Tarotscopes for the January Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Tarotscopes for the January Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

January Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

January’s Full Moon, also a partial lunar eclipse, will take place January 20th/January 21st, depending on where you live. This is sometimes called the Wolf moon in North America. This is our first Full Moon of 2019, in the sign of Leo at 0 degrees. This Full Moon is the last eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius series of eclipses, that started in 2017.

Lunar eclipses sometimes signify endings and release, according to many astrologers. But Full Moons are never strictly about endings. Endings and release, in the realm of witchcraft, are more aligned with the Waning Moon period, the phase takes place directly after a Full Moon. At the Full Moon, we are halfway through the lunar cycle. Energy has risen, to be worked with accordingly. The sun’s light is fully reflected on the Moon’s face. Energy has accumulated. There are culminations, insights, and sharing taking place. Things can come up, emotions can be heightened. Our reality—internally and externally—must be acknowledged, accepted, and dealt. The emotions and insights that come up around a Full Moon can help us do so.

At an eclipse, the moon passes directly behind its moon, and into its shadow. Light from the Sun is blocked. Things can feel unclear, or unexpected. Our own personal shadows can come up for us to reckon with. This is a beautiful opportunity to integrate these by relating to them in a different way. Try to experiment— be loving and gentle, if you are normally harsh and dismissive with your inner child. Experiment with ways of processing these shadows. Baths, breathing, drawing, writing, movement— these all help. If these shadows are taking up too much space in your psyche, an eclipse gives us an opportunity to change this.

The reminder here is to stay present, and see what themes and patterns are coming up. Any Full Moon can give you messages, if you show up grounded enough to receive them. Any Full Moon can show you what you need to cultivate, and what shadows are ready to be integrated. Every Full Moon is very personal—depending on where you are, and what you are going through. Some folks are going to feel amazing at this Full Moon. Some folks will feel drained, on edge or very sensitive. Be mindful of those around you. Respond, don’t react.

These Tarotscopes are written to be used as guidance for the time period right before, and about a week after the eclipse. You can read them for your Sun, Rising, or Moon—or read all 3. Take what you like and leave the rest.


10 of Swords

This Full Moon eclipse time—this weekend through next week—is the time for you to examine what mindsets and unhelpful thought loops have got to go. What pain no longer has a place for who you are becoming, for what you reaching for. Entrenched power dynamics are useless for you in your life right now and what you are trying to achieve. What if you walked away? What if you dropped the tug-of-war rope gently, and focused on rest and renewal instead? There are easier ways to grow than through self-flagellation. We don’t evolve by harming ourselves.

Letting go can be a clenched fist relaxing.

Letting go for you at this time is not a loss.

Letting go can be one of your most powerful themes to practice over the next few weeks.
Cut the cords to at least one overdue, harmful attachment and turn towards the dawn.

Remind yourself that trust is a salve. Self-forgiveness is the greatest gift your hands are ready to receive.

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7 of Wands

Let’s talk about energy. You are a master at channelling and utilizing your energy, and these coming months are only going to ask you to hone in even more on the distribution of your efforts. In one or more areas, there needs to be more alignment between where you are going and how that lives in your body. Pay attention, by the hour, on where you are needlessly draining yourself. Pay attention, by the hour, on what you need to do to bring your energy back to yourself. Maybe it is looking at baby animal videos, maybe it is stretching, maybe it is deep breaths. There are a couple of habits or defensives that need to be transformed in order for you to move through whatever perceived impasse you are in. Your cosmic homework around this full moon eclipse is to identify what those are and get a plan to change them through habits and practice.

Now, let’s talk about your widening levels of creativity. You’ve got other, more fascinating places to put your talents in addition, or instead of what you are doing now, and you can feel it. (You’ve been feeling this way for a while.) There is something very exciting about this different terrain. This excitement doesn’t have a place to go, because you might be dealing with all the little fires in front of you, all the little doubtful voices inside of you—or even outside of you. All of the duties and responsibilities of the moment. Which in turn leads to frustration, which in turn leads to your energy being drained. This then leads to resistance. Figure out a couple of ways a day or a week to put future you first.

