March 2021 Tarotscopes

March 2021 Tarotscopes

March is a simultaneity of thawing out and bundling up. One step forward, two steps back. Seeds germinate in the void. 

Emotional reprogramming is ripe right now. Pick an outmoded emotional response and work on transmuting that into a healthier coping mechanism. Preparation for the light to return begins now: this requires sparking our own flame and then keeping it protected. Other themes of this month include humanifesting from the inside out, energetic cleansing, clearing and cleaning, thought-form priming and prepping, sprinkling seeds, and energetic hygiene and maintenance. 

For many, March will feel closer to the true beginning of 2021. Many will feel enlivened, finally ready to make shifts, and take steps forward in some manner. Moving ahead sometimes looks like tough decisions, habit changes, or conserving energy. Sink into what you know you need to do in order to clear space for the next chapter. 

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The Tarotscopes below were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for it. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.


9 of Cups 

While the last while has been tough, it has allowed you to confirm your non-negotiables. Your needs are your needs, period. Your wants are your wants, period. The choppy waters you’ve navigated through gracefully have solidified another level of confidence. You now know your worth. Incalculable and infinite, your value is not based on another’s attention, societally-prescribed milestones, checking account amounts, or on superficial accomplishments.

Since the beginning of the year, you’ve been formulating your own definitions of success. This month, the beginning of your solar return season, is for taking concrete steps every day to get you closer to your own proverbial pots of gold. All month long, you’ll get opportunities to flirt with your dreams while also staying in your worth. There will be tests and there will be unexpected blessings. All will help you get focused on what is most important. 

Try gambling with your psychic energy. Place bets with your good vibes. Daydream your way into belief. Expect yeses. Conjure excitement and good cheer whenever possible. When you gamble with an open heart, you create the best possible fate. Those authentic risks are the ones the universe rewards with a smile.  

Suggested spell ingredients: chalcedony, green candles, new emotional contracts, daffodils, a wish-fulfillment spell that encapsulates mind/body/soul, and almonds dipped in dark chocolate. 

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Knight of Pentacles 

All year long, you are being asked to look at your life holistically, Taurus. The relationships you have, and how you show up in them are as important as your career. Your evening routine is as important as that due date. The how is as important as the why. In fact, particularly this month, it is how you do things—with calmness, with resonance, with love—that will support the implementations and reorganizations you are currently undergoing. 

Be primed for unexpected movement: the one-step-forward, two-steps-back kind. The proof of shifts could be subtle: the canceled plan that frees up an afternoon. Information received may clarify a past close call or two. In March, your mantra is forward movement only.

Repeat after me each day this month: “Doubt no longer knows my name. All that is unrelated to my life’s purpose is not allowed inside my energy field. I make decisions easily because I call upon the support of my ancestors,  deep inner wisdom, and the energy of the elements. This month, I raise the bar for myself because I know I am ready. I raise the bar for the quality of my life because I know I am beyond deserving. My habits only support my forward momentum. The goals I am in service of are incredible, so I continue to be patient in my aligned pursuit.” 

Suggested spell ingredients: mookaite, fresh dahlias, frankincense, gold flakes anointed on a yellow candle, and permission slips you write to yourself around your desires. 

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6 of Swords 

You’ve been playing mind games with resistance, compare and despair, and sneaky-subconscious-sabotaging-stories for a little too long, Gem. This is the month where they are no longer allowed to keep you preoccupied. Wave to them from the side of the ship that is sailing away from dark cloud island: you are moving on to brighter shores.

Do what you need to do to detach from certain reactions that only end up draining your energy. Catch particular thoughts before they congeal. Reframe until optimism, or at least neutrality, becomes second-nature. While in important or potentially tense conversations, take a breath before responding. Spend double the time listening as you do speaking. Choose your thoughts wisely. 

Every morning this month, repeat after me: "This is a new day, completely unencumbered by the past. I am the choices I make every minute. I can be anyone I decide to be. There are people out there I can’t wait to meet. There are people waiting to love me. There are exciting projects waiting for me to discover. I create my future with my awareness, thoughts, and repeated actions. I experiment with different combinations until I’m comfortably out of my comfort zones. I take time to explore the undiscovered corners of my brilliant mind.” 

Suggested spell ingredients: apophyllite, peppermint tea, the energy of seeds germinating in the ground, metaphysical hopscotch, and faith. 

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The Fool 

To connect to the rich realizations this month has in store, you’ve got to forget everything you think you know. You’ve got to release some of your favorite but ultimately self-sabotaging coping mechanisms. Embrace: not knowing, not needing to know, messy beginnings, bold proclamations, uncomfortable emotional risks, and not pushing so hard for the answers you seek. When you let the divine work through you, she will work for you.

There is nothing wrong with you. A lot of armor has been built up to keep you safe and it has gotten to the point where it is providing more suffering than solace. You’ve hidden parts of yourself away for various, understandable reasons, Moonchild, and those core aspects of your being are ready to come out. This month, healing looks like play, risks, and focusing bravely on what you wish to enjoy more of. 

