June Full Moon: Practicing the Present

June Full Moon: Practicing the Present

Full June Moon: Practicing the Present

Suggested Affirmation: "My way to my liberation is paved through my practice. My arrows shoot high from the present. I stay aligned with my highest vibration. I work backwards from the truth."

Like many major Moon phases this year, this Full Moon falls on a Friday—at the crack of dawn for us on the West Coast. This June Full Moon is referred to as the Strawberry Moon, among other names. I've also come across this particular Full Moon called the "Mead Moon," "Honey Moon," and the "Rose Moon". Time to pick and gather fruit, and make jam! When the Moon is full it rises as the Sun sets. You should be able to see it, luminescent on the horizon before the sky deepens into an opaque navy expanse.

Astrologically, our Sun is in Gemini, and our Moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius, oh splendid archer. The centaur is a fascinating mythological half-man/half-beast. (There are a few mentioned female centaurs in Greek mythology, but only a few.) Centaurs are liminal creatures caught between animalistic behavior and human intelligence. Stories of centaurs generally speak of their physical might and lust, their barbarism and warrior prowess. According to myth, some centaurs were also scholars and deeply intelligent, helping humankind enormously.

Centaurus, the father of the centaur race, was noted as being the first to group stars into constellations, to aid the Argonauts on their journey. The constellation Centaurus has the most visible stars of any constellation. The constellation of Sagittarius correlates to Chiron, the famous "wounded healer." In our solar system, Chiron is also classified as a dwarf planet/comet. He was a teacher, a philosopher, a mathematician, and a medical scholar. Chiron's many students included Heracles, Achilles, and Jason. The "wounded healer" idea comes from the poison arrow that Heracles accidentally shot the centaur, his friend and teacher, during a large battle. Because he was immortal, Chiron lived in physical agony, ironically unable to heal himself of his wound. Finally his unbearable pain led him to beg Zeus to sacrifice him to save the life of Prometheus, the giver of fire to mankind.

Embedded in the idea of the archetype of Sagittarius is that of the explorer, the expander, the arrow flying up. The issue of embodiment comes up here as well. How well are we embodying our core values, our highest priorities, our deepest manifestation? It is ok to fake it until you make it. Sometimes we must.

This time is a chance to affirm to yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are more than enough. You don't need to question that one bit. Stop with that doubt—I hear some of you questioning this statement already.

Where can you move into embodying your loftiest goals, your most refined acts of altruism?

Think about the complexity within your goals: the sacrifices that they entail, the discomfort that will course through the body. Think about your fears around your highest ambitions. The truth is that many times when we get what we desire, there is a tension. There are sacrifices; it isn't a pretty tied-up bow with no issues.

If you are doing a spell for this particular moon, if you are drawing down the Moon, getting into trance, feeling your desires within your body, take some time to summon what might feel hard. Would you be scared? Would a part of it be painful? Most likely it would be. The shedding of one skin is not an easy transition. Any birth is not so picturesque. Realize the sacrifice you must make and invoke that in your manifestation. Acknowledge the feelings of fear, anxiety, the unease you might have of the unknown, of being fully seen, fully given the gifts you've wanted for years. Realize, to paraphrase Elizabeth Appeal, the cost of you bud staying tight is larger than the risk of opening your flower.

This Full Moon, bring it all up, let it be reflected under her light. Realize we aren't in linear time. There's no finish line, no trophy. There are many of them, over and over again, and none of them quite feel the same to experience. We are in an internal spiral, where time and time again we are asked to encounter our most devastating patterns and our most inspirational truths. The and time again we come back round into the same situations in order to have the opportunity to revisit them at simultaneously higher and deeper levels. Under this Full Strawberry Moon, recognize the sweetness in this. Define clearly how you will physically, energetically enact the whole spectrum of possibilities that lie in the present and future.

Maybe you're not interested in spell work at this time. You may want to take a cue this time of the month, the excessive celebration. Be part of the centaur lore. Invite loved ones over for pie or drop off wildflowers at a friend's job. Spend time relaxing most of the weekend and getting in touch with your body. Practice generosity and altruism as much as possible. Think about what wounded parts can be surrendered, what tenderness remains.

The suggestion is to get out of your head and into your life, your body. Throw a party or simply be around others who make you laugh. This weekend, think about where you would be, where you would go if you were living your dreams. If you'r in walking or driving distance, go there. Feel excited, scared, happy, calm, content, exhausted, all of the above and more. Just be.

How do we think and speak about our highest ideals?

How does this get translated into our lives, our livelihoods?

What element of teaching do we include in our collaborations, our work?

Is it time for us to step it up, to move into a more leadership role, in some aspect of our lives?

If so, how are you communicating that?

How do you give yourself a promotion, by your language, your deeds, your connections?

How do you embody this in your daily life, the way you walk down the street and greet people?

How do you embody this when you do your work, when your relax, when you wash the dishes?

—Excerpt from Many Moons Vol 1. Buy Volume 2 here.

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Happy Full Moon! Bless you and all of yours.