January 2021 Tarotscopes

January 2021 Tarotscopes

January 2021 Tarotscopes

Witches and quantum physicists know that time is not linear. Our relationship with time is a complex one. We are both confined by and transcend time. All artists and magicians know that creativity allows us to collaborate with time, not lament it. What rituals, creative projects, and new years do is mark time: an agreed-upon line is drawn in the sand to step—or crawl—over.

Depending on your own particular circumstance, this month could serve as a fresh beginning, or it could still be serving some issues from the past that need to get addressed. What we all have in common is that we all need 2020 to be over, and we all have our own set of lessons from this time to remember. While 2021 will still have much of the same struggles as the year before, the monster we know is easier to conquer than the one we don’t. This year, flexibility will be key. Set your world up so that it bends, not breaks, when there are disruptions, heartbreak, and abundance. When a baseline of inner and outer security is achieved, this supports overdue moves and much-needed risks.

Find space and time all month long to reflect on the messages coming through from external circumstances. Transformation must begin at the root: the root of your reaction, the root of your emotions, the roots of your patterns. Create new beginnings with your energy, focus, and habits. For some of us, this looks like more rest without guilt. For others, it means taking the next step towards an important dream or two. In January, start where you are.

Daily routines must become an important consideration this month. Focus on that which bolsters your spiritual fitness, that which reminds you of your many purposes, and delivers glimmers of magic into the hours of each day. Get clear on what is not coming with you into this New Year. Make space for what is on its way.

The Tarotscopes below were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for it. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

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Queen of Swords

January will feel like a gift, albeit a somber one. Clarity brings the realization that what needs to shift is simple: your time, attention, and attachments. How to actually make these shifts is a bit more complicated! You must be meticulous about where your energy goes in a world that is increasingly poised to steal it. This month is all about preparing for a huge upgrade you will experience in the first quarter of 2021. In order to fully receive all the opportunities coming your way, first, you must cut some cords.

Some of these cords are your anxieties and fears about taking up more space. About being exposed to more people. About becoming more vulnerable, or available. Know that you are ready, Fire Child. Tell yourself different stories. Honor yourself as the wonder that you are. Leveling up requires different energy. Out past your fears are totally different possibilities. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Owl helpers, scarves & necklaces to guard your throat, Angelite, and sage tea. 

6 of Swords

Can you sink into the trust that life does not have to be quite so brutal? This is a month for you to rearrange what you do, and why you do it. Figure out some different processes that will create more time and abundance. Whether it is trouble you’ve been having getting out the door, getting started on a looming project, or figuring out how not to feel like a bag of anvils, the solutions will come in January. 

Start with tiny steps, begin with tiny moments. Minutes add up. Alongside some of the choices will be grief: sadness that you didn’t do this sooner, ambivalence around who you can’t take with you, guilt around how you are transforming. Life is precious and fleeting—not everyone can come along for every part of the ride. Decisions made around movement and risks will be protected. Later on, you’ll realize you dodged some bullets. Meditate on making your days feel less like churning rapids, and more like a flowing river. 

Suggested spell ingredients: lepidolite, homemade coffee scrub for your morning showers to energize and start each day anew, neroli oil, and “angels (emily)” by cehryl on repeat. 

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This month will be intense, Gem! How you interact with the themes of this month will influence the first quarter of the year. The themes that are surfacing are major:  life path work, inner child work, and reckoning with ramifications of past decisions. Reflections upon the larger patterns in your life will provide you with revelations around particular deep-rooted causes and effects. This is absolutely a time of seeing—literally and psychically— in a year that will require you to be more clear-hearted than ever before. When in doubt, try to interpret external events as symbols: guides to keep you moving through larger spiritual lessons. 

At the root of all of this internal excavation is spiritual enlightenment. What does the work of soul resurrection look like? How does it feel to reconnect to your actualized heart, your actualized mind, your actualized process? Even though these might have been dormant, for months or for years, it still exists vibrantly inside. It flutters like a neon butterfly before your mind’s eye. Go within. You are your own unanswered prayer.

