September 2022 Tarotscopes

September 2022 Tarotscopes

The theme for September is Your Bodies.

You are an incredible technology that contains multitudes. There is your emotional body: the patterns of response that crash, subside, and ripple on the shorelines of Self. There is your physical body: the container that holds the Spirit. Your nervous system is a body that influences the flavors of reaction that underscore certain timelines, learned programs, physiological habits,  and coping mechanisms. There is your psychic body: all the levels of consciousness and intuition that inform the myth of your life. There is your body of work: what must be done in a day, year, lifetime, as well as what preoccupies and motivates you. There is your behavioral body: the habits and actions that, over time, create your world. Your bodies also include the various ecosystems that you are nourished by and play a part in sustaining. The land that is home. The trees that grow from the dirt you walk on. Whoever you listen to, dialogue with, love, hate, are in community with or influenced by: the other bodies that keep you alive. This month, honor all of your bodies. The pain body that offers up messages and teaches compassion. The pleasure body that longs for sunny, slow afternoons, and dips in saltwater pools. The physical body that is the perfect vessel for your soul’s expression. Make this month the month to tune into how your bodies intersect.

Name and care for the bodies that make you you, so as to understand how to care for the ecosystems that connect, tether, and expand your experience on Earth.

— Excerpt from the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner. Get your copy here or download the September Guide by clicking hereThe 2023 edition of Many Moons is now available for pre-order! US Moonbeams, click HERE! Canadian Moobeams, click HERE!

This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. If your Tarotscope doesn’t resonate now, you may want to go back at the mid-point or end of the month to re-read.

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended. These Tarotscopes are not intended as an alternative to medical or psychiatric health services and should not be interpreted or used as such.


3 of Wands

All drama and no play make you a dull babe. As of late, the easiest tasks turned insurmountable, and the seemingly most uncomplicated exchanges have turned into snakepits. Some of this has been a crash course in conflict: reflect on what you've learned about yourself and your communication style to ensure smoother sailing. Some of this mess is merely because life is messier now: the stressors are greater, so is brain fog, and so is grief. We can’t forget the influence of the hard and complicated times on all of us.

Another lesson of your last batch of entanglements is about what you can and can’t control. Practice becoming more fluid through challenges: not every jab is one to mull over, and not every accusation needs to be interpreted as truth. You can make mistakes and not be a bad person. Someone’s different opinion doesn’t automatically make them an enemy. Two people can break up without one of them “causing harm.” Resist your inclination to project, and reject the assumptions of other people’s egos. Rise and release.

This month, go on little adventures; force yourself to have fun. If you can’t leave your apartment, construct a pleasure zone in a corner to curl up in. If you can’t afford a weekend getaway, visit a park you’ve never been to with some ripe figs and a journal. The wider your perspective gets, the more you’ll be able to remember where you are going, not where you’ve been.

Suggested spell ingredients: A daily list of what is yours and what is theirs, Dark Moon magic, solo dates, obsidian, tree hugs, and reminders throughout your house that all you have is more than enough.

The Empress

You don’t get enough credit for how much you care. The amount of heart you put into all you do is invisible but always felt. The attention you put into the details so that everyone can have the most delightful experience reflects just how much you value life. Other people don’t always see it, or they prescribe a certain superficiality to these kinds of efforts. But it isn't superficial: this is the material world, after all. It’s literally how our experience and enjoyment of tangible reality influences the subtle realms of energy and magic — this is deep, sacred work.

For the rest of the year, you’ve got to pull your energy back from all you give to the external world and pour it into your private and personal life. Reconnect with your spirituality and reinvest in a magical practice. If you are a freelancer or business owner, focus ON your business, instead of getting caught up IN your business.

Phone in the less urgent parts of work and other obligations: only you will know. Be ok with not going the extra mile in some areas, so you can recalibrate around what's really important. Doing so will completely transform your life by the Solstice. It will teach you that you truly can honor yourself first: that not only are you safe to, but everyone around you benefits from it. Solidify all the self-worth healing you’ve been doing by taking it to the next level.

Suggested spell ingredients: homemade terrariums that are also altars, moonstone, deep sighs, divestments from urgency, investments in quality time, and giving yourself what you most need from others.


Wheel of Fortune

Mars being in your sign for so long is a stroke of good fortune. Your confidence is stoked, your ambition is boosted, and the passions that have quietly simmered on the back burner now take center stage. September ushers in opportunities for shifts around how you relate to yourself, and more specifically, how you are relating to yourself while experiencing so much profound change. How can you stay steady while the choppy, energetic waters churn? How can stay true to your best self while those around you are maybe not being their own best versions? The answers to these questions are what spiritual maturity looks like.

