June 2022 Tarotscopes

June 2022 Tarotscopes
That which is othered doesn’t go away.
It stays in wait, hidden in plain sight.
That which is othered provides the balm to soothe the wounds.
What we other in ourselves holds the gold.
It is the secret to our liberation.
Realign around abundance, not lack.
Realign around what the othered parts of you most need.

The theme for June is Realign.

Realignment can look like finding a different energy to attune to, focus on, and center yourself around. Wrap yourself around what is most important like a snake coiling around a crystal ball. Confront what has been ignored or abandoned and tend to this like the doting parent you never had. Your purpose is ready to be unearthed on a different level: chapters could be ending and doors could be opening this month. Realignment may come from extremes: solitude after much exposure, or more openness after a stint of insularity. Discomfort will ripple through the month as limits continue to be tested. Expand in a way that feels fresh, not activating. Things that are revealed this month—new dreams and desires, old wounds—are not to be shied away from. Clear away the dust of fear on the surface and connect to the clarifying reflection of an accurate mirror. Realignment can feel uncomfortable, as you aren’t quite practiced in the art of being your most authentic self. If your nervous system is zapped from last month, focus on vagal toning, nervous system regulation, and rest. Trust is required: bend towards the solidity of the inner voice that continues to guide one through free falls towards different paradigms.

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This month’s Tarotscopes are written by Casey Zabala of Wanderer's Tarot and the Modern Witches Confluence. You can follow Casey on Instagram by clicking here.

 June 2022 Tarotscopes 

Five of Swords, Reversed

June offers an opportunity to relate to your struggles differently, Aries. If your struggles aren’t in the name of liberation—for your community, for those unfairly oppressed, or from toxic cultural conditioning—then it’s time to reevaluate! There comes a moment in every battle, whether for justice, or just because, when we must retreat, refill our cups, and remember why we are fighting in the first place. You have been striving diligently for all your causes, but how have you been staying resourced throughout the struggle?

This month, focus less on your enemies, and more on fortifying your power. Taking your attention away from those who cause you harm is an act of self-love, and diminishes their power over you. Set down your swords and recenter your tender care.

Suggested spell ingredients: Chanting, humming or singing to ground and recenter yourself, setting up healthy limits on your news and social media intake, straw tea, self-massage, and selenite.

Ace of Swords

June initiates a new perspective for you, Taurus. Create space to be surprised, for curiosity to guide you, and for waves of inspiration to roll through your life. If you have been holding on to rigid ways of relating to yourself, or your future, this month will arrive with a wake-up call: shift your energies into a different kind of focus. Perhaps a softer, more compassionate one.

The muses might come knocking on your bedroom window. How will you receive them? Set up supportive routines to contain your inspiration. Keep your journal at hand, make time for daydreaming, and allow your mind to expand organically, without pressure. Perhaps simply creating the space for the inspiration to blossom will invite in the shifts you’ve been craving.

Suggested spell ingredients: Lilacs, breathwork, cloud divination, fulgurite, your favorite writing implement at the ready, and hummingbird magic. 


7 of Swords

Dear Gemini, it’s easy to get caught up in the high drama of your zodiac season: be careful not to confuse intensity with true intimacy. Try not to sensationalize anyone else's experience, for it can lose its nuance. Take note of those who care deeply about your well-being versus those who enjoy being the recipient of your charms. Actions speak louder than words; do not be seduced by empty promises. Shower your affections on those who return your curiosity and devotion.

Strive for honesty in all your interactions this month, even if it means you have to share a difficult truth with someone you care about. June will offer moments for you to tap into your sense of grace, patience, and perspective, and will test your ability to express your integrity. Don’t let trivial moments of frustration turn into unfortunate miscommunications.

Suggested spell ingredients: Cultivating a list of core values, travel of any sort: physical or astral, snapdragon, releasing the energetic and emotional boundaries that no longer serve you, flower essences, cucumber water, cold showers, and solo dance parties.


