May Full Moon

May Full Moon

You Are Granted Permission to Embody Abundance

Welcome to our May Full Moon! Flower Moon! Blossom Moon! Field Maker Moon! Hare Moon! Milk Moon! Mulberry Moon! Budding Moon! Dyad Moon! Our sixth Full Moon of this year glows her strength of illumination and celebration above all our heads. A Spring Moon, opening up the subtle scents of datura, jasmine, night lilies—all those stunning ladies of the dark putting on a show for the stars and owls to watch. Take a moonlit walk in nature this week; open yourself up to what comes across your path. All over the Northern Hemisphere we are rewarded by more light. We are reminded by nature, unfurling all around us, of the rewards of opening up. Of the ease and exhilaration that growth and unfolding truly warrant. It can feel graceful. Natural. Deserved. Where are you ready to get larger? Where in your growth process do you need to fold in joy, play, encouragement? Are you ready to embody your joy, your growth, your YOU?

This Full Moon comes to us on a Tuesday, ruled by Mars. This Moon is in Sagittarius, and the Sun is in Gemini. Spell work would be favored around travel (all kinds, i.e., your words or talents traveling virtually or literally), good luck, growth, construction, expansion, ambition, public perceptions, protection, strength, sex and sexuality, confidence, fame, generosity, or communication goals such as speaking, teaching, writing, and publishing. Where do you need to communicate new ideas to larger groups? Where are you ready to take up more space? What talents do you need to invest more in, and how will you do this? Where can you open up more, show more of your true self and talents to more smiling faces?

The Tarot card that is associated with Sagittarius is Temperance: number 14 in the Major Arcana. This card sits right after Death, and right before the Devil. This card is at the very end of the second line in the Majors: the line that corresponds with unlocking our personality, our subconscious; the line that teaches us self-mastery, consciousness, alignment, attainment, and our very authentic, very true nature. Temperance most likely is not translated literally. Tempor (Latin) is a time period or a season, not necessarily linear. Temperare means to mix, blend, or combine. In the Rider-Waite-Colman-Smith deck, the angel’s wings cannot be contained, they overflow with buzz. So fluidly does their energy take up space among the disparate aspects their environment. The angel is vibrantly aligned: centered and drawing all their energy to focus on the impossible task of moving water upwards. Their power literally defies gravity. How can you channel this card at this time? What do you need to alchemize in the name of your soul’s expansion?

Last week’s First Quarter prompt was all about clarifying and refining our desires, thoughts, and actions—creating containers of time, of ideologies, of behaviors and activities to ramp up our goals and manifestations. At this Full Moon, pause. Think about what you’ve learned in the last two weeks. Take a moment to count your manifestations, count your blessings. You’ve been 
doing so, really spectacularly so far, even though it isn’t always easy to stay in your lane. It isn’t always a walk in the park to stay high-minded. It is now time to accept the permission being granted to you by the cosmos.

We’ve been raised to wait to do things until we have for permission from other people. From institutions. From degrees. Certifications. Awards and pomp and grants. Waiting on someone to notice us. Permission to say something, speak up, write something, collage something, change something, say you, yes you. You’re the one. It’s your time. Darlings, this is a vehement, clanging reminder that you are the only one, and remain the only one. Of you. For you. For you to be truly you is only for you. And then you become one for all of us.

You are granted permission to fly. You are granted permission to float. You are granted permission to lay down with grace, place your cheek against the Earth and hear her pulse. You are granted permission to make the call, sign up for the race, research the degree pre-requisites, pee with the door open, leave the dishes for tomorrow afternoon, smile at the angel perusing 
poetry across the bookstore’s shelf, cash the check, bite into the cupcake, call yourself by your new name. Permission is granted. For all the things or just the ones you really really want right now.

You are now granted permission, gentle reader. Because you’ve got nothing to prove anymore. Because you proved it to the pain. You’ve proved it by working your fingers to the bone. You’ve proved it to everyone else, even if they weren’t looking or listening. You’ve proved it by laboring in every which way: physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically. With the minutes you’ve spent replaying, retracing the raw hurt, you’re absolutely ready for alchemy. Ready to become a song, a poem, an outstretched palm. The tears you’ve cried are now etched upon the memory of your release. The knowledge you’ve gained—some chosen, some trial by fire—is now transmuted into an offering to your future self.

This is now what we decide to embody, no apologies needed. We are soft, fierce, calculatingly high-minded and appropriately firm. We are flawed, cracked, made much more beautiful by our lines, wrinkles and crooked teeth. Our fascinating textures and sheen is formed in part by our transformation, like so many pearls strung proudly across collarbones. We are the shiniest 
seashells in the sand, made all the more special by being allowed to stay in our most natural states. Sometimes remaining in our shells, sometimes opening up to the tides. By choosing to communicate at our highest level, embodied by our talents and gifts, we transform. We transcend time, space, permanence. As the vessel and the water, the container and the buried treasure within. We are the message and the messenger in our personal story. We say yes to showing up in our lives in our own particular ways, with our own particular nuances, our own viewpoints. Unencumbered by outcomes, tethered to the magical moments by our senses and wonder. Always allowed to change, mix it up, mix new findings in, find new pathways, finger paint new maps.

You are now granted permission to receive blessings. Abundance and endless bobby pins and pistachios and accolades. Because, right now, the goddess is listening to you and she’s saying yes. She’s looking in your endless eyes and showering you with approval. May every smile bring a widening out of your birthright. The goddess is saying: may every fight you’ve hard won be bathed in the certainty of your sovereign soul. May every inquiry and every conversation enlighten your one unique mind. May your new transformations only embolden your glowing will. May every practice enacted in the service of your highest good, your expansive growth, and your magnetic desires, be shown rainbow light from above and below. To glimmer through the grey dustball fear like a selenite wand glinting off the horizon of the sunset. To remain 
highlighted after sundown by moonlight.

Let this very Full Flower Moon, blossoming like a cosmic chrysanthemum, emanating through the darkness above our crowns on this holy season of warmth, highlight your very natural, very potent beauty. You are granted permission. Always. Today. Tomorrow. Six months from now. Six years from now. Sixty-six lifetimes from now. With this permission, what will you now do?

Journaling Questions:
What I would like to have happen in my life six months from now:
What I am working on embodying in order to get there:
How I will do this every day:
What gifts come out of embodying myself and my abundance:
What qualities do I already possess that will make my manifestation easier?

Suggested affirmation: “I give myself permission to embody abundance.”

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