November Full Moon

November Full Moon

November Full Moon: Our Abundance, Our Offerings 

“Enough is enough.” — Dori Midnight 

Welcome to November! Welcome to the Full Moon! This November Full Moon falls on a Friday, ruled by Venus. Astrologically, it falls in Taurus, an earth sign which also happens to be ruled by Venus. This is a double-dose of love, a highlight on body, beauty, and harmony, on what we crave, what we need, what we value, and why. Venus also correlates to The Empress card in the Tarot: the card of the mother, the giver, the generator, the fertile, bountiful, inspirational womanifestor. She knows what she needs and gives it to herself. She’s dripping with inspiration and heavy with self-confidence. The Empress asks us to bring forth what is ready to be harvested, to see it all as a gift of self-love and act accordingly. She’s the Queen of the Universe, the ultimate receiver—for, in fact, she’s Mother Earth! Her archetype is valuable to take on when we are lacking self-confidence, or when our self-esteem is threatened. She knows that giving is receiving, and balances both with grace and charisma. 

At this time, we examine all that we have, and all that we do not. All that we want, and why. Money vs. Abundance. I think of the King and Queen of Pentacles as an example. The King is surrounded by SO. MUCH. STUFF. And. he. LOVES. IT. He’s into all of it; he loves doing the work, he loves the mansion, the car, the wine, the status and prestige. He is the ultimate material manifestor. But he can’t really move. He’s tied to his stuff and his title. Luckily for him, that’s okay, because that is his zone of genius. But he’s limited: his flexibility is hindered and he’s clearly tied psychically and physically to the material world. The Queen of Pentacles resonates more with abundance. She knows she needs nature, alone time, space, health, and focus to feel her best. She has self-worth, AND she has money. What is more important to her is her ability to manifest abundance both inwardly and outwardly, as well as
sustaining nourishing connections with the spiritual, intellectual, and natural world. We can utilize and work with both of these archetypes to have a life of balance between inner and outer states of wealth and abundance. 

So much of what dominant culture prizes is based on numbers and objects. Yet we can enjoy so much of our lives with much less than we think we need. The definition of wealth which only means “money earned through doing jobs” is very limited. Wealth, prosperity, and abundance are all contained within. They include inspiration, health, experiences, a positive state of mind, a calm and loving heart, community, resources, connection, spirit, laughter, critical thinking, natural talents, a gentle breeze rustling your hair, authentic communication, creativity, curiosity, altruism, hugs and snuggles, nature, learning, and many other things that lie outside the scope of what money can buy. Of course there’s more. Feel free to add more. Do not limit your definition of wealth to just money or income. Dollar amounts rarely equal pure talent, intrinsic value, or authenticity. 

What creates wealth? Intention creates wealth. Energy creates wealth, imagination creates wealth, passion creates wealth, actions create wealth, being in alignment creates wealth. Please do not mistake money for wealth. Please do not mistake a calling, a pure spiritual talent, for a job you do to pay your bills. Some people confuse money for power, or money as freedom. Money can be used for power, and used for freedom. But there is nothing powerful or freeing about incredibly rich people using money to exploit the Earth, to control others, and take away basic human rights. That’s cowardice and fear. But see, money isn’t doing that. Money isn’t making these people behave in such disheartening ways. Imbalance is, fear of death is, intense greed is, and the capitalist and patriarchal systems are.

And yet, we need money. We need to make it. We need to receive it. We need to give it away. We can’t be afraid of it. We deserve to have as much as we could ever possibly need, and even more. 

Having lots of money is wonderful, yet it will not solve core emotional or psychological issues. Money does not solve the challenges of spiritual lack, of self-esteem, or of psychic or familial wounds. Connecting with feelings of abundance beyond income might be a healthier place to start. The easier it is to connect to what makes you feel and act abundant, the easier it will be to generate more of it. Abundance can generate money. But money doesn’t always generate feelings of abundance. You contain all the abundance you need. You are incredibly powerful.  

At this time, examine current feelings around abundance. Do you crave more time? Creativity? Better health? More connections? All of the above and more? 

