January Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

January Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Leo: The Power of our Hearts

Full Moon, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse Moon. Mother of all mothers. Moon of all Moons. In the spiral of time all Moons are an opportunity, a moment to breathe deeply. To make magick. But hardly any Moons are a Full Moon, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse! Sparkle, Crackle, Cackle. Hop on your broomstick and ride this energy all the way up and all the way down. From your adorable feet to your brilliant crown.

This Eclipse Blue Moon falls on a Wednesday, traditionally ruled by the messenger Mercury. Our Moon is in Leo, with the Sun in Aquarius. Time to track where we’ve been and sink in with the expansive spirals of the cosmos. How many people have looked up at the Full Moon and wondered why? How many millions of people have stared at her unblinking face and cried? We are walking sacks of water. The Moon—and the Sun, but mostly the Moon—controls the tides. This is the second Full Moon in 30 days. Feelings will be coming up, turgid, churning sensations taking up space in your energy field. Drink more water and tea than you think you can. Rest and float in water. Let tears wash away pain. This time can be an almost total eclipse of the heart, if you will.

In general, Blue Moons appear every few years. The last time we had a Blue Moon month was July of 2015. The next time we will have a Blue Moon will be in 2020. The last time we had two Blue Moons months in a single year was in 1999, 19 years ago. The NEXT time we will have a year that has TWO BLUE MOONS will be 2037—19 years from now. It is very rare to have a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse. Use this time wisely. Use your energy wisely.

Traditionally, Full Moons were when people stayed up later to work and harvest. It was a time when witches came together in ceremony and spell work, when herbalists made their medicine. It is a time when farmers sow seeds. It is a good time to divide cuttings and propagate more plants, as the water in the soil is close to the surface. The Full Moon corresponds to the positive quality archetypes of the Mother—she is abundant, she is wise. She gives and shares her knowledge and resources freely, she loves unconditionally. This is a time to embody all of this growth, and to manifest your dreams.

A Full Moon is a time ripe with possibilities. It is the crest of a wave. If we are energetically balanced, this time can feel incredible. Our entire bodies can feel potent and pulsing, a manifesting magnet. How you receive Full Moon energy can often reflect where your inner state presently resides. If one is clawing through a scary darkness, metaphorically and emotionally, this time can feel unhinged. Feeling feelings can be the medicine. Be where you are, fully. Allow yourself to emote without judgement. Take notes, especially if these are emotional patterns or mental loops that have come up before. What is coming up for you? When have you been here before? How will you change this for the better?

Full Moon energy can provide us with useful answers and truths. The Full Moon is a glowing cup, filled to the brim. Generally, when we are presented with an overflowing cup, we drink from it joyfully. We receive. We share it. At this spectacular Full Blue Moon Eclipse, meditate on what satiates you. When you experience the knowledge that you are enough, that you have enough, what does that feel like? What does that set into motion for you?

Lunar eclipses, in general, have to do with transforming internal patterns and processes. The shadow of the Earth moving across the screen of the Moon highlights our own shadows more starkly. This can be a messenger bringing deeply needed endings. Eclipses are portals that are cosmic sliding doors. If you are in automatic mode in a certain area of your life, the doors might clang over and over repeatedly: there’s been a malfunction of almost comedic proportions in the sensor. Except—it isn’t a mistake. It is divine timing continuing to give you a message that you’ve been ignoring, bringing patterns to light in a way that makes more sense and leads to more insights. If it is time to break patterns around self-hatred and self-loathing, or other emotional stickiness, this is the Blue Moon to do it. If it is time for you to shine in brighter ways than ever before, put your focus there.

Pay attention to what messages are coming up for you around this time—especially internal ones. What do you need to end? How might this be related to the New Moon Total Eclipse that happened in August? What events have taken place in the past six months, what patterns can you make a map of in the spiral expanse of your experience?

The Full Moon time is incredible for any kind of magical work: protection spells, release spells, road opening spells, transformation spells, love spells, abundance spells, divinity work, and much more. When the Moon is in Leo, it is recommended to do love spells, creativity spells, self-expression spells, loyalty spells, spell work around awards and recognition, and heart-healing spells.

From a magical perspective, this Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo is it. Lit. Up. Aflame with delight and wonder. Full with the promise of heart’s desires. This is your chance, a time and place to dream massively and cast a spell like no other. This is also a time to charge your crystals and consecrate Tarot decks and other magical tools you use frequently. For the love of the Goddess, if you do nothing else, take time on this Full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse to write down at least one and up to three very thrilling, hugely majestic desires. Light a candle for them, slide them into the flame, shoot those dreams upward and bask in the energy of this Eclipse moving them forward. Most likely, if you do the work required of you, results will begin to take shape by the next Full Blue Moon that opens up to us at the end of March. This unique Moon is a gift to be used for the greatest good: just like you.

