Full Blue Moon: Make Yourself Your Own Miracle 

Our last Full Blue Moon of the year comes in this Saturday, March 31st. Our Sap Moon, our Pink Moon is a Blue Moon as well. She’s a Libra Moon, and she’s a special one because she is so rare—she’s the fourth Full Moon in three months. The next time we will have a year with two Full Blue will be 2037.

She’s a rare Blue Moon Encore. This Moon is here to illuminate what is true for us now with deep reverberations for years to come. She’s a Moon that sings of Spring, the first one to shine forth after the Spring Equinox. She’s a Moon with a message.

The time is now.
Someday is today.
Get going already.
The impossible awaits.

Blue Moons happen often enough, but the energy feels different. Around 3% of all Full Moons are Blue Moons. Even fewer of those occur two in a row, like this one. That’s why when they glide in, low on the horizon, glowing above us like a mirrored halo, we must pay attention. We must close our eyes underneath her. Listen to the clear messages this Moon has for us within. 

Because Blue Moons can serve as a metaphor for a cosmic miracle, we can tune into this powerful energy and match its hum with our own energy and actions. We bridge intentions to outcomes with actions. Are your actions in alignment with who you truly know yourself to be? Are you ready to name and claim the miracles you possess inside of you?

Let this be the time that you summon new resolves into every cell of your being. Let your belief in yourself and all your abilities allow yourself to move forward with love, with fierceness, with soft power as the base of all your actions. 

The Sabian Symbol of this Full Blue Moon

The Moon is Full in 10 degrees Libra. The Sabian symbol that correlates to this degree is:


This image calls to mind an ending of a cycle. There was struggle, there was hardship, sometimes this pain threatens to pull us back into rocky waters. Because we know that smooth sailing isn’t a given ever, we must find tools in our toolkit and look for lights in the dark. If you are facing challenges in your life presently, start with looking for support in safe spaces. Help is on the way: don’t forget to ask for what you need.

This visual correlates with the beginning of a respite, with inklings of peace on the horizon. Relief can be found with inner flexibility. I can’t help but think of the 6 of Swords Tarot Card in the traditional RWCS deck. This card describes a journey, a transition from one state of being into another. If transformation is your intention at this Blue Moon time, know you are protected. 

Let this Blue Moon's moonbeams highlight  what is ready to be tended to, focused on, and paid attention to. For one day, for one night, or even longer, give yourself what is most important to you: caring for yourself. Caring for those you love, for that which you love. Beginning to cultivate a mindset that is more in alignment with all the love you deserve. Beginning a relationship with yourself that is even more supportive, even more grounded, even gentler than before. Show yourself that the impossible is possible. Make yourself your own miracle. 

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