Full Moon in Taurus: The difference between wanting and having

Full Moon in Taurus: The difference between wanting and having

Hello! Greetings, salutations!

This Tuesday, at 5:05 am PST the moon becomes full in the stable, grounded sign of Taurus. It is a super moon, when the moon is close to the earth, appearing up to 30% larger than normal.

This moon comes just a few days before the Pagan Holiday Samhain, or the Witches New Year. This holiday is a time to honor our ancestors, to mark the beginning of winter, and get in touch with ourselves and other energies while the veil is thin. This is an auspicious time all around.

Scorpio and Taurus are in many ways opposites, yet there are some similarities between the signs.

Scorpio wants, Taurus has.

Scorpio is in a constant state of transformation, one way or another—the phoenix rising from the flames, the deep depths under the surface, the laser focused scorpion in hot pursuit.

Taurus constantly, sometimes slowly, works towards their mission in life. Once their goals have been set, their blinders are on, and no one or no thing can stop them.

Both signs doggedly pursue their desires, each working with seriously diligent focus to birth their dreams. Scorpio works with energy and manifestation, and Taurus works with form.

Both signs know what they need to get what they want. But what lies in between? What is the difference?

Like a glowing, whispering microscope of our emotions, lies the full moon. The beacon, guidepost and guider of our subconscious, our wishes, and our desires. The glimmer of manifestation and a true mirror of our emotions. What do your visceral feelings tell you about what you want? Where do you embody that and where do you need to bring this up in a daily way into your life?

Now is an especially great time to check in with your emotions, with what directions the river of your life has been flowing in, and where you get to direct the rudder a bit more. Taurus is phenomenal at working, at bringing ideas into form through work, as is Scorpio.

When the full moon is in Taurus it is a good time to get clear about what it is we are and aren't doing about what we do or don't want in our lives. Venus rules Taurus: make art, be art, open yourself up to creativity, to beauty, and to love. Scorpio asks us to tap into our smoldering desires, sexual, sensual, magickal, or otherwise.

As we hunker down into the colder and traditionally introspective months of late fall and winter, touch base with the flickering fires inside of you? What do you want? What do you have? And where do you transcend?

I will be leading a 7:30 PM Full Moon Guided meditation at the Women's Center for Creative Work this coming Tuesday, October 27th- the night of the Full Moon in Taurus! We will harness and manifest our desires, bring them into form, and release them together as a group into the universe under the light of magickal mother moon. It is $5.