Full Moon in Gemini: The Mind and the Moon

Full Moon in Gemini: The Mind and the Moon

Full Moon in Gemini: The Mind and the Moon

Hello beautiful person reading this! Love and light to you! The first announcement I want to make is that in about three weeks I will be releasing Vol 1 of a 2016 Moon Workbook. I'm very excited about this publication because through my work with the moon I have been looking for such a book but could not find it. So in true DIY/grown up riot-grrl/Queercore fashion I just decided to make one. It is self-published and covers January through June, the first half of the year. You can preorder one here.

Tomorrow, Wednesday November 25th, we have a full moon in Gemini at 2:44 pm. The sun sign is in Sagittarius, that jovial, strong, philosophical archer. Sagittarius seeks ideas, motion, and distribution. Gemini loves running around, doing lots of things, running through their gifts, ideas, and thoughts at a very fast pacethose lovable communing chameleons! This moon was is known to Native American's as the Full Beaver Moon. This was the time to set beaver traps, to stockpile supplies for the winter. There may be the urges of the beginnings of taking stock of this year and holding on to what you want to keep, and to start the steps of relinquishing what must burn away.

Gemini isn't the most welcome sign for Luna to reside in. At first glance, the attributes of a lunar nature and that of the mind seem a bit opposed. The moon symbolizes the void, to feeling, it relates to cycles both intuitive and externally, and beyond language. The mind hops around, clawing to anchors to tether us to reality: our past experiences forming our future, our reactions sometimes barely identified as such, our ideas formed with words, with prejudices, with optimism and shortsightedness alike. How can our jumping, small minds comprehend a knowing that can't always be explained with logic or proof?

How do we create a bridge between this chatter and this intuition? I invite you to become silent and quieter this week. I invite you to think about the big picture on walks you take by yourself. Maybe you talk to yourself in the shower. Maybe you listen for the signs that come your way in the form of favorite lyrics on your phone as you go on a run. I think the key words during this week are listening and quiet and movement and difference.

Energy-wise, you might be feeling a little zapped. Some words of advice: take it easy on yourself this week. Take it easy on others. This is the beginning of the "Holiday Season" in the US, and lots of uncomfortable emotions are getting stirred up on a collective consciousness cosmic soup level. Kindness needs to be key here. Think before you speak, and in the worlds of a favorite bumper sticker: "Don't Believe Everything That You Think."

Astrologers have also noted a Saturn square Neptune that occurs one day after this full moon, potentially ruffling up our dreams, ideas about work and structure. Tread lightly and keep reactions to words to a minimum. Saturn is structure, limits, hard work, and Neptune is mercy, compassion, dreamworlds and inspiration: these planets opposed create a fair amount of friction. However I believe we can always use our dreams to build form and create habits. Think about what past dreams you need to let go of, and which ones must resurface and stay.

How do you care for your mind?

What are some truths that you know?

How do you know they are true?

What are some thoughts that you could let go of?

Where is the source of these thoughts?

How do you transcend and transmute?

I want to end with talking about how we might harness and use this very potent energy of this week. Sagittarius wants to grow, wants to examine and disseminate information. Wants us to think about truth, and power, and honesty, and movement in our lives in a very earnest, authentic way. Where we point our golden arrows and how we can float forth on the unfurling energy of our highest powers. The key to manifesting this in many ways lies in taking our deepest subconscious desires (the moon) and wrangling those to fruition with the power of our mind (Gemini). We can move them around like silvery Mercury.

Think about your golden ideas and how you communicate those in the world. Think about adding a few new things into your life, for entertainment, for excitement, or to transform your long-term goals and reality. By all means, send out missives for the future. Communicate! For love, for support, for networking, for your work. For your highest self's most knowing desires.  1.) Subconscious awareness, 2.) naming/communicating, 3.) action. Get it?

This is almost the last full moon of 2015. It is time to think about the next year. About what to focus on, what to grow, and what can emerge 6 months from now. As part of a ritual, write down your intentions about what you want to tie up and initiate before this year winds down. Fold up the letter and put it in your underwear draw. I suggest you get this out in about 6 weeks, right around the new year, to reflect on and move forward on.

For your full moon rituals, think about any singing, breathing, talking, or writing exercises you can do to clear your mind, center your thoughts, and get you recommitted to your inner expansion.