Suggested spell ingredients: butterfly energy, obsidian, mugwort tea, and reading Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetra George 

The Queen of Wands 

This is your year, Moonchild. This is your year to take up space, listen to your desires, and go for whatever dreams have been amassing in your journals and thought-clouds. This is a month to act without delay. You need to give less fucks so that you can make more magic. Emotional repatterning is on deck: no more processing and carrying other people’s emotions inside of you. You aren’t bringing subconscious servitude, or unconscious over-mothering, into this year. Period.

This month, prioritize laughter, audacity, and boldness—as much as you can possibly muster. Practice self-love until it feels almost uncomfortable. Set the stage of your life so you can dance upon it. Before that black-cat-muse of inspiration will come to lay permanently at your feet, first you must show her that you are a safe space. Carve out time this month to dare creatively. Do you. Blessings come from boldness

Suggested spell ingredients: at least one bonfire, carnelian, at least an hour a week on a creative practice just for you, high-intensity workouts, silk pillowcases, and “Sugar Water” by Cibo Matto on repeat.  

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Page of Pentacles

Can you forget everything you’ve internalized that keeps you staying small? Keeping things predictable means keeping the idea of yourself manageable, but it is time to get abundantly unruly. To truly start fresh in 2021, you’ve got to affix a beginner’s mindset to your purpose. It isn’t all the wounds of the past that threaten to keep you enmeshed, Leo. Your refusal to open up to all that What Can Be is what needs to be addressed. Doing so will allow you to build a life that is in resonance with your authenticity as never before.

This month’s focus is around the work of your life: yes, career, yes legacy and lineage, yes, embodying deep self-worth. There are layers here; all threads lead back to the web of trust. The more clarity you have about your needs around abundance, support, and structures, the easier the universe—and those who adore you—will be able to deliver those wishes to you in tangible ways. This month truly marks a new beginning of radical implementations in your physical reality. It is up to you to build the most beautiful foundations. 

Suggested spell ingredients: pennies on your altar, a plant friend that looks like a work of art, rooibos tea in the afternoon, stretches every morning, and a tea light candle by your bedside every night as you dream up different energetic prescriptions.

2 of Pentacles  

The start of the year finds you in transition. You are stretching out past your comfort zone. Ultimately, this will bring more ease to your days. However, right now it could feel like you are trying to single-handedly take a heavy helm of a large ship over choppy water. In multiple areas: family, career, health, you could be putting in double-time. Remember that when the frayed and frazzled moments pop up, they will not last forever. Stay focused on where you are going. Remain flexible so that the waves roll off, not overwhelm.

Discernment and delegation are your best friends right now. Transmute any guilt that could come up after you enforce beautiful boundaries. Choose “finished” over “perfect”. This month is teaching you about staying present in movement. Figure out where the origins of your stress appear. Make a plan on how to quell the tension that so often becomes your default state. The universe needs you energized enough to hold the opportunities coming your way with open arms. 

Suggested spell ingredients: to-do and to-don’t lists for each week of the month, carnelian, grounding meditations enjoyed by candlelight, fire cider, and the album Chet Baker Sings on repeat. 

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The Tower, Reversed 

Themes of uncovering illuminations through recovery are at the forefront of this month. Whatever it is you need: space, retreat, or simply a few days of joyful abandon—take it. January is offering up different ways to process energy, your thoughts so that you aren’t so haunted by the past. This internal work offers up different ways to heal. When your scariest monsters show their faces, how do you defang them? With more self-compassion. 

Libra, after a certain point, you are what you do most. At a certain point, you become how you do it. The Tower reversed is asking you to take some honest looks at your internal defaults and patterns. One of the main themes of your year will be repatterning your nervous system. This includes investing in techniques to help you move traumatized or stuck energy out of your body. All month long, you’ll be receiving cues to slow down or scale back, so that you might concentrate on this important internal work. What is for you will always remain. The next iteration of your healing is on its way.

Suggested spell ingredients: Dalmatian stone, weighted blankets, foot massages, Healing Trauma by Peter Levine, polyvagal exercises, and a new lip gloss in your favorite color.

Seven of Swords 

What agreements do you make when you say nothing, Scorpio? What secrets does your heart spill when you withhold emotional intimacy? This is a year to examine all of the subtle ways self-sabotage keeps you far away from satisfaction. Start by seeing all the ways you unconsciously close yourself off to that which you report needing. Get honest about the gaps between what you think you are doing, and what your actual behavior consists of. When your ambivalence ends, so will your self-torture. 

