May Full Moon: Embodying Intensity

May Full Moon: Embodying Intensity

This excerpt is from the current Many Moons Workbook and is all by the brilliant Liz Migliorelli of Sister Spinster. 

Suggested Affirmation: “I trust my body to guide me through Mystery.”

Let us ground into the story of this moon-time, breathing into it. Let’s call in the players of this earth-sky story, and everything they have brought to the table at this moment. We call in the notorious full moon in Scorpio, with it’s fierce intuition, it’s deep commitment to being engaged in mystery (spirit, subconscious, dreams), and it’s continuously transformative path. We call in Water, Scorpio’s element, the emotional realm, the possibility to feel all the feelings (even the ones we have dammed back for years and years). We call in the solar month of Taurus as the contrasting ingredient in this full-moon story; shining Sun in Taurus, awakening and encouraging the power of the earth, calling up the flowers, engaging in full sensual experience. We call in Earth, Taurus’ element, the material realm, the realm of true embodiment. What tastes do you crave? What music do you long for? What colors are pleasing to your eye? What does your skin feel like against whatever it is you are sitting on? We call in the senses, the embodied tools of Taurus to help us hold the deep power of what is uncovered and illuminated on this full Scorpio moon. We gather these players and cast them into today’s cauldron, letting them simmer and stew, merging in flavor and quality. When you are ready, dip your cup into the cauldron, and imbibe the medicine of this earth-sky story. How does it taste? Where do you feel it in your body?

And so we begin!

Spring has fully arrived. There is a building of outward movement, the bird songs are louder and we are spending more time in our gardens, in parks. The quality of the sun itself is stronger. The full Scorpio Moon (May 10th, 12:21 pm) demands that we turn our investigation inward, honor that what is hidden is often the most important and use the bright light of this moon to gaze directly into what is revealed. With Scorpio full moons, noticing is not enough. We are pushed to release, destroy, let something die that is ready to be reborn. The power of this Scorpio moon is amplified by the Taurus sun; we are feeling this deep transformation on a physical, incarnate level. The opposing sun and moon qualities point us to our theme for this particular moment, embodied feeling and asks us: How do we tune in to the wisdom of our bodies?

How can we honor our deepest emotions when there are so many messages coming in from sources outside of ourselves?

How can we ease our physical tension around true embodiment of our full range of emotion?

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Many Moons: Vol 2 July-December is available for preorder here.