There is nothing you can't accomplish once you’ve committed. Why not you? Why not now? What if? The void isn’t a smooth ride, but no initiations are. It’s time to take the leap.

Suggested spell ingredients: a household deep clean, obsidian, time spent learning a new skill with your hands or your heart, a visit to places that remind you of the beauty of the world, and a poem you write by tracing it in the sky with your mind. 

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Knight of Swords

There’s a lot up in the air right now, even more than usual. March is an in-process time for you. This could stir up anxieties fueled by impatience. As much as possible, try not to future-trip into disappointment: the brain wants to travel into old stories when in reality, you are on the cusp of so much more. These 31 days bring surprises, which are simply chances to rewrite some neural grooves. The ask of this month for you is to stay as open as possible. Make decisions out of curiosity, instinct, and innovation, not fear. 

Messages and messengers are a theme this month. Stay alert to all kinds of wisdom deliverers, as unlikely as they may be. (Life hiccups, song lyrics, billboards, and annoying acquaintances all count.) Your thoughts, words, messages, and communication style hold great influence: use them wisely. Be discerning about what you share and with whom. Attune your tone so that the way you speak aligns with the language you are using. Experiment with your breath: at the very least, let this be the month you finally stop holding it. 

Learning is an exhausting process, and you are learning a lot. Be gentle with yourself. If integrated, the lessons of this time will sustain your next moves in beautiful ways.  

Suggested spell ingredients: journal entries detailing what each day taught you, bloodstone, oat milk tincture, songs sung in a different key, tabletop breathing at least 5 minutes a day, and patience. 

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6 of Cups 

March is a month for breaking out of the trance of loneliness that this time hath wrought. It’s easy to feel taken advantage of or overlooked when you are often the strongest one in the room. The throngs of those that adore you want to help you, love you, and connect with you, dear Virgo. It’s up to you to let them in and show them how. 

How you use your numerous and plentiful talents are up for consideration right now: the realms of creativity, vocation, and how those overlap with emotional patterns from childhood are rich topics for exploration. Within all this is also internalized capitalism to address. Equating productivity with worth is an easy trap to fall into. But you aren’t a product, meant to be consumed by anonymous audiences and discarded. You are meant to be engaged with the same level of consideration and sensitivity you give others. Your skills are meant to be used, and received, to the best of their ability. Adjust accordingly. 

This of course extends to how you treat yourself first. The intense and detailed level of care you pour into others needs to flow into you first. Healing won’t come from shaming yourself, or from a taskmaster’s approach. Healing comes when you listen to the very real emotional needs of the moment and honor those needs in ways your heart can feel. 

Suggested spell ingredients: prehnite, rosehip oil massaged into the nape of your neck before bed, and a tiny, morning gratitude practice where you name everything you are grateful for from the moment your beautiful eyes open.

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Page of Wands 

March has opportunities for you around exploring unknown gifts in your work, where you lead, or your creative practice. There are all kinds of new beginnings sparking up around you. Choose to see this month as such and make space to chase your excitement.

It can be easy to fall into the habit of if/then with your pleasure practice. If you finish the report, then you can have your favorite snack. Isn’t it wild how sneaky our culture’s adherence to withholding and punishment leaks into the rules we place on ourselves? Infusing pleasure into as many moments as you can, regardless of your output, isn’t simply resistance to capitalism, it is your birthright. This is the month to soak in sparks of sweetness and other, former “indulgences”, regardless of your circumstance. Don’t be a pleasure-delayer. Don’t compartmentalize your joy. 

The same goes with considering yourself “ready” to claim expertise in some way, or claim authority. The best teachers are always the students. The most effective leaders are always ready to unlearn. There will always be places where you feel unsure about your capabilities. Let your enthusiasm override your doubt. This month, begin something. This month, name yourself as an experienced guide of one or many things. Bonus points if it’s something you had to learn the hard way. Bonus points for that which continues to light you up.

Suggested spell ingredients: an altar filled with wildflowers and foraged herbs, blue tansy, honey, warm baths, compassion, and a really delicious meal you prepare to your favorite playlist. 

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2 of Sword

March is a month to go beyond surface-level interactions. You mustn’t take situations, perceptions, or people lightly: mirrors are all around, waiting to reflect hidden truths. Have important conversations with loved ones. Give contracts, exchanges, and emails a second look. If there is anywhere where you’ve been on auto-pilot for any reason, reassess and reengage.  

Use your personal autonomy so that your days feel more like your own. Boundaries begin with how you treat yourself and what you choose for yourself. This month, examine where you invest your time, your emotions, and your energy. How much of your hours are spent in alignment with who you truly know yourself to be? Some habits that began out of fear, or in reaction to circumstances that have long since passed, are ready to be phased out. 

This won’t be easy. No decisions that are a long time coming are made without some resistance. No revelatory process arrives without some discomfort. Grant yourself grace as you continue to step into your intuitive power. 

