Full Moon Tarotscopes

Full Moon Tarotscopes

February 2019 Full Moon Tarotscopes

Our only Full Moon of February rises in an in-between season. Between Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Between the setting of our New Year’s intentions and the reaping of them. There could be a feeling of culmination to this lunation. If you’ve been doing the work, you’ve most likely been gaining many insights. This Full Moon reminds us to keep going.

This is the year in the Tarot that corresponds to both the Hanged One and the Empress cards. Under this influence, once we decide to go deeper, beyond the surface discomfort, we enter a generative zone that will eventually open up into more harvests of love. 

The Full Moon this month is in Virgo: the archetype of the sovereign, the tender of the temple, the teacher, the leader, the one who belongs to oneself above all else. This Moon is also a Supermoon: the Moon is very close to the earth in its orbit. It may appear so close that you could reach out and touch it. It might feel like the Moon is taking up space in your body, your emotions, and in your psyche. Spend time noticing what it stirs inside you. Rituals and spells will be very powerful at this time. 

If you find yourself in a liminal space, between one or more things you can’t yet name, soften into the mystery. If you have found yourself just beginning in one or more areas in your life, stay the course. If you are in the middle of a process, stay the course—even if it seems uncomfortable, or even at times painful. Notice what is beginning and what is ending. Notice what you are undoing by sustaining your attention, by continuing to love and tend to your path, and your path alone. Notice what is working, and what can be no more.

Below are Tarotscopes for each sign, complete with a couple of suggested ingredients for a spell. Read these for your Sun, or your Moon, or your Rising—or read all of them! Take what you need and leave the rest.

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Page of Swords

You aren’t always the open book you think you are. Not everyone is a mind reader, including you. Not everyone can tell how hard you try. You owe it yourself to remind yourself of this more often. This is a Full Moon to create new stories by communicating in inventive ways. First, tell yourself what you wish to learn. Second, write down all of the ways you will start trying to think, write, speak, and care in a more generous way. Third, share the parts of you that are ready to leave your lips with others who are trying to do the work with you, alongside you, as well. Fourth, create a calm boundary around the precious practices that support these first steps of seeking. Any new knowledge gained can be solidified there, in a safe space protected by your clarity. After the chaos of settling into the stillness, stay aligned with your new story. Messages will start pouring in like a fleet of crows gliding over the tops of trees on a cold, late winter afternoon. Decide which ones to share immediately, and which ones to polish quietly over the next few months. Decide where and how your life, and your learnings, will now get to be yours to share.

Suggested spell ingredients: a blank notebook, a poem you write to romance yourself slipped under your pillow, clear quartz, celestite, the cawing of crows, a dedicated space to learn in public, and a dedicated space to polish in private.

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8 of Swords

Which thoughts help and which thoughts hinder? Which thoughts are just your go-to, something familiar, something that is easy to believe—but are really just an echo chamber, keeping you away from yourself, away your intuition, and closed off from your power? This Full Moon grants you the ability to transform the energetic patterns you feed off of just because they are familiar. Familiar, but not helpful to your highest evolution. The truth is that when you unplug from yourself, you do yourself a great disservice. Even if you are still helping others, even if numbing or avoiding the truth on some level does seem easier, long term it traps you. This process of plugging back into self, of choosing the unfamiliar and healthier mindset is challenging at first but is extremely necessary. For you, this Full Moon is all about transformation. All about moving past the fear and communing with your most embodied power. About flipping around thoughts that keep you isolated and your subconscious looping and caught in distrust. It is about letting yourself get deeper with your intuition, deeper with yourself than you’ve allowed in a while. You may need to spend time alone. Cut away anyone, any thing, any thoughts, that keep you from connecting to your most loving truths.

Suggested spell ingredients: black obsidian, black salt, a silk eye mask, an uncrossing chant, and a cocoon of protection to keep you safe while you are transforming.

