March 23: Full Moon in Libra

March 23: Full Moon in Libra

Full Worm Moon in Libra

Happy Full Moon! Happy Spring! Happy Movements to all!

There is a Full Moon in Libra, Lunar Eclipse tonight. If we think about the sun energy of Aries and the lunar energy of Libra, we can't help but think of the self and others, our relationship to the whole, and how that comes into play personally and for this collective, as we are all connected.

From my 12 Moons Workbook:
" might be feeling shaken up. Things might have actually changed in your life recently. Look for that change, and lean into it. "Bad" things might be happening that actually become the "best" thing for you. As this is a lunar eclipse there might be a lot of emotional things coming up for you. Just ride the vibes, and let any feelings come up and out. Feel the emotions and process them through tears, screaming, journaling or meditating. Don't try to react AT other people. Wait and see what transpires.

It is time to get-get-get-going after the internalized tone of winter. Aries highlights the self and the fiery bursts of confidence that the first sign of the zodiac is known for. Human reading this, do you know how very, very powerful you are? During this Full Moon time, check in with your power and all you do for yourself and others.

When the Full Moon is in Libra, relationship issues, activities involving cooperation, the self and others may be highlighted. Where do YOU begin and others end? What is thawing out in regards to your self, your identity? How does that factor into working within a community or a greater group? Might you need to put your needs slightly ahead of others' at this time?

The B word comes up a lot with Libra: Balance! Where in your life do you feel like you are on a seesaw, or walking on a tightrope? Would you rather be walking on a stable stone path, surrounded by lilies? Or maybe you want a trampoline, with the ground underneath you, replete with highs and lows. It might be time to do a gentle check-in about what's happening for you and where your relationship with yourself could use a tune-up. Oftentimes when we shift ourselves, the very nature of our relationships to the people in our lives change as well."

Suggested affirmation: "I love myself no matter what! The relationship I have with myself and others reflects this."