Make Magic Every Day

Make Magic Every Day

Magic is Every Day: Every Day is Magic

"Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success." —Swami Sivananda

This Wednesday, our Moon rises First Quarter in the middle of the night above our sleeping bodies. Today, we are eight days away from our June Full Moon! Tomorrow, we celebrate the solstice: a day shot through with the plentiful golden, warming rays of the sun. Tomorrow, Pagans, Wiccans and other practitioners celebrate Litha: the fire festival that is a powerful homage to the Sun. Spend time letting the Sun’s rays warm your smiling cheeks, honor all the growth that has occurred since the Winter Solstice. Charge your action-oriented crystals—carnelian, pyrite, orange calcite, lemon quartz, citrine—in the rays of the Sun today. Make iced Sun tea with orange blossoms and basil thrown in and drink it over the next few days while you make a list of all that you are so far, and everything that has helped you get there.

Summer officiates now, with her languid nudges towards green grass naps, towards picking pastel wildflowers under an azure sky, or bobbing like a buoy in the salt waves, counting the number of sea birds careening through the clouds above you. Astrologically, we slide from air into water, from Gemini into Cancer. There is still time to plant seeds: gardeners can plant basil, sage, chives, corn, melons, and sunflowers, among many others. There’s so much time for play! We can experiment with infusing more of our day-to-day activities with play. Taking play and fun seriously in this oftentimes dark world is important. Making laughter and silliness a non-negotiable is a integral part of resistance and resistance work. When is the last time you stared into a friend’s eyes until you both laughed uncontrollably? When did you last make time for shaking it out, dancing like a three-year-old, playing hide and seek with your dog, or your kid, or your friend’s kid, or your girlfriend?

At this time, just one week to the culmination of the Full Moon, we can think about how we plant our intentions with our actions: down to the way our desktop is organized, to routines of moisturizing and hydration, to bigger goals of changing careers, activating the collective, or creating a body of work that will live on long past your short, flashing lifetime. Remember: it all starts with nailing one nail with one hammer into one piece of wood. Think about what small actions you can begin making towards your New Moon intention or intentions, think about how they can manifest in small ways throughout your day, as sugar-cube-sized reminders of what you are tending to and pollinating.

Our craft need not be sweepingly dramatic, overloaded with expensive athames and rare crystals (though that’s certainly fine if that’s your impulse, and you have the resources). It is very wonderful and powerful to make your magic within the everyday: to be an everyday witch. Like the Magician card in the Major Arcana, everything we need to make magic is already inside us. We have our breath, our words, our mind, our center, our actions, our intuition, our passion, our creativity, and individuality. We can imagine our experiences of life as fertile soil to infuse our practice with magic, connection, and intention. We pollinate our everyday with our dreams through practice and repetition.

Make magic every day. Greet the day with a thanks, before your feet hit the ground. Promise yourself you will spend one moment smiling, one moment connecting to yourself, and at least one moment in gratitude. Enchant your morning coffee or Earl Grey tea. As you spoon honey and oat milk into it, bless it. Acknowledge all the sweetness and sustenance in your life. Bring the wafting mug of steam to your face and ask for rejuvenation and inspiration. Make magic every day.

Make magic every day. Imagine as the water from the shower head hits your body, it washes away anything unwanted from yesterday or longer. All the yuck goes down the drain. The water from your shower then becomes a rainbow stream lighting you up with inspiration and energy. Draw a pentacle, draw a word, draw a rune in your steamy bathroom mirror. Look at it until it pulsates or glows, an activated emblem of protection and peace. Know the symbol is hidden in plain sight, a reminder of what you wish to embody. Make magic every day.

Make magic every day. Slip on your protective jewelry. Ground and protect your energy before you leave your house. Spend a minute breathing up and down your body, from your head to your feet. Your red lipstick both a lusty promise to Venus and an accentuator of your bright words, your eyeshadow a nod to your grandmother’s liquid wings. Can your necklace be a pendulum? That crystal in your pocket a reminder to your intentions? Make magic every day.

Make magic every day. Thank your ancestors, your angels, as you move in the world. Put your goals, the few things your higher self wants you to do first, before giving away your energy to others’ urgent requests. Make decisions with the most information you can receive. Ask yourself: is this going to aid my higher self, my higher vision? Is this decision lined with stars, or a paper bag with a leaky bottom? Make magic every day.

Make magic every day. What are you putting inside your body, and where did it come from? Are your vegetables local, or at least seasonal? Let salt serve as a purification. Add rosemary to your potatoes to aid your embodiment. When you eat, remind yourself of your abundance.  Unplug items when not in use, conserving energy. Use that as a reminder to conserve your energy. Your energy is your magic. Make magic every day.

Make magic every day. Draw hearts on your dollar bills, paint your pennies pink. Write the amount you wish to make this month on a small piece of paper that sits in your wallet. Donate a portion of your money to organizations that do good. Know that as you make more, you get to give away more. Be abundant: generous with your praise, your skills, your vulnerability, your time, your talents. Make magic every day.

Make magic everyday. Words can be spells; use them wisely. Spelling is a spell, as Erykah Badu reminds us. Think carefully how you craft your letters. Your language. The messages you consume. What you tell yourself on the daily. May they reference the Ace of Swords: truthful, inspirational, and a shining testament to your personal truth. Your computer passwords, your email address, the lyrics you listen to, the texts you send: may they embody your intent for the present and the future. May they describe how you wish to be described by others. Make magic every day.

Make magic every day. Practice loving yourself. Rest your eyelids against rose quartz. Relax into the state of being, the gift of enjoying. Wrap your body around a tree. Remember that there is nothing wrong with you. Know you are exactly where you need to be. Affirm you can change your surroundings, your choices, your journey, at any time. Give yourself what you need most: a dance party, a cup of strawberries, an afternoon in a park with a book. Sink into yourself, reaching back towards your inner High Priestess. Turn off all the lights and light two candles. Let yourself weep. Hug yourself. Pull a Tarot card. Make it your screensaver for the next week. Make magic every day.

Make magic every day. Listen to bird song as you meditate. Rub mugwort oil on your temples after you slip into your pajamas. Read poetry aloud to your loved ones just before you slip into dreamtime. Slip lavender under your pillow. Ask your dreams to work out the frown in your forehead. Ask your dreams to deliver you messages. Ask your dreams to solidify calm. Thank your body, your ancestors, your angels for another day just as you slip into bed. Make magic every day.

—From Many Moons 2018 Vol 1.

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