October 2020 Full Moon Tarotscopes

October 2020 Full Moon Tarotscopes

This month is a major one: chances are, you can already feel it. October will be quite charged and will be potentially draining, so take every measure to protect your energy. It holds two Full Moons: one of them is a rare Blue Moon on Halloween, which happens only every 18-19 years! The other is this Thursday’s Full Moon in Aries. Pluto goes direct, Mercury stations retrograde from halfway through the month, and Mars is still stationed retrograde. A pandemic still rages. And, of course, there’s an election looming. There will be tension alongside intense energy—emotions will be running higher than usual. Protecting your thoughts, your energy, and your health is paramount. Getting organized and creating a plan is important. If you have a magical practice, or a ritual practice that collaborates with lunar energy, invest in that. What you create, focus on, take action around, and make magic in service of will bear fruit eventually.  

This month is about showing up with what you can, as much as you can—for yourself and others. Act in alignment with your values and hopes. Recognize where you’ve hit a wall with regards to how your life has been impacted by the pandemic, and all the aspects of the accumulation that is 2020. Connect with your loved ones, and lean heavily on your self-care toolkit. 

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The Tarotscopes below were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for it. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended. 



A crossroads isn’t always a lightning flash, happening in one quick moment. Crossroads can take weeks, months, or years to travel through. In your case, Fire Babe, the crossroads you are in is a process. The itchiness you’ve been feeling is the belief that you must make a decision immediately, or that a tangible resolution must appear. Understand that you’ll get there eventually, and relieve some of that pressure you put on yourself. 

The present and the past, the shadows and light, the conflicts and the struggles have caused confusion. You aren’t sure who you are or why you are here. Throughout this month, allow yourself to soften, to exhale, to thaw. Be gentle. Figuring out who you are can be as simple as deciding who you’d like to be. Figuring out why you are here can be as easy as answering a few questions around abundance, connection, creativity, and purpose. Part of your work is loving yourself through the tension that will accompany your next brave steps. 

Suggested spell ingredients: A prayer session with the angel Metatron (or another deity of your choice), blue vervain tea, snowflake obsidian, a drawing that illustrates how you want to be seen, and a donation to Sav's Top Surgery Fund if you’re able to.

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2 of Pentacles

One way to tell if you are burned out is if you are achieving milestones, successes—either internal or external ones—and you are not proud of them, can’t truly enjoy them, or they don’t register positively. Sweet Bull, you’ve been juggling a lot for a long time. You’ve been doing a beautiful job all around, yet there’s some aspect of yourself that needs restoration. That is what this month will be about for you: restoring balance and reviving feelings of abundance and rootedness through all the commotion. 

Be careful about who has access to your energy. Be meticulous about where you expend it. Rearrange your many plates and many minutes so that there are aspects of enjoyment woven throughout the mundane. There is also the big question of what is next.  Lean into that energy. You want your reactions, your coping mechanisms, and your habits to be different, and they will be: they have to be in order for you to transform. Welcome in different opportunities by taking balancing actions. The expansion you witness will provide motivation to guide you to the larger pivots your life is taking. 

Suggested spell ingredients: rosemary, resurrection rose, an evening spent cleaning and rearranging your bedroom to be the most peaceful space ever, and a donation to The In Memory of Evan Santos Montañez GoFundMe if you’re able to. 

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The Magician

Precious Gem, set aside time to celebrate what you’ve achieved. This has been a time period when much of your energy and attention was scattered. There have been intense curveballs and distractions this last great while: a seemingly never-ending conveyer belt of hiccups, attacks on your sanity, and ensuing responses and adaptations. Now, there is resolution. Your space is your own. Your will is being restored.

This is an opportune moment to look back in order to move forward. Make a list of all you had to deal with. Then write down how you ended up dealing with those challenges. Be honest. Note the coping mechanisms that need some refinement. Acknowledge all the brilliant growth you’ve made. Name all the skill sets and talents that were utilized. This will prepare you for the next phase of reinvention that is here. Trust in your ability to create the most magical life you can. You are everything you need.

Suggested spell ingredients: a silk banner hung above your bed embroidered with the celebratory word of your choice, carnelian, time spent making a tiny indoor herb garden, and a donation to @Benjamin-Bacote for NH Panther on Venmo if you’re able to—a Black and youth-led group working on curriculum reform, civic engagement, and providing opportunity for youth, among other things in New Hampshire. Please make a note that it is for “Swag” when you donate.