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5 of Pentacles

This is a Full Moon that offers you an opportunity to heal some deep issues around self-worth. It’s time to expand on how you value yourself, your talents, and your worthiness. This is a Full Moon that lets you renovate long term patterns of your belief in your separateness. What you want is completely available to you. Your fear-based reactions create a locked door with no key. Any feelings or actual situations of lack, or scarcity, that are coming up now—even if they sting, even if they lead to panic or doubt—are coming up as part of the work. You’ve been doing this important work for a long time; you might have decided to get serious about this months or years ago. The 5 of Pentacles is a powerful card of undoing beliefs and behavior around painful patterns that keep us separate and keep us in the grip of scarcity. When you are in the middle of this work, it can feel unrelenting, but the message is to keep moving through.

What could be coming up now are the death rattles — the dredges of the limiting beliefs at the bottom of the rotten barrel that need to be scrubbed away. It is time to compost those fears as fertilizer for new seeds of success, different foundations of long-lasting abundance. Look at where you are resisting help, resisting abundance, resisting growth, resisting faith. Under the Full Moon, release any attachments that have been keeping you small, unable to shine, unable to be available to what you want. Allow yourself to feel safety and security in naming and claiming what you want and need now. Be in alignment with how deserving you are this week and beyond. You are beyond capable, you are beyond silver, you are beyond gold. Gemini: you are quicksilver and iridescent snakeskin, diamonds buried in the deep blue sea, an egret’s egg floating on a bed of reeds. You are endless sand in the hourglass of infinity, the flash of purple labradorite in the dark, a million classic novels nestled in a treasure chest in the mind of the Goddess. You are worth everything you are working towards.

Suggested spell ingredients: A check on your altar for the amount you are now ready to make monthly, a pot of basil, the practice of asking for help every day, a long list of fears you are ready to relinquish, a match and a bowl to burn those fears, pyrite, malachite, and rose quartz.

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The Emperor

Getting real always involves getting a plan. Getting a plan always involves getting real. This is the Full Moon to do both, sweet ocean-dweller. At this time, you can achieve a great deal. What you can achieve in the next 90 days could be nothing short of miraculous. But you need a plan. You need to get real. You need to make lists and create schedules and be ruthless about who or what is allowed access to your precious time. Get used to saying no. Or, no thank you. You need to connect to your real purpose and your reason for what you are undertaking. Use it as a talisman you clutch to your heart each day. Use it as fuel to get you through the repetition, the rejections, and the curveballs. You are more than ready. Touch base with this willingness that lies underneath the flutters of fear. What you are moving towards is going to get you up close and personal with your own authority.

It could be that what you need under this Full Moon is permission. The Emperor grants you that. Do you need a friend to call you up and tell you so? Do you need to read this Tarotscope 10 more times until it sinks in? You have permission, Moon Child. Permission to go for it. You have permission to do whatever you want. Because doing what you want is ultimately building a better world for all.

Suggested spell ingredients: cayenne pepper, carnelian, ashwagandha, a certificate that allows you to give no more forks, a new planner, a spreadsheet of your goals, and a drawing of the world you are building.

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The 10 of Cups

It’s easy to forget that sweet hellos are always preceded by bittersweet goodbyes. In one place in your life you are full, full, full of wonder and satisfaction. In another place you are itchy, ready to try scratch something different. Maybe those places are all jumbled up: rainbows then rain, rain than rainbows. It is not that there's anything wrong, Leo. On the contrary: the last few years have been really big for you in terms of emotional development, self love, and the mastery of one or more important skills. Yes it has been rough, but it has also been joyful. Celebrate that. Cherish that. Gather some friends up for karaoke and dedicate every love song to yourself. Dedicate every love song to them. Thank yourself for all the choices you made that got you here, to this beautiful place. Thank everyone who helped you, everyone who collaborated with you along the way.

If this Full Moon leaves you feeling lacking with some emotions bruised, then write down all you are grateful for. Commemorate this time with a symbol, a tattoo, a day of ritual, some actual things to give away. Promise to wrap up what needs wrapping up, promise to say some bittersweet goodbyes. Then start knocking on new doors. Soon enough another beginning will beckon. You get to take all you’ve learned, all you’ve earned, and all you’ve loved with you. Isn’t life lovely?

Suggested spell ingredients: rain water, tears, a feast that someone else cooks for you (a friend or sweetie buying you dinner also counts), ocean jasper, rainbow moonstone, a thank you card to the universe, and a bouquet of flowers that you buy and pass out to strangers on the day of the Full Moon.

