New Moon Tarotscopes

New Moon Tarotscopes

Hello! Once a month I'll be doing a New Moon Tarot Spread for the site the Radder.
Here's the first one, for this time period.

Welcome to the second New Moon of September, 2016!

Using the Zen Osho Deck

Card 1: (Mind) What We Can Let Go of:


Card 2: (Body) What We Must Embrace:


Card 3: (Spirit) What is Waiting for Us:


It is most certainly time for a check-in, and time for some new energy.

It has been a rocky month for many. We’ve been tested on various degrees on different meaningful levels—personally, politically, globally— and may be feeling spread thin. For some of us, it has billowed out in waves of deep external transformation. For some of us, situations appear business as usual on the surface, with internal breakthroughs inside, lots of rethinking and recalibration. Energy is stretched between the old and new, silly putty style. It is time to make decisions and move forward. If anything or anyone in your life right now is not serving the emergence of your new ideals and awakening identity, detaching emotionally and mentally is the first step of that choice.

The 2 of clouds in the Osho deck corresponds to the traditional 2 of Swords in the Rider-Waite-Colman-Smith deck. The card about choices, reflecting the freezing state between fight or flight. (Who also of course bears a more than slight resemblance to Lady Justice, the emblem of our current battered and broken legal system.) The 2 of clouds reminds us that holding on will not help us. Holding patterns are not helping anyone right now.

Have too many choices left you feeling paralyzed?

Have you been piling on too much: too many requests, too much work?

Are you trying to be everything to everyone?

Are there too many expectations of who you are, what you are, why you are doing it?

Have you been ignoring your feelings, not tending to other’s needs due to overwhelm?

What truths have you been ignoring in your life?

Maybe you’ve felt the symptoms of a closed heart, a blockage of emotions.The 2 of Swords suggests it is time to deal with what must be dealt with, and jump off the habit wheel of harming actions and denial. Stop ignoring your pain, Listen to any glaring messages in mind, body or surroundings.

It is time to float into a more expansive identity.

Draw in your energy and get back to the basics of who you are now.

A suggestion of one way to begin with all this comes to us with the next card pulled.

Creativity. Our glistening lady of flow. Our beautiful spirits waiting to reap and reach. We can begin to make this our focus. This is the energy that wants to come in after we’ve started making decisions and choices, after we’ve let go.

The wise woman beckons the glowing New Moon.

She’s so engaged, so filled with dynamic inter-dimensionality, who wouldn’t want to embody this?

Brightly colored stars, indicative of the cosmic messages are fresh thoughts are crowning the figure’s head. When our unique abilities are held dear and moved towards—not rejected or suppressed—buds open. During this time period the focus is to be on what is produced in the name of love. It is time to harvest and claim exactly what it is you’ve been working on for the last six months.

Creativity also corresponds to the major arcana card the Empress. That emblem of Venus. The cosmic mother, the queen of all the queens, the 3 representing the triple Goddess. There’s the suggestion here of being ready to step into a new role, surrounded by those who adore and really see you. Whether you are maiden, mother or crone, take up space and let others enjoy you. Produce and prioritize what is welling up inside. Your beauty will beget bounty. Harvest, harvest, harvest!

What does creativity entail? Living in flow, reveling in our abilities and consciousness. Though we in the Northern Hemisphere are descending into the dark and coldness of the Autumn these next few months can really be a very fertile time for us. Our ideas can take form through process when we are willing to open up to our muse. When we drown out the noise of others and our self-doubt. Once we work through the fears of transitioning identities, of loosing options, a reward must be care and playful movement. Take a step and make it a dance.

The message of spirit here is receptivity.

This is what the outcome of working through the other presented themes can bring us.

Receptivity, or the Queen of Water, is an overflowing vessel of compassion. (This card corresponds to the traditional Queen of Cups.) This is the light of love, the nuances of compassion. Receptivity happens when there is stillness, non-attachment, and flow. Any loads that need lightening? Your heart is to be the guide with any questions at this time. Any intentions ready to spring forward that encompass intuition and compassion at the base will be supported. Be open to help. Be open to helping.

We aren’t separate! Not from our ancestors, not from those that we walk past on the street, not from the humans flickering on the television screen. We can investigate our interconnectedness, act on this accordingly, but not be swept away or paralyzed by it. Compassion may be what is missing from this time so compassion must be what we give.

This spread suggests the possibilities of a multifaceted blossoming that opens to us after we make a choice and decide to let the outmoded go. Make your choices out of the new truths that have surfaced this month. It is love and love alone that must lead. Your unique light will guide you.

Happy New Moon!