One way to start is by naming and identifying simple, clear personal definitions of abundance and luxury. For some, that is a day with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Trading foot rubs with a roommate or partner. A pantry full of food for the month. For others, it might be feeling needed, wanted, appreciated. Maybe it is a steamy cup of hot tea in a favorite mug under a soft blanket on a cold November night. Examine what some of these are for you. Be conscious of identifying abundance, then when you have it, bless it. When you don’t have it, give it to yourself. These feelings and vibrations will expand. 

At this time, think about your connection to Earth. To the soil, to growth, to the infinite resources that cover this planet. The Earth generates endless gifts, year after year, season after season. Regardless of the ongoing violent and incredibly dangerous monstrosities that mankind unloads on the earth, the crocuses still bloom after the rain, sap still flows out of the maple tree, ladybugs still continue to nestle in-between the folds of their favorite flower. Even though mankind’s greed and soulless destruction seem to know no bounds with our Earth, the oak trees continue to stretch out on the wind, mockingbirds continue to speak, salamanders lay their eggs every year in the same place they were born. Nature does not ask how or why; nature does, nature is. 

We invoke abundance when we treat ourselves with love and care; when we nourish our body with delicious healthy food, the proper amount of rest, and physical exercise or stretching; our mind with new and interesting material and ideas; our heart with loving and expansive relationships; our eyes with beauty; and our spirit with greater connection. We invoke abundance when we believe through our core that we are worthwhile and have infinite value exactly right here, exactly as we are, regardless of external circumstances. We invoke abundance when we give away money to those who need it more than us, when we volunteer our time and efforts to help others, and when our intrinsic gifts and talents are in service to Spirit and to the greater planet. We invoke abundance when we take time to do what we truly enjoy, and when we expand our capacity to receive.

Our “receiving capacity” can sometimes influence how much money we are ready to ask for and ready to receive. (Or, if our money situation is all good, this can reflect the amount of love we can accept, the level of career or creativity allowed in, or satisfaction or happiness in our lives.) We have to do work around this to widen it every so often. We can do so incrementally and energetically. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Think about how much you currently make (or the amount of love you let in, etc.). Think of a number you would ideally like to make, or another scenario that correlates to your particular abundance wishes. Note what happens in your body or mind as soon as that number comes in. If it is fear, contraction, or if the amount does not seem fathomable, lower the number. Lower this until it feels like an amount your body and mind can believe in. Connect your energy with that number, and practice saying: “I am currently in alignment with my capacity to make or attract (this exact desired amount or other desire).” 

One of my favorite things to do around a Taurus Moon is to build an altar to abundance. Add items that resonate with having “enough” on an inner or outer level. This can be all that you currently have, bolstering gratitude. This can also be all that you are looking forward to receiving in the next six months. These objects could be fruit, food, water, money, checks written out to a certain amount, flowers, herbs, pictures of loved ones, pictures of nature, creative resources, spiritual resources, items that reflect having enough time, space, energy, love. This could also double as a gratitude altar to Mother Earth, who has slid into her period of slumber here in the Northern Hemisphere. Gaia needs her beauty rest, and we can thank her for all her gorgeous hard work this year and allow her to be still, quiet, and wish her sweet and nourishing dreams. We can promise to give her more devotion this year. We can examine what we can do for her to keep her safer, less harmed.

You can sit at your altar every day—around this Full Moon time, from three days before to three days after—and light your candle, feel your breath, and examine what it is you need exactly. For your body, mind, spirit. For your practice, your loved ones, the Earth. Where do you need to widen your abundance capacity? 

Meditate on what it feels like to have enough. To give enough. To take enough. To generate enough. To receive enough. To be enough.

Are there patterns you have around money, or other material resources? 

Are there ongoing patterns you have around self-worth, or inherent, intrinsic value?

Are those two threads at all linked for you? How, and why?

What is a simple thought, action, or behavior you can work on that can progress or heal your inner or outer abundance? 

Suggested Affirmation: “My abundance comes from inside of me. I have enough, I offer enough, I am enough.” 

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