Last but not least, you beautiful bull, focus on reveling in all that you have achieved, particularly in the last 6 months. You’ve gotten more focused on what you want and why. You’ve found ways to bring harmony and beauty to those precious folks in your life, as well the greater collective. You’ve modeled decorum and grace, rigor and excellence. You can be really hard on yourself. Give your joy more space. If you need to write a list of all you appreciate and all you’ve achieved, do so. Draw a big circle around it, with stars and hearts and the words “I am safe. I am loved.” Put it under the Moon to charge under her knowing glow.

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3 of Pentacles

Lovely Gem, going back and refining could be a really great use of your time. In the world of work, there might be some ideas or inspirations you had a long time ago, that still simmer in the back of your mind. A half-written project idea in last year’s journal. A bolt of lightning inspiration you got on a train one day long ago that won’t leave you alone. If you feel called to to put your efforts on past obsessions that couldn’t fully get fleshed out in the way you’ve previously wanted, this card is your permission slip. Make a plan and stick to bringing it to life. Especially if, over time, it will pay off in money, connections, or greater ways, such as in a spiritual practice. Gorgeous dreamer, keep your dreams alive. They will help you and they will help the world.
At this Full Moon eclipse, assess where you are ready to grow. What are you ready to learn? Where do you need to retract, in order to go more deeply into a desire? It is never a bad idea to invest in yourself. Going behind the scenes for a bit to tend to what supports your magic might be the message of this full moon.

Let yourself sink into the roots you’ve made. You’ve worked long, and you’ve worked hard for them. These are your community and your friends. These are your family—chosen and/or blood, pets, and plants alike. These are your artistic lineages, what you look at every day, and what practices have got you here. You can nurture them with phone calls and love letters and treats and surprise gifts. You can concoct an altar to the artisans and psychics that helped you build this extraordinary life. You can fall back on them. You can rely on them. You belong to one another. You can exhale more fully into the temple of life you have built.

*Since I’ve been pulling tarotscopes, you Gems have received this card repeatedly. If you have your own tarot deck, spend some time journaling about this card, and what it means to you and the themes and patterns of your life. What do the themes of abundance, money, building, collaborations, work, and worth mean to you?

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King of Swords

There’s thoughts, and there’s memories, and when they tangle together in the psyche they can create labyrinths of pain. We don’t dissipate their hold over us by wandering around aimlessly in their deceitful dead ends. We recognize them for what they are: thoughts, memories, imprints, beliefs. We reconcile that within them are harm, and within them are helpful learnings. We acknowledge that within them are truths, and within them are fallacies. They are the past, not the present.

This Full Moon Eclipse is the time to no longer give those lies the time of day. At this time, you get to decide what are relevant to you. You get to decide what thoughts, what beliefs, and what messages you will be taking with you into this next year. Cultivate the supportive ones, the intriguing ones, the ones that echo the truths you feel in your heart and the ones you hold in your soul.

When in doubt, call yourself back to the present moment. Call yourself back to what is actually in front of you. Focus on what is calling to you. What feels important and what feels powerful. There is so much to do and you are just the one to do it. So many ideas percolating. So many projects wanting to come out this year that are going to change the game, for you and others. So much to communicate to so many people. Your cosmic homework is to focus on clarity and leave any and all distractions behind. If you do, your work and life will soon take powerful flight.

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2 of Cups

You can look to those around you who hold you dear to reflect your beauty back to you. Your partners—in love, life, work, and the greater community—will always offer up true support. They love you so much Leo, they really do. It could be a good weekend for you to have open and honest conversations about what everyone involved needs in order to have the most healthy, most balanced relationships. You might be the one who needs to bend. You might be the one who has to be a little needier than you’d like. Don’t be afraid to communicate.

However, this Full Moon eclipse might really be bringing up some older patterns of love and lack, and certain scarcity tactics you use on yourself to avoid showing up for you, deep down in your core of hearts. The hardest part is giving yourself healthy, unconditional love. It may be time to really sit with how you define your own language of self-love. It could be an action. It could be just sitting with your emotions more, tracing where they live in your body. It could be really admitting how you need certain relationships to change. With that, comes actual, real, different ways of relating. To self and others.

Wholeness isn’t found outside yourself. It is not achieved in performances and reviews. It is found, in part, when you admit to yourself that you’ll never be perfect, yet you are fundamentally deserving of love and care, space and time. It is letting people in whether you are grumpy or ecstatic, whether your house is a tidy picture or a messy home. It is showing up for yourself, as yourself, exactly as you are in this moment. It is safe for you to speak your boundaries, your vulnerabilities. It is safe for you to share. It is safe for you to offer all the parts of you up to the altar of self. Salty, savory, shy, silky. The more offerings you make freely and openly, the more returns will boomerang back to you, straight back into your life, directly in harmony with your sweetest sentiment. At the Full Moon eclipse, find ways to celebrate and communicate your wholeness.

