July Full Moon: Rewarding Forms/Forms' Reward

July Full Moon: Rewarding Forms/Forms' Reward

July Full Moon: Rewarding Forms/Forms' Reward

July 8th: Full Moon in Capricorn 9:07 pm PST

This Full Moon shimmers out above us on a Saturday, ruled by the planet Saturn. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the Native American name for the July moon is the Full Buck Moon, or the Thunder Moon. However, in my research I have been unable to locate which Native American people named the July moon this. The Algonquin, who mostly lived/live in southern Quebec and eastern Ontario, call this moon "Squash are ripe." The Cherokee, originally living in what is now called the American Southeast, called this moon "Ripe Corn Moon." There are many, many different names for moons—mostly depending on what was being cultivated in each region, and what was valued agriculturally and seasonally in a region. You can make up your own name for this moon, depending on what you see, feel, hear, wish!

As always, we can work with the cycles of the Moon to suit what we are going through in our present lives. If we are fatigued, we rest. If we are joyful, we must follow our urge to celebrate, clinking glasses filled with ice cubes, fizzy water, and lime, surrounded by the laughter of precious friends. If we are consciously opening up to the dialed-up energy around a Full Moon, downloads might come in, the whispers of ghosts, ancestors, or angels perking up our ears. Messages may come in via billboard, a song lyric on the radio, answering questions we weren't sure we even had.

If beginning self-work around a new cycle at this time, then this Full Moon might be the time to download and receive messages. Start from a place of acceptance and gratitude, and be honest and clear about what you need. What do you want? What must you sacrifice to obtain your new desires? Treat yourself to a longer shower or bath, and a night of journalling, meditation, brainstorming, and mind-mapping. Reflect on what is true for you now, what chapters need to be closed, what doorknobs are ready to be twisted open. Be clear about asking spirit, the universe, your guides and helpers to come through and offer clear information about your situation that you intend on utilizing in the 3D realm.

What do you care about?

How does this care manifest itself through form?

Where does this care wish to take you, in your career, your life goals, your legacy?

It is time to put down roots. Sink into self-made safety. Gather energy from your networks. Make supporting sustenance your joyful companion: the cawing crow on the wire above your head. Because that is the essence of the base of what you must build if you are to scale great heights. Groundedness, steadiness, and cascades of vibrant heartbeats work as the pavement of dreams.

Get really real with what it is your heart wants at this time. Get really real about the work it may take, shirt sleeves rolled-up style, day after day, to get there. After all, magic is an art form that will not work if you don't. After all, isn't it time to go after what you really, really desire and lay claim to it through dedication and consistent work? After all, if there's anything we've learned so far, it's that there's no time like the present. To recommit, to practice devotion, to write the poem to take out the recycling to call your congressperson and complain to code the website to deliver the vegetables to trim the bangs to paint the protest sign to ask the cute babe out to starting the hard conversation with the housemate to research the course to meditate to call the credit card company to ask for a hug to give yourself a deadline to let yourself commit, really commit, to your own true incredibly precious and imperfect and arduous and heart-stoppingly breathless one and only life?

That is the gift. Commitment and devotion. The follow-through. For the sake of the moment itself only. And in equal measure, to keep going, day after day, tethered to the unfolding and the huge dream in same measure.

Suggested Affirmation: "My safety is my devotion. My spiritual practice is rooted in care. I ground into my commitment to self, and commitment to spirit."

—Excerpt from Many Moons 2017 Vol 1. Purchase here.  

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