September Full Moon

September Full Moon

It’s Full Moon times! We are in the Waxing Moon period, our Moon comes this Friday. Pay attention to inner voices (and outer <3) this week!

From my Many Moons Workbook:

"Take stock of where you are and how things are going for you. While for some—especially if the eclipse is in your sign, or touches your chart in an impactful way—an eclipse can herald deep change and external messages and happenings, for many eclipse time can be a way to get softer and go deeper. From an actual, practical level, and eclipse is the union between the Sun and the Moon, consciousness and subconscious united in the same space. Painful things, important feelings might be highlighted. Eclipses can really pack a magickal punch: please cast a spell during this time!

Emotions could be piqued, a skittish squirrel careening into reaction territory.
Be kind.

Be attuned to what you want to end, and what you wish to being. People get tripped up about closing or opening doors, so they stay in the hallway, their ear pressed to the hard wood, deciding whether or not to go in, staying in the waiting zone. Until days go by. Until years go by.

We can so rarely predict the future. And why would you want to? Why would you want to, when you are in the driver's seat of your life? There's that wheel again. How are you gripping it? Where are you using it to go?

With a Full Moon in Pisces, there can be an emphasis on dreams, intangibility, creativity, psychic bolstering, and celestial slingshots. Now is a very precious chance, as every chance we choose to activate is a shot. Draw your bow back and shoot an energy arrow out into the future. What will you put in your starry bow, to cast out far away, beyond our ozone, out in the cosmos, to do tangoes in the Milky Way, to wrap around Mother Moon, to come back to you, six months from now, in a transmuted format?

With the Sun in Virgo, the energy is there to do the work. I think about Hestia, ruler of house and home.I think about the Virgos around the globe, getting down to the nitty-gritty, peering at dust motes through a magnifying glass, scrubbing their surroundings clean. Consider what our surroundings look like and how we can change them: the containers we construct of our time, our systems, our processes.

Where do you need to get organized, where do you need to scrub away the film, to get down to the clear, cool service of your cosmic fish vision?"

Happy Waxing Moon! Happy Full Moon!

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