July 2021 Full Moon

July 2021 Full Moon

Full Moon in Aquarius by Diana Rose Harper

Friday, July 23rd at 7:37pm PST

What we believe to be possible influences all of time. It dictates what we understand and accept about the past. It colors how we see and navigate our present. It contains how we envision the many possible roads laid before us, which we see as worthy and valid versus those we dismiss as totally impossible. What we believe to be possible will conceal those beliefs that are utterly unthinkable—not just impossible, but literally unimaginable, beyond our capacity to even begin to conceptualize.

As you know by now, working through the lunar wisdom contained within this planner, every Full Moon is a moment of astronomical opposition, with the Sun and Moon face-to- face on either side of a zodiacal axis. The Full Moon in Aquarius is always opposite the Sun in its home sign of Leo. This is a lunation that stretches us from the literal center of our solar system to the far edges of it, from the radiant heart of Leo to the Aquarian edge of conceptual reality.
This axis reminds us that who we imagine ourselves to be—the Self that dances with identity and ego—is always contained within a much larger vision of what’s true, authentic, verifiable, and valid. The edges of our personal imaginations are in close conversation with the boundaries of the various collective imaginations we exist within: familial, national, cultural, religious, scientific.

Pushing the edges of what we can imagine to be real is literally a magical practice. Poking holes in the stale, flimsy walls of beliefs that won’t imagine equity, won’t imagine beyond economic exploitation, won’t conceive of governance without a calcified hierarchy—is the work of becoming a highly nutritious and ecologically rebalancing weed within the concrete fortress of colonialist capitalism. And you, on your own, can do some of this work within yourself, ripping up the invasive, choking, life-denying conditioning that only strengthens those who wield their ill-begotten power poorly, greedily, and without love.

As you do this kind of work, you become more truly yourself. You radiate greater love and support the necessary growth of those around you. You do this by simply being, by simply continuing to be a weed, and you do this by first cultivating and then using the courage to stand up for what’s right even as it flies in the face of false limits placed by “what’s possible.” Etymologically, courage shares a root with the French word coeur, which means heart. The heart is ruled by Leo, ruled by the Sun—ruled by the luminous lamp that fills the humanitarian core of this Aquarian Full Moon.

At the same time as this lunation, Jupiter in Pisces will be easing off an opposition to Veenus in Virgo, and Mercury in Cancer will be approaching an exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This combination emphasizes how important our deepest values are to our deepest wisdom, and how our deepest wisdom doesn’t count for much if it doesn’t care with equal depth.

Take the time to be courageous enough to re-envision what’s possible. Take the time to bring illuminative love to the edges of your conditionings and your convictions to see which ones are in need of editing, assessing, expansion, or removal. Take the time to see how your own beliefs intersect with the wider beliefs you’ve grown up within. Take the time to see how your choices can influence those wider beliefs in turn.

If you’d like a ritual container to do this work, please adapt the following to suit your needs, time, and space. It is partially inspired by the practice of Morning Pages from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, as well as the mystical practice of automatic writing.

You will need:
• a notebook
• something to write with
• a comfortable place to sit while writing
• a Tarot deck, oracle deck, or book of poetry

Alternatively, you can use a voice recorder to capture your thoughts. Try not to use a computer.

Begin by making your space sacred in a way that is meaningful for you. Turn off your phone, ask any housemates not to disturb you, and thank the physical components of your space for holding you. If you like using incense, light some. If it’s safe for you to burn a candle, light one of those, too.
Sit in your writing spot and take three long, slow, deep breaths. With each inhalation, imagine that you are expanding your capacity for generative imagination.

With each exhalation, appreciate the extra room.

If you’re using a deck, pick it up and shuffle it. If you’re using a book of poetry, begin to thumb through the pages. For both, focus on this question:
What conceptual boundary is it time to expand?
When you feel like it’s time, pick a card or choose a page in the book. Consider the card or page for a few moments, taking in whatever it contains in light of the core question.

Turn to your notebook and begin writing. Once your pen hits the paper, do not stop writing until you have filled at least three pages. As you write, release the need for your writing to be coherent, logical, or linear. When you are unsure what else to write, keep making shapes of some kind. Give yourself permission to doodle if that feels better than writing words.

Try not to cheat by increasing the size of your handwriting!

If you fill three pages but don’t feel “done,” continue writing until the tap runs dry.
Put down your pen, and take three more long, deep breaths. Remember the core question: What conceptual boundary is it time to expand? Re-read everything you’ve written as a response to this question. If there are any particular bits of wisdom that stand out, copy those onto a fresh sheet of paper and tape it somewhere you will see it often. Leave those reminders there until at least the next New Moon. Pay attention to what new ideas come through now that you have deliberately expanded what you’re allowed to imagine.

Diana Rose Harper is a Tarot reader, astrologer, reiki master, writer, educator, and bodyworker. Diana has contributed to HausWitch’s community page, was a speaker at the 2020 edition of the Northwest Astrological Conference, and is one half of the forthcoming Rosebud Tarot. Learn more about Diana’s work on her website: www.ddamascenaa.com, and follow her on Instagram: @DDAMASCENAA

—Essay from the 2021 Many Moons Lunar Planner.