Witch 101: Protection Online Workshop

Witch 101: Protection Online Workshop

Join Sarah for an online workshop about protection magic! Sarah will be going over techniques one can use immediately, as well as different types of spells that one can do to create magical, practical, and spiritual protection. Protection magic is about keeping your own energy aligned & focused. Ultimately, protection magic is about what makes us feel safe, and what keeps our energy protected & intact. When our energy is our own, when we know we are protected, we gain great benefits. We are more focused, we have more energy, we can work on what we love and do the things we need to or enjoy.

Protection magic is a foundational aspect of witchcraft. Anyone who is sensitive to energy, anyone who is part of a systemically abused group, anyone who is doing work in a more public fashion, and anyone who just wants to feel better all together, must find protection magic techniques & tools that work for them.

The Witch 101 online workshop series presented by Modern Women will cover a variety of magical basics and foundational topics from Sarah Faith Gottesdiener. These one-off workshops are perfect for those looking to begin their magical journey or refresh and reconfigure their approach to magical basics.

The Witch 101: Protection Magic online workshop will cover:
-the basics of protection magic, and simple practices to enact so that you won’t need to do a clearing spell
-what are cords, how to tell if you are corded, and a few methods to uncord
-differences between uncrossing, banishing, and binding spells, and Sarah’s takes on all of them
-how to know if it is shadow integration you need, or a banishing spell
-ways to tell if you’ve been hexed

Students of this online workshop will receive:
-simple protection meditations and affirmations you can use daily
-simple clearing and cleansing techniques
-techniques and tools for moving energy
-some traditional tools associated with protection magic: stones, symbols, colors, plants
– a question and answer period during the live workshop
– PDF worksheets
– a recording and transcript of the live workshop

The live online workshop will take place via ZOOM and all materials will be able to download through a protected HighTail folder. Due to the nature of this online workshop’s content, refunds are not available. If you’re purchasing this as a gift for someone, please provide their email address during check-out. The recording and worksheets are yours to keep forever. You will have a limited time after the replay is issued to download these materials.

Enrollment closes at 10 am PST, Thursday May 7th.
Modern Women will send an email out to students with the ZOOM live call link on Thursday, May 7th at 5 pm PST.
The call replay and transcript will be issued on Monday, 5/11. Students: please double-check your spam and promotions folders!