Interview with Angela Mary Magick | 2020 Many Moons Lunar Planner

Interview with Angela Mary Magick | 2020 Many Moons Lunar Planner

The best part of the Many Moons publications is getting to collaborate with one-of-a-kind magic makers. For one of the October Full Moon of the 2020 Many Moons Lunar Planner, Angela Mary Magick gifted Moonbeamers a lunar ritual with community in mind. Angela is a seasoned, lifelong Witch and says ‘Everything is a Spell…’

Learn more about Angela below:

Hi Angela! You've been a practitioner of magic for decades. I was wondering if you could share about how you came to be a witch, and when you started seriously practicing magic. What have been the benefits of finding the craft (or the craft finding you)?

Sarah my love, thank you for your wonderful Many Moons Lunar Planner & Workbooks. It is such a radical honor to contribute to your beautiful offering which has meant so much to me for so many years. The contributors for the 2020 edition are incredible and it is brilliant to be in Circle with you all in service to our community. Since back in the early days of the workbook I have literally raised my family with the wild portal of Many Moons supporting & nourishing our transmutation. So yeah, I’m freakin’ out about being included.

Witch from birth is the best way I can describe my life. Witchcraft is to know thyself and is the most natural expression of art and meaning in the cosmos that I know. The divine 2020 Many Moons Lunar Planner Spell I cast & craft for the Halloween Full Moon, harkens back to my Witches Ritual from the last time we had a Full Moon on Halloween in the year 2001. Indeed I have been at this for a very long time. Being raised in a large Catholic family gave me FROW with Mary and she and I have a deep love affair that continues to unfurl to this day. Nuns singing Gregorian chants in Latin mesmerized me into visions I now know of as some of the first ways that Magick began to organize itself in my consciousness. Brought up with a big suburban backyard garden with all kinds of plant & flower Magick through home remedies, poultices and tea recipes passed down from my grandmas, is something I consider to be Earth Magick & pure Witchcraft. I encountered astrology at a babysitting gig in the 70s. As a teenager in the 80s working in a bookstore while saving for beauty school, I encountered my 1st Tarot deck, which I was moved to hand transcribe. Everything about the embodiment of Spellbound rites beckon me. I raise my family worshipping at the Altar of nature. The benefits of Witchcraft are bespoke, vast, free of dogma and enchanted to be little and big mirrors for us to see ourselves so we may amplify our deepest inner knowings.

For your October Full Moon contribution to the 2020 Many Moons Lunar Planner, you offered us a beautiful multi-layered community spell. You are incredibly community oriented in all that you do—it is something I really appreciate about you. What does community look like and feel like for you currently?

Community is a microcosm of what I call my ‘Gargantuan Spell’ which is to live in a co-created world where all are wild & free, sheltered, fed, and have agency within their experience. We are powerful beings capable of amazing solutions and glorious love. When we do our divine inner works of Magick, it is made even more potent when the world benefits too. Recently I have created 2 fundraisers for justice through Spiritual workshops and gatherings. In October I held a fundraiser which I invited the divine Leah Garza to co-create: she taught a class in my home on ‘Accessing The Akashic Records’. In November I created ‘Tarot-Thon For Migrant Justice’ at the wonderful donated space, Makara Center For The Arts, here in my lifelong home of Orange County California. Both benefitted Angry Tias & Abuelas Of Rio Grande Valley. My family funded both events and they were run by my wonderful family and generous volunteers. We were entertained by Chulita Vinyl Club Santa Ana. All of this I mention to show the power in our togetherness. When my family utilized our budgeted money to creating a larger event, other people had the opportunity to give as well. The weaving of many unique separate strands creates a larger cloth for the greater good. Witches are so generous and I know Witchcraft can heal the world.

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One of your tag lines is "Everything is a spell." What is the most recent spell you cast that surprised you with its outcome?

Moon Coven Community Ritual Spells was my online coven offering from Halloween 2018 through Halloween 2019. I Cast literally hundreds of Spells for & with Moon Coveners all over the world. I am a one Witch operation and must now admit, that was a very big bite to chew! Around Summer I started enchanting all of my Spells to remove all suffering because of the heavy Magickal load I was carrying. Slowly but surely a few pesky dramatic and or shady people in my life began to recede. By the time of your wondrous Spell at the Modern Witches Confluence in San Francisco I was really deeply devoted to this enchantment to remove all suffering and happily raised my voice with my exquisite 13 year old daughter by my side. The Witches Confluence gorgeous spiraling Altar of foraged plants, flowers & fruits was charged with the energy of the hundreds of souls throughout the day and those present in the packed room. What a mighty force! Your co-created public Spell welcomed our incantations sounded from our very own voices. This is no small thing when intention transmutes to spontaneously astral travel to the spaces where our Magick is most needed. I believe this was the peak of my Spell intention. The rest of autumn I have drank deeply from the cup of the Spell intention to remove suffering. I have had some truly miraculous events take place. It’s been amazing to fill up the cells of my body which were once gobbled up by a few noisy turkeys. Fascinatingly, by worshipping the vision of the end result where my life was free of suffering, I was spared the entanglement that can bind us to our pain in a banishing Spell. Now I am focused on Casting Spells that I can easily wrap myself around like a snake. I feel so unencumbered and ready for the truths of 2020.

What is your current favorite Moon phase? Why?

I am tending to the Gibbous lunar phases with rapt attention at the moment, in an intentional enactment to deepen my Spell for not working night and day, 24/7. The Gibbous lunar phase relates to holding enormity and excitement while alchemizing those beautiful modalities into gratitude. With gratefulness and my Spell enchanted to remove suffering, I have faith that I’ll find a pace that embodies ecstasy and rhythm.

What are a couple of things that you are excited about? Why?

My YouTube channel Angela Mary Magick! Visibility is a privilege & a conscious vulnerable choice. I’ve got so much to share from my lifetime of Witchcraft and a million things I am learning. If I’ve learned anything it is that our energetic journey is never over. Art, Magick, and my Guardians & Guides have led me on my Moon-soaked path where I shall continue exploring my passion for sharing the beauty & power of Witchcraft through spoken word & moving images. My intention is to claim space in our wild world giving a peek around my caldron, as I am a one Witch operation, offering Tarot & Spells in addition to running a small batch apothecary with ATMOSPHERE Myst Spell Spray, Altar cloths, and Smoked Black Sacred Salt. Please subscribe so I may continue to healthfully feather my nest on my YouTube channel.

On behalf of Mary, Lilith and myself I welcome your readers on the auspicious Full Moon...a Blue Moon no less, of Halloween night 2020. This layered multifaceted Spell is enchanted to be the perfect size and shape. We are a coven and all are most welcome. Spoiler: Mercury is retrograde that night and I’ve got a Spell for that! Until then I am sending you and your readers all my Love & Magick.

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