October Full Moon

October Full Moon

Hello voyagers! Welcome to our Full Moon Weekend!
On Saturday we will experience the only Full Moon in October, our 10th month. One of my very favorite months of the whole year! I love pumpkins, thinking about my ancestors, and the chill (albeit it minimal, as I'm in LA) in the air. The Hunters Moon, or the Blood Moon, is what this Moon is commonly referred to in North America.

From my Many Moons Workbook:

"After the last eventful month, you might be ruminating on what could be composted in your own life. October, a bridge month. Between matters of relational form and descending into the depths of intangibility that often resides in darkness. These are wonderful times for building your resolve and strategies for forward movement internally, as well as honoring those who came before you. It's also good for carving up some of your inner demons to face with a smile in the dark, under the Blood Moon."

Notes on this Full Moon from my workbook:

"Many times in our lives, when something is missing, we can look to what IS there as a clue to get closer to what it is exactly that we want. Polarity is oftentimes what can set us in motion. This Full Moon can be a time to reconnect with our individuality, the power that our dormant impulses contain. If there is a wide, deep longing that resides within inertia, then what is there is space and time. There is insight within the yearning. It can give away clues, if only we listen.

Sometimes there is overwhelming fear stopping us from doing things we really want, things that are so very central and pivotal to who we are as individuals, to how our soul really needs to express itself in this incarnation. Whether it is working at an animal shelter or being Beyoncé's back-up dancer, your dream is yours alone, and connects directly with your unique talents and gifts. We are afraid that if we express ourselves truly, we will be shamed and ridiculed—or worse, we will not be seen; we will be ignored, nonexistent. There is a pathway up and out when we begin acting in accordance with our highest self's dreams. Under the light of this Full Moon, so linked to self and to renewed aspiration, think about where the fiery impulses inside you can be acted upon. ...

Use the pure fire power of this Aries Moon to go out after what you want and adore how that desire is linked to our individual self. Use the blood rushing through your veins, the ideas that make your pulse quicken automatically, as a guide to what you'd like to manifest."

My suggested affirmation for this time is:
"My intuition guides me to take the next brave steps forward for my self. My path forward is mine alone."