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9 of Cups

Virgo, currently, one area of your life is culminating. Something is arriving at fullness—just like this moon— that is a success. Can you let yourself enjoy? Can your revel in all the fullness, all the excitement, all the goodies? Not everyone needs to be convinced or impressed. When letting in new collaborators, partners, and projects, ask yourself: what’s in it for me? How will I benefit? You need only let in those who adore you. Keep others that can’t enjoy your successes at an arm’s length.

One of the key themes of the 9 of Cups is wish fulfillment. You, more than most, know that you can have everything you want—just not at the same time. So if you are still yearning for some dreams to coalesce, this is a reminder to keep going. This is reminder to keep love alive along the way. Keep yourself feeling beautiful and hydrated at every inhale.

At this Full Moon eclipse, what you focus on grows. There will always be something else to do, somewhere else to be. Don't concern yourself with those distractions. Sink into what is, as it is mostly likely some aspect of loveliness around it. There’s no shame in wanting more, or wanting something different. Let your cells vibrate with as much pleasure receptiveness as possible. Sit with where you are now. Fill your own cup first, lean back, and enjoy.

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2 of Wands

Nothing is ever lost, Libra. All the experiences you’ve undergone, especially in the last few years, have helped you to think about your place in the world and where you want to go. Failures aren’t failures if you’ve learned important lessons from them. At this Full Moon eclipse, you might be feeling overwhelmed by what to do next, or where to begin.

If you don’t feel as though you’ve got breathing room, you do. Make new perspectives your prerogative. The trick is to see the sorely needed open space as a new adventure, because it is. The Two of Wands invites us to travel, whether it be literal or metaphoric. If you need to introduce yourself to people, to situations, than do that in the next few weeks. Once your passions are clearly committed to, once you’ve declared your action plan, doors will open.

Your world is what you make it. You are on the brink of a new beginning which also feels like a crossroads. Treat your reality as such and step onto a different path.

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6 of Cups

Scorpio, when you build relationships out of uncommunicated expectations you build relationships where nothing can grow. You are so incredibly sweet, you are such a natural giver. Sometimes you give without checking in first, sometimes you offer up massive gifts and efforts when really what is needed is something much simpler, but harder—honesty, flexibility, and vulnerability. Sometimes, you labor so hard giving other people what YOU actually need, instead of giving it to yourself. Instead of asking others for help you bury those needs in silence, in overdoing, in forcing seeds to grow in concrete.

The key to emotional contentment is truly being able to receive.

Your cosmic homework at this Full Moon eclipse time to make time for the others. The other feelings, the other needs, the other voices that you sometimes walk away or skip over in order to serve greater masters. These are your emotional needs, your earnest offerings, the most raw parts of yourself. Touch base with all of those others, listen to each and every one carefully. If you need to openly and honestly communicate what you are finding to other folks in your life, than do so. If you need to openly listen to their needs, their concerns, you will be better for doing so. These is how you can truly turn the page to create more flow and harmony in your garden. Create a spell to grow the seeds of love, trust, reciprocity in the most watered, most listened to, most tended to soil and they will.

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9 of Wands

Sagittarius, there could be a burned out, broken heart feeling to your life right now. That’s the breaking of your own heart, due to some kind of burn or burnt out. The fact of the matter is that you give it your all. Every time. To everything. A helpful reminder is that not every one, or every time, needs every ounce of your passion, your attention, and your energy.

You are really, really close to achieving one or more desires or goals in your life right now. I know it might not *feel* that way, but you are. Finish up on any important projects—but do so with a lot more conservation of energy. If more interruptions or disruptions happen, find ways to center yourself through them. It can be easy to leap to blame or dejection when you care so very much. The trick is to keep the focus and energy on what you care about, above all else.

Patience is needed. So are clear reminders of why you are here now, doing this. It could be that a few shifts in mindset could help. It could be that leaning to set boundaries of what you will and will not do with your energy will serve you. What you are learning now will aid you for years to come. This is an important time. Honor yourself.