10 of Swords

June is a month for cutting out the psychic clutter that has been causing you blurry vision. You can no longer be hemmed in by expectations that don’t allow you to expand. Mid-month we enter your season, and it would be wise to prepare for your impending solar return with a little intuitive house-keeping. What were your hopes for the past year? How did you support yourself in your magic? In what ways did you get in your own way? Where must you snip some cords in order to feel more free?

There is potential for loving, yet probing honesty in the way you relate to yourself, and to your relationships this month. Instigate potentially difficult conversations about your truth, either internally or with a trusted beloved. It may be time to face the parts of yourself that aren’t authentic to who you truly want to be. What does showing up for your dreams entail? Honesty is the medicine this month, however bitter.

June also offers the potential to receive deep downloads regarding your ancestral medicine (both the beautiful and the ugly parts of those stories.) Remember, endings offer opportunities for new life to take root.

Suggested spell ingredients: Tears spilled with friends, meditating on your energy body and energy clearings, amulet magic, creating an ancestral altar, blue kyanite, and yin yoga.


King of Pentacles

June encourages you to celebrate the ways you nourish yourself, your relationships, your community, and the land on which you live. All good celebrations incorporate gifts of gratitude. What does it feel like to thank your precious body, and similarly to honor the miraculous bodies of those around you?

The King of Pentacles honors what takes precious time to craft, hone, and establish. This month awakens an awareness of your accomplishments, and how you can best pace yourself moving forward. Even the most esteemed leaders are simply human—that’s what makes them successful. All humans require rest, play, and nourishment to thrive. Make space for pleasure, Leo.

Suggested spell ingredients: Serpentine, your favorite love poems, intentional gatherings with friends, plates piled with stone fruits, and a gold candle lit with gratitude.


5 of Cups

Grief finds its way to your doorstep in June—the kind of grief that invites itself over for tea and overstays its welcome. Rather than ushering this unexpected guest out of your home, try seeing what it wishes to communicate to you. What is grief teaching you about your capacity for love?

Virgo, June may be a blue month for you. Paint it all blue. This sadness is not something to shun, but rather an aspect of your shadow that is begging for your attention. You cannot tidy the sadness out of your life. These unpleasant feelings must be waded through, untangled, and offered some honey. There are great rewards in expanding the capacity to feel your feelings. Ultimately, grief widens our heart and shows us what we love.

Suggested spell ingredients: Cups of libations on your altar to symbolize the emotions you are accepting, dry brushing your body before you shower, willow flower essence, and black tourmaline.


10 of Wands, Reversed

This month awakens a visceral understanding of how much of a good thing is too much. The impulse to expand and grow is glorious, but it’s wise to temper the drive for abundance with moments of release and exchange. In order for you to tap into your joyful creativity, you must have space to unfurl. When we take on too many responsibilities we can forget what it feels like to flow freely through existence. (It’s a delight!)

June challenges you to relinquish control and unburden yourself from those obligations which no longer feel in alignment with abundance. May all your relationships, business contracts, and creative endeavors be nourishing and reciprocal in energetic flow. If they aren’t, make the necessary steps to rebalance the scales. It could be uncomfortable, but totally worth it. Trade short-term discomfort for long-term satisfaction.

Suggested spell ingredients: Green moonstone, daily assessments of your energy levels, doing less, and yarrow flower essence.


Temperance, Reversed

A message for you from Temperance: you have access to spiritual guidance, all you need to do is seek it. Have you been feeling out of sorts recently? Groping in the darkness for clarity, support, or the right answers? June is cloaked in messages from mystery which reminds you of your unique spiritual navigation system. Return to the rituals that center your needs; engage with meditation practices that ground you back into healthy choices. Rather than seeking for these answers outside of yourself, or losing yourself in order to feel less alone, Temperance reminds you to return to a golden glittering and very precious part of yourself.

Create a list of things you love about yourself. Return to this list throughout the month of June for encouragement. Take those parts out of hiding and into the spotlight. You are guided, and your North Star is within.