Suggested spell ingredients: optical calcite, the right questions, rose petals in your bath water, rose tincture in your seltzer, pocket mirrors, and buckets of boundaries. 

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4 of Swords  

March is all about safer spaces for you, Gentle Archer. Seek out welcoming homes for your great ideas. Prioritize secure connections that wish to witness your growth. Spend time nurturing the people who have been there for you. In one or more areas, counsel could be a great help when you are feeling plagued by decision-making. Chances are, a little bit of someone else’s kind reflecting could go a long way.

Urgency is the work of the devil, aka white supremacy. If you aren’t moving in clarity, then who cares how fast you are going? Temper the inclinations to make fast moves without having all of the information. Parse out whether you are simply itchy for any sort of change before swerving into different lanes. Find healthier funnels for that hot energy to flow through. It’s called impulse control, Sweetie, and this is the time to look her up and implement her!  

For a good portion of the month, your main goal must be to keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate things by changing your tune, or adding more items onto the menu last minute. Get clear on why you are doing certain tasks, keeping certain promises, and moving in certain directions. The time spent cultivating safer spaces for you to think, create, strategize, and be still within, will coalesce into priceless peace of mind.

Suggested spell ingredients: blue lace agate, pine pollen, FaceTime dates with old friends, a cold shower, dialogues with your inner rusher, a night spent watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and peace.

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8 of Pentacles 

March kicks off an inquiry into the meaning of your life thus far. You are being asked to intensely focus on the themes that have continued to orbit around in your world. Whether or not they seem directly related, whether or not you understand why they keep circling around you, whether they feel like ghosts or songbirds: make space for interests and obsessions alike. Hang out with them. Get familiar with their qualities. Ask them questions. Are there any that feel especially relevant to begin a project around? 

Now is the time for refinement. Repeated behaviors accumulate. Over time, it is those that predict the future more than any crystal ball. Take an honest look at your routine behaviors and habits and adjust the ones that do not set you up for success.  

The subject of energetic equilibrium also needs to be addressed. Pacing yourself does not mean you don’t care greatly about what you are doing—it only means you won’t exhaust yourself routinely trying to finish a chore, or meeting a due date. When you are energetically aligned, you can’t miss what is meant for you. This is the month to quell that lingering FOMO you sometimes lug around and replace it with tangible goals and actions that honor all the transformation you are ready for. 

Suggested spell ingredients: dalmatian stone, a hand-drawn map of where you wish to go, your favorite inspirational lyrics, a spider’s spinning webs, and attention to details. 

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First, let’s acknowledge the pandemic-elephant in all our rooms. The grief, the loss, the reckonings have taken their toll. The walls you’ve been hitting are unpredictable. If you are exhausted, admit it. If you need help, ask for it. Tend to what your body and heart need at this time. It’s not selfish to scale back in order to rest. It isn’t frivolous to spend an evening—or two— staring at a flame or listening to the crickets sing. Listen to your animal body without shame. 

You can’t compare yourself to who you were one year ago. There’s no right or wrong way to be right now, thank Goddess. You are here now, wanting what you want and resolutely chasing inspiration; sometimes angry and often filled with gratitude for the simplest things. Even when it all feels so overwhelming, you can still put your hand on your heart and feel wonder for your existence. That’s all that matters.

March is a month of rewilding your dreams, of giving yourself more chances. Open portals to receive more love. You are thawing out, and thaws are soft and watery, like the earth crying. To summon more sweet softening, turn towards the sun and welcome the hot tears streaming down your cheeks. Gather seeds to plant under your next, new dawn. 

Suggested spell ingredients: jet stone, homemade salt scrub with rose petals for tender beginnings, a future life meditation, seeds from a flower you’ve never grown before, blank spaces internally and externally, and internal wells of compassion. 

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The Star 

This is your season, gorgeous one, and it is time to shine. Most likely you are feeling more at home in your identity, your body, and your mission than you have for a while. There is an all-over exhale that comes with the trust born from the changes you made in how you deal with a particular challenge. More and more, there is a lightness appearing that stems from all the soul searching you’ve been doing as of late. Embrace the clarity that has accompanied your healing efforts. Let the light in. 

Different paths and new worlds are opening up for you right now. Trust in your imagination: the themes that float through daily fantasies and daydreams point the way forward. Find ways to weave them into the future with action. Your own beliefs are the only ones to heed; step away from any static. Center that which gives you faith and wrap it around your days like a cosmic cloak.

This month marks the beginning of a powerful investment in the greater missions of your life. Practices that support your creative and spiritual growth as non-negotiable as taking a shower: schedule them into each day. Tell the story of your life right now with compassion, clarity, and the radical acceptance of your unique gifts. 

Suggested spell ingredients: chrysocolla, extra time spent just for your creative practice, passionflower tea, open windows, and at least one stay-at-home “retreat” this month.

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