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The Star

Virgo, you have this Moon and you have this sky. You have the birdsong in the morning and the wind song in the evening. And for this lunation, you have the Star. The card of hope and healing; the card of coming back to yourself after a time of disconnect, some moments of discord, possibly some months of self-abandonment. Weeks of breakthroughs, hours of reckonings, and most likely at least a season in therapy. You are home now, back to yourself: self as a fragile baby magician, self as a tremendous powerhouse with a soft belly. You have both, you contain all. You have the projects of your life laid out in front of you, like perfectly-carved dominos positioned in an upward spiral.

Do not doubt or second guess what appears now: in dreams or whispers, in an email or a chance encounter, or at an award ceremony or in the bite of cake, or from a check or just the feeling of contentment. That moment, tiny yet vast, when you are completely comfortably yourself—as you tuck into a blanket with your favorite tea and read your favorite book on a dark night, or find yourself surrounded by accolades in sequins at the ceremony. That moment is all for you. It is all yours because you never gave up. 

Suggested spell ingredients: a salt bath, an environmentally-safe offering to the river, an offering to your future self that is also a gift to the collective, violets floating in a shallow handmade bowl, lapis lazuli, silver glitter eyeshadow, peacock feathers, and tapping into the knowledge that you can bend space and time when you commit to your healing.

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The 6 of Swords

This Full Moon weekend, and the following week, could bring you mixed energies or complicated emotions. 6’s translate to victory or forward momentum. You are moving on. The 6 of Swords can often correspond with a choice to move forward that can have a trail of discomfort attached. Sometimes we experience grief or survivors guilt when we are delivered opportunities. It is sometimes really difficult to make a choice that leaves people out, or seemingly shuts a door. It can bring up all that we are leaving behind. All the attachment to hardship or past lives that previously was part of our identity, part of our story. The conflict that we needed to be worthy of love, or the role we needed to be in for someone else, or for our survival. It can sometimes be really difficult to choose ourself and our best interests. We might have to disappoint others. We might have to say farewell to silent contracts: with others, with our self, with our stories. That is what you need to do this month, Libra. There could be some grief, there could be sorrow. But you are going somewhere else now, and you need to lighten your load. You already feel this. Choose thriving, not merely surviving. Choose flow over conflict. Choose you.

Suggested spell ingredients: a voyage or trip taken literally, metaphorically, or magically, a recording of a swan courtship-dance, fluorite, and dried chamomile to put in the bath or in tea.

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One of my favorite Scorpios—my sweetheart—always likes to remind me:
good behavior is its own reward.
Another favorite Scorpio—my brother—often quotes:
“it's only impossible until you do it”.

Put those two sentiments together and you have your February Full Moon fortune. You say what you want and then it isn’t exactly what you want, or how you actually need it, and you get off balance and resentment grows as your irritation builds. Then those feelings can translate into something else, something that isn’t useful, something that isn’t actual a reflection of your heart, something that erects impossible walls of distance, in the forms of frustration, isolation, and even worse, hopelessness.

This Full Moon is asking you to evolve into balance. Make your values and hopes match your words and your actions. Have your wants match your needs. Make what you have to give equal to what you are open to receiving.

If this was easy, everyone would be doing it. Fortunately, you’ve got both the drive and the fortitude to follow through. Just a couple of small, and/or one or two huge shifts will make all the difference for you. This will most likely be in matters of your heart, and matters of your mindset. This Full Moon would be the perfect time to do a cord cutting ceremony for all the shoulds, all of the could have beens, all of the why me’s, and all the toxic expectations that have been stacking up inside your emotional body like bricks on otherwise fertile ground. Beautiful truths open up to you on the other side. Make your actions a clear signal to the spiritual awakenings that await you there. 

Suggested spell ingredients: a small, sharp set of pretty scissors to cut the cords of the past, a pillow to scream into, a piece of ruby in fuchsite to meditate with, an anonymous gift to give to someone you can’t stand, a letter of apology you write yourself and mail yourself.