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10 of Wands

A clear signal that one must make course corrections is when certain gifts have become a burden. You possess the natural ability to care for, and to carry, a lot for other folks. Over time, obligations and expectations have calcified to a point where certain loads have now become too heavy. Right now, you are feeling like there’s never enough time, and there will always be too much to do. That perspective alone is an energy drain—honey, you are exhausted. Different choices create clearings. Question your internal “should’s”. Check-in on your addiction to urgency, punishment, or shame. Acknowledge your limits.

This month, choose yourself first. Take care of what you must, clear out what you can, and ask for help whenever possible. Serve the collective in ways that come naturally. Carve out moments of concentrated rest and comfort. Remind yourself every hour that you are awake, your energy is your most precious resource. This is how you will reconnect your flow. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Yarrow tea or tonic, smoky quartz, the tomato timer method, videos of spiders weaving webs, and a donation to The Okra Project if you’re able to. 

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The World 

Part of our mission in life is to become ourselves completely. That is to say, to revel in the long and winding process of uncovering, discovering, and integrating all of our self. Our consciousness, our talents, our shadow, our lineage, our ego, our joy, our pain, and what our heart longs for most all play their part in this process. The parts we adore and the parts we can’t stand must be acknowledged and loved. In doing so, we can ask the best questions and uncover solid solutions. We soften into compassion and connection. We experience belonging. This facilitates the activation of various facets of our specific destiny. 

October is a month full of revelations and homecomings. Once upon a time, you started on a certain journey and now, you have reached the summit. Stay in this place as long as you need. Enjoy the view. Trust the solid ground that is a result of all your hard inner and outer work. When in doubt, ask yourself the questions that create curiosity and openness. Use both of the Full Moons this month to cast spells in support of all matters of your destiny.  

Suggested spell ingredients: radical acceptance, tigers eye, a cake, laurel, and a donation to the Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund if you’re able to.

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2 of Cups

October is a month for you to cleanse and clear any agreements you made a long time ago about being in relationships that compromise your own intrinsic worth. You are no longer bending or reacting to others’ needs, requests, emotions, or energy before your own. More than ever before, you are in a position to identify and assert what value, respect, love, care, trust, adoration, and right relationship mean to you. More than ever, you are in a position to let only trustworthy, honest, and deeply loving relationships into your life. 

This process will ultimately be all your own—you know what to do. Here are some prompts to support you: Who or what makes you feel drained? What does receiving feel like? Embody the last sunset you let yourself witness completely. Act as though you are infused with endless divinity. Start this process with yourself. Little by little, extend this out to the other people in your life. Eventually, this will create ripples of healing that will wash over the shores of your beloved communities. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Chalcedony, salt baths, creating your own affirmations that begin with “I need…I love…I am available for…I trust…” and a donation to Survived and Punished NY’s Mutual Aid Fund if you’re able to.

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2 of Swords

All month long, you’ll be receiving invitations to discover what inner peace actually feels like. You’ve been in some kind of conflict due to a certain transition, and this is the time for interior reconciliation. Heart, mind, hands, and actions are to be working in tandem now. Make a list of what it means and looks like to be in the presence of sureness. Whenever you experience doubt, get back to practicing. Notice all tendencies to overdo it in places where it isn’t appreciated. Pull yourself back to center when you catch yourself overreaching. Reign it in when you catch yourself visiting the land of absolute-worst-case scenarios. Slight calibrations in tone and thought will accumulate. 

Once you’ve touched base with the physiological reverberations of a consistent peace of mind, your intuition will blossom. By the New Moon in your sign on the 16th, the path forward will be much clearer. Your ability to create this next phase of yourself will depend on how much you prioritize your peace, your clarity, and a strong connection to your inner truth. It is all closer than you think. Sink in.   

Suggested spell ingredients: an “enough-ness” meditation, purple fluorite, elderberry tonic, a peace list, and a donation to Symbiosis PDX if you’re able to. 

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10 of Cups

Suffering just because everyone around you seems to be is codependency, Scorpio. Empathy and compassion for those most acutely impacted by current events are incredibly important, more now than ever before. Actions to support them are too. But watch out for collapsing into despair just because you have that luxury. Others do not.

This month promises that the more you count your blessings, the more blessings will come. Everywhere around you are possibilities to be content in a life of your own making, even while unspeakable tragedies are present. You are being called on to utilize your immense reserves of willpower to serve others, to support greater change, and to help those you care about move forward. There is also the ability to summon and relax into contentment, in spite of anything that threatens to steal your joy. This is Jedi-level witchcraft. Be mindful of keeping joy far away and hiding happiness. Honesty, therapy, discipline, chocolate, walking over hot coals. Be willing to do whatever it takes in order to experience all the overflowing abundance of love and gratitude that exists in your world. 

