March 2021 New Moon

The Precious Future Past Present: We Evolve Emotional Patterns

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are mere days away from the Spring Equinox. The last winter chill must be shed before we can fully thaw out and welcome growth. If you don’t feel particularly “new” right now, tune into what must be cleared away. Spend the next few days making peace with past regrets, past selves, and past lives.

New Moons are symbols of awakenings, beginnings, and invitations. In this way, they can feel at once vulnerable and exhilarating. They can also be a space to engage in different perspectives, different behaviors. They are portals to different ways of seeing yourself. When was the last time you closed your eyelids, relaxed your jaw, and took an interior journey to hear the messages from your consciousness? When was the last time you let yourself take a truthful look at your rawest potential? This is it, Moonbeam. The time to tune in, tap in, and begin is now.

Human beings can trap ourselves on a tiny island of familiar habits while endless oceans of different options surround us. We’ve been conditioned to mistake sameness for safety. The algorithms that curate our feeds across our media platforms presuppose that we want more of the same. Comfort and routine are absolutely helpful to us. Stagnancy is not. This New Moon phase is an opportunity to cast a wider net: float out into an expanse of sea that you do not always let yourself explore.

Collectively, we are in a time of colliding, layered, emerging paradigms. Some worlds die while others remain. Some worlds are being seeded while others are being birthed, just as this New Moon births her- self. This is not a time to be practical, if practicalities mimic ways we’ve been taught to limit ourselves.

Therefore, your dreams must not be practical. Your actions must not be the same as they have always been.

Therefore, your dreams must not be practical. Your actions must not be the same as they have always been.

Our emotional lives exist in a political context. There are systems and structures that have been created to exploit and destroy tenderness, ancient wisdom, magic, trust, generosity, and faith. Some of our emotional reactions stem from a paradigm of punishment: one that wishes for us to have no emotions, let alone hold space for us to process them. Our society often functions as a trauma manufacturer. Greedy motivations create beliefs that create harsh rules that live inside of us. Some of the ways our overculture dictates how to regard the rich informational maps of our emotional lives include correlating emotions or emotional needs with weakness or immaturity, acts of caregiving or “soft skills” with a lower value or worth, or crying as almost always publicly inappropriate. We must actively break these programmings down. We must move through these waves in order to wash up on a shore of our own truth. Emotions live in the realm of sensory experience, which also correlates to our intuition.

This could be an opportune New Moon to unpack your own emotional patterns in order to create space for what needs to be: released, met, interrogated, understood.

—Excerpt from the 2021 Many Moons Lunar Planner. 


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