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8 of Wands

Sagittarius! In more ways than one you are currently in your element. There are places to go. Go to them all! There are people to see. Really see all of them! There are mountains to climb (climb them!), and works of art to create (create them!). You’ve got a lot of options right now and they feel all the more awesome because they came out of your hard work—out of decisions you made to turn away from old patterns, away from old zones of safety, to move towards a more authentic state. Through identifying your passions, you are transforming. You are building positive growth as a skill set—how will you bottle this up and market this?! Start clearly asking for gifts that will help you for years to come. Lean into your impulses and trust them. Pick the most important 4 things, not all of the things all of the time. You can ask: how can everything be an opportunity? It is ok for things to be easy, or fun, or to seemingly arise out of thin air. It is ok to just coast, just do the next easiest or available option, so long as it’s aligned. Remember to stay open: open eyes, open ears, open arms, open heart.

Suggested spell ingredients: a bonfire (if not, some decorated candles will do), carnelian, dirt from a trail or a park or your backyard, and a magic wand made out of a twig, or stick, or a stripper pole, or a flag pole.

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The Empress

Capricorn, I want you to give yourself something really sexy this Full Moon: a stack of twenty dollar bills to spend however you want, a bar of dark chocolate you share with no one else, a half-day off, the chance to pay all your bills a month early, to make sure all your drawers are folded in a Marie Kondo style, and a recording of yourself reading off all your accomplishments so far, this year, in your best phone-sex voice. Whatever that gift is, set aside an hour, set aside a day, and do you. If you’ve lost touch with that generative part of you, please make it visceral. Make sure to attend to your vibrance, because it is vital. A wander down a pretty street for no reason at all, a day at a museum, a half morning every week just to peruse your own imagination or YouTube spiral or to read randomly from the books on your shelf: be non-productive.

All of this generative, “non-productive” time is important for you currently, and for the rest of this month. If you need to start scheduling time out to do this regularly, do it. This would be a worthwhile practice for you to get into this Empress year. To not overbook, so that you just have time to create, time to masturbate, time to watch a trashy television show. What you want is yours, Capricorn. You know this. But can you let yourself enjoy it? That is what makes all the hard work worth it.

Suggested spell ingredients: honey, lemon quartz, red roses, dark chocolate, apples,
an ass-shaking orgasm

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You are going down into the sea of love, Aquarius. The sea that sometimes washes you out, floods you, is the sea that can also save you. At this Full Moon you are ready to head into the places where you need to love yourself, where you need to see yourself, where you need to allow yourself to be your most artful, alien angel. Let yourself be seen in one or two raw, powerful ways. If letting another human see you is too hard, let an animal friend see you. Let the bare trees witness you. Let the ocean waves watch you and show you where you are ready to love yourself. In that love are the caverns of riches. When you witness yourself unfolding, you can then be the source of deep compassion that helps you help the collective. This Full Moon, remind yourself that it isn’t only your imaginative vision that makes you a genius. It is also your earthling self: powerful in its vulnerable softness, unstoppable in its yearning quest to be connected.

Suggested spell ingredients: Jericho rose, kyanite, a long walk in nature, a cuddle with a friend (furry or human), and hawthorn berries.

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The 4 of Pentacles

Welcome any and all restrictions, Pisces. If limits are showing themselves, thank them. They are showing you what you need to do. They are showing you what you really crave. They are making you even more creative, even more driven. They are to be worked with, not against. This is the month to really stake claim to your many tangible abilities: all you have worked for, what you have earned, and all the gifts you have to offer. Someone—society maybe, your community perhaps, your family most likely—told you a lie. The lie they told you was that you have to give it all away, all at once, to everyone but yourself. The scam they spun was that in order to be worthwhile, you had to be what everyone else wanted or needed you to be for them—not you. That time is over, precious Pisces.

Your strength comes from owning your unique self, to showing your never-ending creativity. It comes from owning your gifts, communicating your experience, and demanding what you are worth. Your blessings will rain down when you show off your talents within whatever confines you are rubbing up against. Not waiting until the weather is perfect or you are more perfect. Poise your power out of a secure foundation of knowing that you are the gift that keeps on giving, and that all good gifts come with a price tag. Price tags of love, money, respect, honor, acknowledgment, pleasure, mastery, or compassion. Your gifts deserve all of these because they already include these qualities and more.   

Suggested spell ingredients: foreign coins for your altar, tiny pockets of time that function as portals of opening, boundaries, tourmaline, citrine, and new contracts with your higher self.

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