June Full Moon

June Full Moon

Being a Blessing: Enacting Our Spirituality

Happy Full June Moon! Happy flower bloom! This Moon comes in on a Wednesday, ruled by Mercury. The Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in Capricorn. The Full Moon is commonly referred to as the Strawberry Moon. It is also known as the Mead Moon, the Honey Moon, the Flower Moon, and the Rose Moon. Today, our Moon is 250,653 miles away from us. Tonight, the tides are high in the oceans. The water shifts within the Earth and the waters may be rising 
within us. We can charge our crystals, utilize our magical energy, celebrate our continued resilience, and plant any starts in the ground to enjoy for the Summer and beyond.

From a spell-working perspective, a June Full Moon is optimal for magic around expansion, creativity, and pollination. Hives are buzzing, flowers are being fertilized, the air is sweet with the scent of life. The elements we are dealing with are water (Cancer), earth (Capricorn), and air (Mercury). You might be questioning how you love, who you love, and where that needs to show up for you more. You might be questioning what you love and how it figures into your personal world of work. For some of you, there could be steps and strategies taken to change jobs or even careers. To find people to work for, and with, who can resonate with your heart’s mission. There could be communication around what belongs to you, about defining what is rightfully yours. This could be a great opportunity to speak about your passions to a greater public, or a different community. This could be time to bring emotions and beautiful creations that are unique to you into form.

Is it time for a shift in career?
Is it time to let more people know what is in your heart?
Is it time to focus more on what it is you love to do?
Is it time to clean out your closets, or reorganize your altar?
Is it time to start a savings account, or add to it?

Mirror Mirror: let’s check in with what has changed for us since the beginning of the year. No doubt there’s been challenges. Tears and angry texts. No doubt there’s been great change, for yourself and those around you. Count your blessings. Clean off the mirror of your psyche, if need be, to see yourself as lovingly as you can. You may wish to review notes from your workbooks or journals at this time to see how far you’ve come, and what still needs tending to.

A wonderful use of a June Full Moon—any Full Moon—is celebration and appreciation of life. June carries a feeling of joy, liberation, resistance, and reinvention. A Full Moon is a wonderful opportunity to take pause and relax into where you are right now. Take time to take time. Share yourself with yourself. Get real with what you are ready to birth over the Summer.

Lots of magical practitioners will say that we attract abundance when we feel abundant. I will not disagree with that. But there is definitely more than a tinge of spiritual bypassing and judgment in these statements. There is definitely the idea that we must be happy, joyful, healthy at all times. I am sure I do not need to unpack this too much to make you understand the issues in this statement. Yes, when we feel more abundant, when we feel happy or devoid of stress or conflict, it is easier to remain in that state; it is easier adopt a perspective of harmony and ease. But we are all humans, digging in the dirt of luck and life. Much of the time, external events are swirling around us that we must interact with. There is pain, suffering, confusion, and stress. There are institutions and health issues and hallways with fluorescent lighting. Some of us are in toxic situations, are dealing with serious pain or illness, or have people we love in these 
conditions. We did not cause any of this: it is just life. And to avoid pain and suffering is to avoid life and to avoid life is to avoid ourselves and those we love.

So, I will amend this statement to say: we magnetize our desires more quickly when we are in alignment. There are different stages and aspects to this.

The first is being in the present moment. Alignment means feeling your feelings. Crying if we need to cry. Making jokes and laughing and being happy because why not? Alignment means resting when we are tired, taking a break when we need to drink more water. Alignment means knowing yourself well enough, accurately enough, to make the best choices for yourself. Speaking and acting in integrity with your highest self and personal values, even when it is challenging, hard, or does not get rewarded externally.

Alignment, for me, also means always having access and a direct channel to my intuition and higher self. Alignment means I always have access to gratitude, self-love, and abundance in every form. Even when my fear-based ego or monkey mind wishes to block me from these feelings. Once you have mastered the basics of being in touch with your intuition, it is always there: the same as riding as bicycle. I’ll give you an example from my own life.

The process of writing these workbooks, overall, would not be described as “easy.” (Would any writer or artist describe their process as such?) Mostly, it is due to timing: I write them over the course of about 4 months, after a 50-plus hour work week (running my own business) is done. It is a lot of time spent writing on nights and weekends. A lot of it could be described as “easy,” because for the most part, I am just sharing what I know. Much of the book is channelled. I get the ideas and sentences rather effortlessly and then do the work of sitting down to flesh them out. Sometimes it just flows out and I write until I just “know” the piece is finished. Of course usually, by the end stretch, when I still have quite a bit of work to do, my ego takes over. You’ll never come up with anything good! None of this is important! Everything you’ve done so far is bullshit so just stop! Why are you even doing this? Panic and contraction take over. I find myself avoiding sitting down to write. When this happens, I know I just need to get in alignment. Panicking and freaking out is not in alignment with my higher self. So I breathe. And I do the easiest thing I know to shift my energy. I get out a paper and pen, and begin listing everything I am currently grateful for, and everything I am grateful for about this project. It works like a charm. My energy shifts, my deeper self takes over, my intuition kicks in, and my creative channel is flowing again.

