Intuition & Magic

Intuition & Magic

Intuition is really the cornerstone of a magical practice (along with self-love, innate trust, and real belief). Being connected to your intuition, listening to yourself and the messages that want to make their way into your sphere are integral to an evolving magical practice. A magical practice is a combination of will, focus, discipline, and surrender: being in co-creation and flow with forces greater than just you.

I want to use my own experience of writing my Many Moons workbooks to illustrate how intuition and magic intersect and can work together in various ways.

I got the message to write Many Moons, a magical workbook that takes the reader through the main phases of the moon in real-time, in 2015. I wasn't asking for any information around this, I certainly did not need another project, nor did I ever want to write books like this. I want to be clear: in no way did I want to have a career as a self-help author, in no way do I feel comfortable calling myself a healer. Sometimes, your intuition tells you things you don't necessarily want to hear, things that do not line up with what your ego is telling you.

Because I have learned through years of a magical practice to listen to messages from Source, I obeyed. The message was to write these workbooks for 3 years, and 3 years only. That was it. Everything else was up to me—and the rest of the workbooks are a combination of magic, intuition, messages from spirit and the Moon, and lessons from my own practice.

This leads me to another component of working with intuition. We must act on our intuition. We must bring the messages we receive into the world. Respecting our intuition only strengthens it. Because my intuition was incredibly clear about writing these workbooks for 3 years, there was no way I was going to continue on past that mark. I knew there was a reason why I had to stop, even if I did not know the reason just yet.

Another clear message from my intuition was that my guides would be helping me. That I mustn't worry, that all the information that needed to be communicated would flow out. The first 4 books were almost completely channeled. Yes, I had to concept-out and write the books. Having been a magical practitioner and Tarot reader since 2004, I certainly had a lot of experience to draw from, both from my own practice as well as all I had learned through doing readings for my own clients. Yes, I am talented. Yes, I am psychic. But the fact of the matter is that there is no way I could have written a book that has helped thousands of people in their own lives, with their own process, every 3 months for 3 years on top of running my own full-time business without some help from source, from spirit, and from my guides.

I trusted. I channeled. I did the work. Magically, and practically.

Over time, the magic I had been cultivating really began taking on a life of its own. After many trials and tribulations with production and process around the first 2 workbooks, by lucky and magical workbook number 3, the project hit its stride. I started receiving many messages from readers telling me their lives were changing as a result of following along with the workbooks. They made huge shifts and changes. Starting and continued healing. Found love, bought houses, made huge moves. The process I had been working with for 5 years extensively in my own life and with my clients was beginning to work its magic in other people's lives—people I had never met before. Personally, lucky book number 3 was also the book that I began to make an income from the project. Things were coming together: the magic was tangible.

It was on the very same day that workbook number 4—a number of balance, stability, and external expansion—was delivered to my studio that more magic happened. I got my very first email from a publisher about working together. That bright blue book ended up garnering a total of 8 inquires from publishing houses all over the world, over the course of a year.

Workbooks 5 & 6 were written at the same time I was emailing with publishers, writing book proposals, and having many, many phone conversations with agents and editors alike. And here is where my intuition came in again. I got a book offer about 6 months ago, gentle readers. And for many reasons, it wasn't right. My intuition told me that something more aligned with this project was around the corner. So I listened and turned that book offer down.

It wasn't easy. That's another aspect of listening to your intuition. Sometimes messages come in that your ego does NOT want to hear. We have to believe and trust in our intuition.

Fast forward to 3 and a half years later. Many Moons will be out in about one month. It will be the last workbook in this format I will ever write in this way. That is because I trusted the messages from my intuition to stop after 3 years. I trusted my intuition and that trust came through. And yes, you now know what I am going to say— that led to even more magic!

I'm pleased to announce that a book proposal for a full-length book on working with the Moon in all her phases has been acquired by a wonderful editor at St. Martin's Press. In true divine timing, it took until the very last workbook—workbook number 6, a number of turning the page, overcoming obstacles, and rising up to another level— to come out for this project to bloom into something incredibly different. I'll be working with a wonderful editor by way of an incredible agent, and it all feels really right. I'll be able to help even more people work with the Moon as I have learned to, listen to their intuition, and address and revise some patriarchal thinking in the occult and metaphysical scene. We'll still be making Moon magic together!

This all came about as a result of my honed practice of intuition and magic, magic and intuition. Isn't it usually one and the same?

When is it time to listen to your own intuition?
When is it time for you to trust the process?

Can you take time this week to tell your own story about changes and gifts that took hold as a result of you following your own intuition?