Feeling alienated isn’t an excuse to emotionally distance from people wanting your companionship. The fact that you are socially distancing isn’t an excuse to ignore your intuition. Stop hiding from yourself. The dreams that keep pleading to be birthed won’t go away. They need your truth, lots of bravery, and your vulnerable presence. 

Suggested spell ingredients: chrysocolla, Moon gazing, a social media break, 20 minutes of journaling a day, and datura salve on your wrists first thing in the morning.

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Ten of Wands 

In one aspect of your life, Gentle Archer, you are dragging something across the finish line. Whatever must be completed, finish it, then…let it go. Literally and metaphorically: giving the universe space to answer your call is integral in any magical practice. Letting go also means dropping it, and not getting hooked into exhausting interactions. It appears as though you've been carrying the proverbial weight in a certain relationship or project. If this is part of a larger pattern, it is time to examine whatever motivations keep you attached and overcompensating. If there is unnecessary drama, is it because you are feeding it?

The healing you offer to others must be balanced with your own spiritual attunement. The generosity you so freely offer up must be tempered with reception. Practice exhaling and then asking for a hand. Cycles will only end when you finally decide to enact different ones.  

Suggested spell ingredients: time spent developing a nourishing morning practice, an autoresponder on your email letting folks know your availability and your boundaries, passionflower tea, morganite, and at least one dance party.

3 of Swords, Reversed

Before an entirely fresh cycle can begin this month, some unhealed wounds need to be acknowledged. Some particular issues you’ve been circling around, or you thought were put to rest, will come up again. This isn’t your fault, this is just how healing works. Blame won’t make it better, attention and compassion will. Luckily, this time around you’ll receive insights that will be nothing short of revelatory. Connecting the dots will set you free.

After you’ve addressed what needs to be dealt with, sweet relief will come. Be careful to not get snagged on that which is beneath you. Especially if it is your inner-saboteur, sneakily trying to break your own heart. You are a queen. You are a rockstar. You are not a dumping ground for someone’s emotional garbage. You are not your worst mistake or your worst day. Use this gauge throughout the month as people and experiences attempt to provoke you. Will this matter in 5 hours? 5 years? Frequent check-ins will help you remember what to invest in and what needs to keep moving out of your life for good. 

Suggested spell ingredients: California poppy seed tincture, nature documentaries in a different language, rose quartz, and 5 minutes spent each morning thinking about all the things you are thankful for.   

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2 of Swords

You are neither good nor bad. Certain actions will not make you good, and certain decisions will not make you bad. Nothing you do or say will lock you away in purgatory or ensnare you in a zone of No Way Out. And yes, while the stakes have gotten higher—and possibly more complicated—this isn’t the time to overly identify yourself with the external. Do not use the performance of “goodness” as motivation, manipulation, or an excuse to stay put.  

This month requires some important decisions. The clearest answers will come through by being quiet and still. The solutions will come through internal dialogue. Be careful about reading through all the fine print, being unashamed about asking copious amounts of questions, asking or paying for counsel, and charging what you are worth. Boundaries around overconsumption of all kinds, as well as more rest will help release certain mental blocks that need to be released. 

Suggested spell ingredients: lemon balm tea, clear quartz, New Moon spells, and eucalyptus oil on your temples in the morning. 

The Lovers 

In many versions of the Lovers card, a cupid hovers over 2 figures, in the moment before an arrow of romance is pulled back. This card can absolutely be about new iterations of love, new desires, different kinks to explore. After all, we learn and grow in relation to others. There are openings all around these themes this month. Fundamentally, this archetype is about loving yourself enough to let others properly love you, knowing yourself enough to be thrilled with what is revealed as a result. It describes what happens when you spend more time appreciating your awesomeness than criticizing your flaws. Spirit comes in, to hold your hand towards flow. 

Reacquaint yourself with what enchantment looks like. Keep your lighting rose-colored and your self-perceptions clear. Disrespect of your creative vision, talents, and intuition have no place in your home anymore. Experiment and explore what love without conditions feels like, in your speech, in your body, with spirit. Communicate these needs to those who can receive them. Treat yourself with all the care you deserve.

Suggested spell ingredients: lavender tea, pink lightbulbs, isochronic tone meditations, prehnite, sex magic, and videos of swan pairs floating on calm waters.

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