Suggested spell ingredients: Working with angelic energies, Dr. Mullan's Decolonizing Boundaries online workshop, learning more about alchemy, white candles anointed with jasmine oil, and staring at the night sky as much as possible.


10 of Pentacles

Even though the going has been tough, you’ve still managed to create something gorgeous out of some truly rough moments. June is a month for accounting of all kinds: internal/emotional, and external/physical. What kind of ancestor are you becoming, Sagittarius? What is the legacy that you wish to leave behind? Perhaps it’s a collection of poems, or a well tended garden. Honor your accomplishments by your own barometer of success, remembering how much diligent work you put in to arrive here, now.

Notice what “enough” feels like in your body. Surround yourself with abundant energies in order to cultivate sustained good will. Practice sharing abundance with those you love, and with those who are in need of support. You can be a good ancestor to anyone you shower your love and kindness upon.

Suggested spell ingredients: An altar to attract and ground your true sense of abundance, honey, beeswax candles, cannabis, vetiver, burning bay leaves, and ocean jasper. 


9 of Swords, Reversed

The trick is to try to get out of your head, Capricorn. June is a month that might find you tangled up in your memory loops and regrets, however, it’s important that you don’t let the mind neglect the rest of your vital being. Create a magical pre-sleep-wind-down routine, complete with soft music, candle light, and lovely smelling body oils. Put your mental movements into writing, as a cathartic practice to help you unwind those knots.

Remember, you cannot control how other people perceive you: you can only manage how you relate to yourself. Find ways to bring beautiful reflections of your multidimensionality into your everyday life. You are a rough cut gem: go explore the many facets of your being with compassion and curiosity.

Suggested spell ingredients: Sleepy time teas with milk and honey, root vegetables, sweaty physical exertion, swimming, and star rose quartz.


4 of Swords

Aquarius, the greatest gift you can give yourself in June would be space to integrate the dizzying array of thoughts and experiences you’ve been juggling recently. Rather than continuing full-speed with your pursuits, take a step back and review your efforts thus far. Does your studio need to be cleaned and organized? Could you use some extra time to tend to your health? Have you been avoiding practical tasks in favor of your brilliant inventions in the works? Take care of the day-to-day of your existence in order to create a calming equilibrium that will support future creative output.

If you find yourself getting flustered, frustrated, or stuck, it’s time to take a break. Well-timed pauses are essential for meaningful reflection. Reflection and rest will help you to integrate all the mental chess pieces you’ve been shuffling around inside of you. Give yourself the time to be without guilt or justification.

Suggested spell ingredients: Naps or sleeping in, oak flower essence, recording your dreams, selenite, and meditative walks with no destination in mind.


4 of Wands

What does your ideal future look like Pisces? Have you allowed yourself to craft wildly luxurious visions about what could become? The 4 of Wands is like a scrying mirror into your near future. Imagine what it would feel like to be radically joyful this summer. What needs to happen for that joy to take root?

Notice any reservations or resistance that arise when you contemplate your future. This resistance could be your fears about failure, or a fundamental lack of trust in the systems we’re all operating within to support your unique vision of success. However, this month presents the opportunity to attend to the miraculous possibilities that most excite you. We need you magical dreamers to weave hope back into the world. How will you activate your superpower and dream your fullest expression of joy into being?

Suggested spell ingredients: pink candles, a mirror and your gorgeous reflection, time spent contemplating the Lovers, white roses, dolphin songs, and hibiscus tea.


Casey Zabala is an artist, Tarot reader, practicing witch, intuitive mystic, and the founder of Modern Witches Confluence. She is author and illustrator of both, Wanderer's Tarot, a feminist tarot deck for modern witches, and Wyrd Sisters Oracle, an oracle deck for connecting with one’s personal magic. Casey teaches mystical workshops which center on tarot and divination, and also include crystal healing, magical self-care, and principles of manifestation.
Connect with Casey on Instagram: @wandererstarot
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