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This month might have felt a little or lot painful, Capricorn. Change is very rarely easy breezy. You know this and you are ok with this. So why are you holding yourself back from these changes, still? What truly needs to be radically changed so that you can move forward? There could some fears your ego is still clinging to. You want to be safe, you want to be secure. But you also want to be free. You want to have room to explore, you wish for time and space to climb. You can have all that. But first, you need to work on some reconfiguring, some leaving behind. But first, you need to have a heart-to-heart with your fears.

Safety and security are totally up to you to define. At this Full Moon eclipse, I encourage you to clearly define them for you. For both your freedom and your fear. You are also encouraged to expand how those can show up in new ways. Ways that can you that freedom to climb, ways to gift you that space needed now to reinvent your identity. To match your evolved insides with the outside routines and responsibilities that require so much of you.

Death is ultimately about life. The themes that are coming up for you around at this time, Capricorn, are most likely very far-ranging: legacy, your place in the world, what you want to achieve on grand, grand, meaningful levels. Until you drop the fear, until you see past some denials, you will not be able to move towards new life. At this Full Moon eclipse, pick one or two obligations that you will being phasing out this year. At this time, let some fear-based attachments go in order to grow. In 6 months, you will be thankful that you did.

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10 of Wands

You are on a particular mission at this moment Aquarius. It is important—dramatically so. But you are placing a burden on yourself as you move forward. You could be overly complicating your vision. You could also be self-isolating due to exhaustion, or simply because you feel as though you haven’t the time to do much else. Keep it simple. Focus on the most important tasks. Delegate what you can. And let others help.

This is an opportunity to truly transform. You can change the ways in which you take on too much. Sometimes, you take on so much, expend so much energy, that all the fun, all the enjoyment, of…possibly everything?…gets sucked out. Then it becomes hard to make important decisions, because you can’t see the forest for the trees. This cycle and pattern is ending, so long as you let it. Your work is much too important, YOU are much too important, to get so drained you can’t enjoy your efforts. We need your brain, so smart and unique. We need your vision, looking up to meet clear horizons.

It is important to thank our past selves for getting us to this moment. The doing doing doing, going going going was a survival technique that served you well. Having deep gratitude for that mechanism is important. However, this year, there are new patterns to learn. At this Full Moon eclipse, you may wish to have a ceremony for your survival techniques. All the ways that got you here need love and attention. Hold yourself lovingly as you make the transition into less stressful ways of doing. This year, don’t pick 100 things to rush towards. Pick 10. Remember to ask for help. Remember to come up for air.

This eclipse season has an important message for you.

You are much too needed, much too important for the collective to take everything on, to be burdened by weights that aren’t yours to carry. You do not have to do everything at once. You do not have to do everything alone.

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The Lovers

What a Full Moon eclipse full of wonder, connection, and creativity, Pisces! You’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got the impulse, so let yourself get connected to your desires and let yourself go. Make time for all of the creative urges that you’ve been wanting to spend time doing—singing, drawing, cooking, reading, rituals, whatever!

Chances are you’ve got a lot on your plate right now, so it could be a challenge to find time. One precious gift the Lovers teaches us is that when we make time for filling our cup, it always helps our life. Not working helps us work more effectively. Focusing on one activity helps us make sense of another. If you haven’t been prioritizing your creativity so far this year, please do so. You are both incredibly creative and incredibly intuitive. However, sometimes that voice of doubt kicks in and it interrupts you before you can begin, or makes you second guess clear messages. (Or, maybe it is your other obligations interrupting you!) This is the time to decide to connect directly to source and let your expression flow. Let your intuition guide your creativity, and vice versa. Let them be in dialogue, together, for benefit of all.

If you are a Pisces in an intimate partnership—and that would be any Pisces, because we all have an intimate partnership with at the very least our self—please make time to enjoy your cherished loved ones more. If there’s been any tension, address it so you can make more time for enjoyment. Let the love flow through you in your actions, and let them love you. Love, and how you love is such a big theme with the Lovers. When you choose to be what you think others want you to be, it might feel good for a while, but over time it leads to energy leaks. When you do not voice your needs because you want to avoid conflict, you are actually short changing your loved ones from being able to help you. When you show up as you are, knowing clearly what you are willing to give and what you are able to receive, your partnerships are solid gold. Showing up differently with how you love yourself and others will lead to more breakthroughs, more time, more creativity.