Money Magic

Money Magic
Money magic is probably the most popular form of magic out there. Depending on the tradition, the ingredients tend to be pretty standard: green candles, malachite, basil, gold, pyrite, citrine, honey, among others.

The spells are as well: money bags, configurations of 9 dimes or pennies buried in an auspicious place, money oil, petitions to Venus and Jupiter.

More often than not, if done correctly, they work. Every witch I know has seen results from a well-prepared and timed spell. I mean, I even used one to buy a house.

HOWEVER! Magic alone will not change the underlying pattern or behaviors that need to be addressed to be inherently resourced and abundant: not just flush with cash, but secure on a fundamental level.

You can light all the candles and clench all the pyrite you’ve got with unmatched enthusiasm, but if you don’t fundamentally shift on an energetic level, your spells can only do so much.

Magic is about transformation from the inside out. Why would money magic be any different?

You don’t need ingredients to create effective magic.
You just need discipline and a willingness to try.
You must be able to sit with discomfort and recognize it as part of any process.
You must do what witches do best: be honest about what needs to change, and tap into your intuition for more answers.
Our magic is about more than us, and so it must involve others who share space together in this sacred web of life.

Below are 4 Money Magic ideas that cost little to nothing. They require virtually no ingredients, save the most important and priceless one: you.

Re-enchant your relationship to money. Did you actually CHOOSE what your relationship with money would be like? Or did someone, or something else, determine what it was for you?

If your view of money is negative or fear-based, then every time you interact with it, which is, of course, EVERY DANG DAY, you are replicating those patterns, behaviors, and emotions. Choose to re-enchant your relationship to money. Make it one that is reciprocal, life-giving, supportive, and dare I say, fun! For example, in my Embodying Abundance Online Course, we do a group sigil spell that is designed to re-enchant our relationship to money.

The power of decision magic. This technique goes hand-in-hand with re-enchanting one’s money relationships. IMHO, decision magic is *quite* overlooked! We make hundreds of decisions each day: what to eat for lunch, do we text that ex back (the answer is usually…no), or if we should put Dolly or Kacey on the new playlist (the answer is always…both). We make them with confidence—we *believe* that after a few clicks, we’ll be enjoying the peanut noodles of our dreams and that soon enough, we’ll be bopping along to "Slow Burn" and "9-5" on repeat. Often, we forget that we can make decisions around our money and our behaviors that can change our situations.

I often advise friends of mine who are beginning to work for themselves or go into business. Whenever they ask what their rates should be, I tell them to decide what they want to make each month and work backward from there. No matter if you don’t hit those numbers in your first quarter of business, decide to stay the course. It takes time for the material world to catch up to the spiritual world: that is why the Pentacles, the archetypes of materiality, are the last suit in the Tarot, after all.

There are so many magical decisions you can make around money. You can decide to change the way you are spending it, to invest in green companies, or to donate a specific amount. You can decide to stop giving all your energy away to a job that doesn’t appreciate you. You can decide to invest in Future You: with time, education, and actions.

If you aren’t making intentional decisions about your money, chances are, someone, or something else, is deciding for you.

What magical decisions are you going to make this month around money?

The magic of growth-tending. When we tend to the growth of other life forms, we are reminded that care, tuning in, slowing down, and intimacy are also required for our own growth.

In Embodying Abundance, I tell my students to put living things on their abundance altar. Green plants in beautiful pots. Plants in various stages of propagation. And, for those without a green thumb, make a bouquet of flowers your centerpiece. Tend to yourself as you do the green beings on your altar: notice what synchronicities grow and flow your way.

A more than enough practice. When we switch from a baseline of scarcity to one of abundance, which must include every cell in our body, our approach to life shifts.

Just for a few minutes, close your eyes and try a thought experiment: What would you do if you were more than enough? If you had more than enough? What would your body feel like, to be completely supported?

Additional prompts to get you started...

Where can you stop performing?
Ignoring yourself and your needs?
Playing small?

How can you start moving towards possibility?
More rest and ease?

Whenever possible, tune into that enough-ness.

If we want to change the larger systems, we’ve got to change ourselves on a fundamental level. Scarcity only creates more scarcity. We see what that’s done to the planet. It is time to choose abundance.