Your Bodies Tarot Spread

Your Bodies Tarot Spread

This month’s theme in the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner resonates so strongly. It is: “Your Bodies.

You can read more about what September will bring by clicking here, and if you don’t yet have the Moon Studio’s spiritual guide to the year, click here!

Your Bodies Tarot Spread by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener 

Last year, I received a message about this year that is really ringing true now.
(When I say I received a message, this means it feels like it came from some greater wisdom; the energies and spirits I commune with help me program the Many Moons Lunar Planner and share supportive wisdom with you about how to best navigate these energies.) The message was that the year will be split into halves energetically. If one half of the year was hard, stagnant, or amazing, then the other half would be markedly different in tone.

I didn’t really understand the message when I received it, but now I do.
As we shift into the last quarter of the year, I am filled with hope and resolve that is only made possible by integrating some of the events of the previous 7-8 months.

There is a focus and motivation that wasn’t there a few months ago.
I am turning towards true Lovers embodiment: instead of resisting all that you hate, become, practice, and take action on all that you love.

Hopefully, this Tarot spread will help you stay centered, focused, and will fill you with nourishment.
There is so much left of the year, of your time on this planet. Decide how you want to use it, and go forth.

Happy September!