When the Moon is in Leo and the Sun is in Aquarius, we have the archetypal contrast of the self and the collective. This time can highlight our inner strength and reserves of confidence, and how this relates to the bigger picture of our communities and being of service to something much greater than you—movements, ideologies, family constellations, justice, equality, innovations.Leo, ruled by the Sun, rules the heart. The word courage, derived from the Latin cor, means heart. We have more power when we are heart-centered. Leo rules the heart and Aquarius rules the circulatory system. The more aligned a heart is, the more powerfully it carries its messages through the various systems and channels: the blood is channelled freely, benefiting the whole beyond tangible experience.

The heart is a miraculous creation—the largest generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body, sitting in the middle of our energy centers. (The Hearts Code, page 72.) In our hearts there is a cluster of over 40,000 neurons, sending messages to our brains. In fact, the heart sends the brain more messages than the brain sends to the heart! There is evidence that the heart stores emotional and energetic memories as well. This muscle the size of a fist is responsible for pumping 2,000 gallons of blood through our systems every day. Our hearts are literally electric and this electricity ripples out and communicates its information and energy with our body and other bodies around us. When people trust one another, their heartbeats sync up and become a powerful drumming chorus. When people in a choir sing together, their heartbeats synchronize and beat as one. Any meaningful and lasting change comes about with the collaboration and corroboration of many pure hearts, in step and in sync with one another. While our mind forces an analysis, the heart knows and communicates information beyond language. At times, an open heart requires us to suspend the interference of our mind.

During this time, examine whether or not you are heart-led. Filled up with love. Caressed with caring. Is tenderness allowed to walk through the threshold? How far out does your vulnerability extend? We all know the language of the heart. Yearnings to share. Connections of creative constellations. A knowing hand stroking your heavy head through the blanket. It’s easy to shut it down. With all the horrors of humanity on large and tiny scales, it makes sense to turn away from the impetus of openness that every last one of us wants and needs. The beauty of our hearts is that even when they’ve been bruised and battered beyond belief, they still want to love. And be loved. Our hearts still long to be seen and acknowledged for all that they are. That is the miracle of the heart: it aches, it burns, it breaks—yet it remains constantly beating, always wanting us to return to love. Keeping us alive and keeping us attuned to our intuition. Keeping us magnetized to the other pure hearts around us.

When we deny ourselves love, we deny ourselves a sacred knowing. When we deny ourselves love, our scaffolding splinters. When we ignore our hearts’ messages and sensations, we suffer greatly. We’ve all seen what denying the message of the heart has done to the collective and the planet. We’ve all seen and felt what happens when greed and dehumanization occurs. We are living it. We are in it. We’ve all seen what a narrow, closed heart does in relationships, and how this affects so many more hearts than just the one. What are we, if not simply a massive domino game of heartbeats cascading around the globe, aligned to the center by a shared gravity?

Having a self-love practice requires experimentation and consistent upkeep. The cobwebs in the corners of ventricles must be swept away. We must set ourselves up to receive the wisdom of the heart. A receiving practice is very useful. Just sit, your eyes closed, your hand over your heart, and imagine receiving your dreams. Imagine receiving love. Just breathe, and allow the honey of the feeling fill up your chest. Expand this feeling outward into your body until it tingles and becomes tangible. Imagine receiving love and validation from yourself. Your friends. The Sun. The Moon. The plants. Try sending this love and acceptance out into your room. Your neighborhood. Beyond. Farther out than what you can conceptualize.

As our hearts widen, we experience more compassion. Sensations deepen and synthesize in our bodies in different ways. As we consciously experience a greater range of our emotions and allow our understanding to expand, we become more aligned with our true self. As we become more aligned with our true self, we behave more authentically. As we behave more authentically, we inspire others to do so. The collective changes. The world changes. It starts from within and it starts with our heart.

The human heart beats approximately one hundred thousand times a day. One hundred thousand chances during this Blue Moon to sync whatever positive patterns you would like to ripple out, throughout your body, into your energy field, and out into the world. Every pulse, a way of transporting somatic intention, every tick tock of our internal timekeeper, a chance to imbibe in the shifting qualities of our special Full Blue Moon. You are a container filled to the brim with potential. The Full Moon reminds us that we are allowed to choose love. Like the Strength Tarot card, we can rely on our courage: we can listen to our heart. Like a divine vessel prepared for meaningful ceremony, we can anoint and imbibe the beauty of ourselves.

This very rare Full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse must be treated as a gift. A glittering, celestial diamond, imperfect with precious shadow. An offering of our magic to our hearts and the collective. May this Full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse reveal your heart’s desires to you in more truthful and tangible ways. May it lead you to your own heart-centered practice for the
larger picture. May you set greater, golden standards for yourself and the alignment of your courageous heart.

— This is an excerpt from Many Moons, 2018 Vol 1. To buy a copy, go here.