Suggested spell ingredients: a bathing ritual with spring water, honey calcite, choreography to a current favorite song, apples, your favorite beverage in your favorite cup, and a donation to the Detroit Sex Worker Mutual Aid Fund if you’re able to. 

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6 of Cups

Sweet Sag, October is a month all about emotional rebalancing. If you have noticed one sensation or emotion overtaking all the others, and leaving you bereft, it is time to deal. Not by resurrecting numbness or self-blame, but by being who you needed when you were a child. By becoming who you need to be now.

The past is the past. It can no longer hurt you, unless you insist on recreating it. Start from today, start with what is, start with tending to how you feel about all of it. Practice—like working out, like learning to tie a shoe—how to be there for yourself in good health and with big love. Let all that marinate and integrate itself through your entire month. There are some other really gorgeous themes weaving through this Blue Moon month, Sag. Prioritize play, creativity—especially as you protest, parent, volunteer, and do other Very Hard Things. If you have offspring, this month, look to them to be your teacher. If your offspring is your creative projects, your inner child, your cat, or your spiritual practice: place engaged attention there.

Suggested spell ingredients: hot cocoa, revisiting your favorite fairy tale or creating a new one, moonstone perfume, the Courage to Heal, and a donation to the Louisville Mutual Aid Fund if you’re able to.

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The Chariot

Cap, you, more than most, are particularly allergic to bullshit. Lies, excuses, and distractions don’t take up too much space in your world and various relationships. You detect nonsense easily and barely put up with it from others. Yet right now, there is one or more distraction, story, or excuse you’ve created to keep yourself safe, or to keep surroundings the same. It is causing some doubt which is causing some stalling. You are ready to change course, you are about to move on to another chapter in your finite, infinite life. It is no wonder your psyche is quivering a bit. 

This month will force you to get real about your Big Dreams. They feel scary because they resonate with the most vulnerable part of you, the core of your heart. There’s some sort of resistance that must be shed in order for you to up-level or upgrade into understanding you are inherently worthy and can change, grow, and achieve at a different level than before. Compost your anxiety into action. Keep going. Bad weather does not stop elephants from migrating. Rain does not stop the robin from foraging for sticks for her nest. 

Suggested spell ingredients: carnelian, citrine, and jade, a map of a particular elephant’s migration path, wood for the winter, violet: a tincture, tonic, or the color, and a donation to the 

Formerly Incarcerated Small Business Rescue Fund if you’re able to.

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7 of Wands, RX 

All this month you will be given gifts. Gifts as stalled opportunities, gifts as various frustrations, gifts of finding out who your people actually are, and who are decidedly not. This month will be filled with asks to look back and loopback. While contemplation is often valuable, it is only valuable when it provides reprieve, not stagnant rumination. Star Child, you are not here to dwell. You are here to act. 

This month is about power. Where you give it away, where you find it, how it feels, and what you do with it. At the first Full Moon, write down everything that drains you of your power, and all that influences you to concede, compromise, or undervalue your personal power. While the Moon wanes, try to release those drains, try to reconcile certain impulses that undercut your vitality. Then, identify where you connect to your own power, your own energy. Be clear about who, what, or how you feel most capable and most alive. The second half of the month is all about defining, constructing, and amplifying your own personal power. By the Waxing and Full Moon, spells for your desires, upcoming projects, and fruitful relationships will be supported. Make your magic from an empowered place.

Suggested spell ingredients: alignment meditations, lists, red and orange candles, nettles, stomach crunches, and a donation to Melinda Alexander’s 30 Day Challenge Fundraiser if you’re able to.

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All month you will be meditating on, and working in service of Justice. Themes of fairness and equality are highlighted especially now, and will also be popping up in your personal life. Don’t beat yourself up when it truly wasn’t your fault. Feel your feelings. Name your fears. They must be acknowledged, but they are not to overpower your entire being. Use any brushes with toxicity, or unconscious folks, to show you what you do not want to be, and what you refuse to let into your precious energy field. Out beyond this are so many other possibilities that await your embrace. Connect with calm and your inner truth to gather information about your next steps.

The price we pay when we aren’t living on purpose is high. The price we pay when we are not living out our purpose is excruciating. The next chapter emerging is about trust. Can you trust yourself to take a chance on yourself? Can you trust heart-centered-ness, and your major gifts to lead you into another space? Balance for you right now means attaching yourself to a completely different, magical unknown—instead of dwelling in the past, or on what you cannot control. 

Suggested spell ingredients: trust spells, calming breath work patterns, passionflower tea, Icelandic feldspar, lower back stretches, and a donation to the Support Revolutionary Elders: Lorenzo Komboa Ervin fundraiser if you’re able to. 

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