Practical Magic for the New Moon : 1

Practical Magic for the New Moon : 1

Practical Magic for the New Moon

It never fails—during and after a new moon, I often hear people talking about about feeling tired, overly emotional, irritable, and generally out of sorts. Why is that, when traditionally a new moon is poised to be our reset button, our recharge zone, our dreaming and manifestation phase?

There are a couple of reasons for this, I believe. One is that the new moon comes directly after the waning and dark moon phase. These phases are good for banishing, getting rid of negative thoughts, and eliminating toxic patterns and people from your life. Of course, when we focus on these issues, things can and will get uncomfortably unlodged; sometimes from very deep places that are downright open-wounded feeling.

I often tell my tarot clients: "We need to look at the past, because the past tends to overshadow the future like a hangover. We may be in the present but still act like we are in the ancient past." As a Cancer, I definitely relate to this, and staying in the present, open and honest, is my greatest challenge.

When the new moon rolls around, these unraveled emotions and circumstances may not be resolved, hence this air of disconnect.

And that's ok! Take it slow, take care of yourself. Wrap up what you must tend to. Make your energetic and physical boundaries clear. Take time for yourself and your needs. Cry, call your best pal, scream, run, bow out of social engagements, and eat too much pie. Whatever you need to do to make you feel like you are nurturing and loving yourself. Whatever makes sense to your inner child to get some core issues resolved.

Secondly, while the new moon is a great time to start projects, it is not necessarily a great time to announce them to the world, or have them burst into full fruition. (Unless you have been working on something for a while, and have all structures in place and ready to go.) That go go gadget feeling of a new moon phase might be at odds where you are really at.

A prescient symbol for the new moon is seeds. Think of planting seeds. Envision what lush gold and greenery that will roll forth from your carefully tilled, composted garden.

Do more behind the scenes work: make your meetings, draw up your plans, research and brainstorm. Daydream, meditate and get clear. Get your strategy and game plan together, whether it is a new business start, or reconfiguring certain eating habits like cutting out processed sugar. The new moon very much supports the visualization and preparation stages of desire. When the moon is new, you might feel the urge that you have to get going, stop your bad habit, launch that website, etc. etc. immediately!

Slow it down, prepare and dream. Take a look at some of your wishes for change or banishment during the waning moon phase. It is so ok to have feelings about certain bummerific things. To sob about it alone or to your pets.

After the feelings cascade over and away, think about replacing what you want to get rid with what you would like to invite in.

During the first week of the new moon phase, I sit down in the morning at my altar. After a brief meditation, on a piece of paper I write down all my new habits and thought patterns in the present tense. "I am grateful to be warm and loving with myself and others. I love myself, and treat myself accordingly. I have all the items in my pantry to prepare an easy, healthful breakfast. I consistently stop to check in with myself, and my physical needs…" etc. etc. It can be whatever you want! Get as detailed as you wish to be with your visualizations and clarifications.

You might want to meditate on it with crystals or minerals. The mineral pietersite unites the 3rd eye and solar plexus chakra, stimulating your will to make change in your life. Tigers eye is another good stone for protection, focus and determination.

Maybe you want to literally plant seeds around your house, neighborhood, or grow something. Pick up a new plant you can nurture and see change in. Buy a crystal growing kit and put one on your desk.

Preparing your subconscious mind with your clear intent is a beautiful way to come into alignment.

Chances are within days, you will be gently nudging yourself into different, growthful ways of being.

Then, when the first quarter moon appears, you will be ready to do the dang thing.

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