For some people, getting in alignment means exercising, breath work, or meditation. Maybe it is just taking a break or a nap and returning to the situation at hand in a different headspace. We all have a different toolkit. As witches, we are the most powerful tool we have. My process is not dependent on expensive candles, crystals, or other bells and whistles. It simply lies within. With my breath, my presence, and sometimes a paper and pen.

Of course, all of this takes practice. All you need is a body. All you need to practice is to live. Any kind of living will do, so long as it is true to you, and feels authentic to your vibrating heart. After practice comes progress. Once there is progress, we practice presence. After presence has been practiced, we become more rooted in our selves. The present moment becomes our grounding technique. Anchored to unshakeable self-love, able to access our inner knowing easily, we just are. We simply exist. We allow ourselves to enjoy. We allow ourselves to laugh. Roll around the floor, jump on the bed. We allow ourselves to get angry. We let ourselves act accordingly. The second-guessing goes away as we are engaged with our lives and our many purposes. There is no lost time. Our fuck-ups are no longer reasons to hate ourselves or to stop proceeding altogether. We aren’t in a fear-based mindset, so missteps aren’t daggers puncturing our dreams anymore. They are mistakes that are inevitable: we can choose to learn from them, and we can deem them as another chance to practice being humble, to be accountable to ourselves and those around us.

In practicing presence, in bringing our full attention and awareness to our own unique presence, we are breaking the fourth wall of the movie of our lives. We aren’t waiting for the perfect moment. The perfect moment is already here. The perfect moment is all moments. The signs are already there,  whether it is by a fairy on a toadstool or a corner store cashier or a mermaid’s tail flashing by the sand or a dragon or bad date or a favorite aunt’s letter in the mailbox or the bursting of the inside of an orange on the roof of our mouth or a leather daddy snapping her whip into the air or a broken heart oozing out twisted tears or a technicolor dream or a robin tweeting on a branch outside your bedroom window during a dark night of the soul morning or a message on a tea bag tag or a line from a song that lives inside of us and because it could be all of us at all times.

Because, after all that you’ve been through, all this suffering, all of the stings and heartache, all of the falling off the horse or the wagon or the cloud with a thud, then getting back on, over and over, continuing to ride, sometimes catching air, sometimes holding on tight, what is left to do?

Keep going, and keep growing, that’s what’s left. Keep glowing, just by existing. You aren’t giving up. There may be some surrender. There could be some sadness, still peering out from behind the curtains. Maybe they can’t see it, maybe it isn’t so evident, now that you’ve turned the corner. You are alive and you are brilliant. There’s enjoyment. Love. Engagement. You are alive and that is enough. No matter how that appears—shaky or messy or typo-laden or glossy or tied up with the prettiest of purple bows. With our engaged presence, we’ve arrived. We’re already there. We’ve taken our past with us, because that’s how we learn. We are not ashamed because it doesn’t define us. We aren’t afraid to be seen, because how else do we exist, but in our truest state?

When we practice presence and engagement, we are pollinating. Like the flowers and the bees and the baby chicks hatching out eggs, we have no choice but to grow. When we play and celebrate and sob in sorrow or happiness, when we transform our energies consciously or our viewpoints and keep feeding our brains and remember to stay in alignment from time to time, we are not separate from nature. We are nature.

We remain in alignment, and when we forget, we ask our sisters and our guides to remind us to breathe, to straighten our spines and loosen our shoulders. We whisper: You are doing a great job to ourselves and each other. Over and over. Again and again. Through the Dark and the Light, just like the Moon.

This is how you are a blessing. This is how you are blessing the world.

Happy Full Moon!
Suggested Affirmation: “My alignment is my abundance. I am doing a great job.”

Journaling questions (you may wish to pull a Tarot card for each of these):
What do I need to take steps towards doing?
Where is my resistance to this?
What is my resistance telling me?
What is the root of my resistance?
How can I work through this?
What can I do to be more in alignment?
What do I need to ask of my dreams and my desires?
How do I serve my goals and dreams for the good of all involved?

Excerpt is from Many Moons. Buy the current edition here. 
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