This month, reflect on the core attributes and traits you’d like to keep, and those you’d like to clear. Our personalities are not fixed, they are practiced. Choose, then practice. Morning meditations and intention-setting are great for this.

After who you’d like to be crystallizes, take it one step further with embodiment. Reconnect with yourself through action and activities. Make time for experimentation and education: do one or two things each week that feed your brain without pressure. Sometimes you tend to work harder, not smarter. Ease and flow don’t mean a job, project, or relationship is less worthwhile. In fact, they are vital ingredients needed in almost every aspect of this next phase of your most beautiful life.

Suggested spell ingredients: Accountability, blank pages, Stevie Nicks’ solo songs, new recipes with untried ingredients, levity, and sunflower seeds.



This month, go on an elimination diet. Eliminate unnecessary worries and complaints. Eliminate the need to over-explain, overwork, or over-commit. Do not overdo yourself work-wise, emotionally, or energetically. Learn what stopping before you are exhausted feels like. It can be hard to see the forest for the trees when you’re knee-deep in mud, and you’ve been in that mud for a minute. Somethings got to give and that starts with a practice of release.

Justice is your card this month; topics of adjustment and accountability will build and reach a crescendo by the equinox. Adjustment encounters reality and responds in kind. The first stage of an adjustment process is noticing what is *really* going on: not the version that conveniently protects you, not the version where you are completely innocent. When we accurately notice discomfort arise, our own accountability must be grappled with. When faced with the truth, when being upfront about action or lack of action, one can create a divine path that will really lead somewhere else. What part of your life needs more courage, in order for you to encounter it with more clarity? Where do you need less talk and more action?

Accountability means bringing values and morals into alignment with your actions. It means energy conservation on every level. Instead of living like there is no tomorrow, live like there is one. Live like what you do now will bear more results than you could ever imagine. See how that influences what you do, and why you do it.

Suggested spell ingredients: Forest bathing, goodbye letters to patterns—and people—that no longer serve, cold showers, equinox feasts and dedications, and selenite.


The Hierophant

Lovely Leo, you might not be broadcasting this everywhere, but things have been rough — possibly even brutal. Cut yourself some slack for letting certain things slip or for “being behind” in certain areas. Consider how much you've internalized perfectionism, and how much you’ve absorbed hierarchal, capitalist messages about productivity. Rigidity won’t help, but remembering who you are will.

September is a month to consider that life itself is your teacher: each day, choose a curriculum and then see how it transpires. The syllabus you create for yourself, in time, will turn you from a student to a seasoned guide. Don’t forget to include supportive and fun practices, too. Perfect a new skincare regime, or find the exercise practice that will shift your mood quickly. Reminders of how sometimes it isn't always supposed to be that deep will carry you through those times it is.

We are bodies: soft and sensitive bodies of water and bone, memories and needs. We are affected by the greater world, careless words, and loss; we absorb much more than we are conscious of. You can choose to be cruel to yourself, or choose to bend toward wonder and gratitude. Only one of those choices will help you heal.

Suggested spell ingredients: Dried lavender tea, tactile hobbies, long walks without a phone, longer naps, the Dripping Dreams Talisman, and thank you notes to former teachers.


7 of Swords

It’s your season, Virgo! The theme for you this month is leave of absence. You could interpret that metaphorically: give your thoughts and feelings more space. Maybe they can simply float, maybe they can simply be felt. Decide what is an actual problem that needs to be solved, and what truly isn't a problem at all. Observe certain situations that spike your nervous system and practice releasing the charge.

There's the literal interpretation as well: there are definitely a couple of relationships, habits, or requests from work that it’s time to gracefully bow out of. Be gentle and strategic. Certain people need to be handled carefully so as to avoid issues down the line. Certain habits can be let go of bit-by-bit, instead of an aggressive snip-snip. Certain contracts need to be read carefully, revised, or run by a second opinion. When in doubt, ask all the questions before final decisions.

The 7’s show up when there are ruptures, and ruptures lead to breakthroughs. Little frays and tears in a particular reality mean eventually, another reality will arrive in its place. A leave of absence is a pause from mundane work and responsibilities, in order to attend to out-of-the-ordinary circumstances. Now is the time to court the supernatural, and explore a different paradigm.

Suggested spell ingredients: Messages and meditations, altered states, airplane mode on all devices, deactivated social media accounts, heartfelt texts to the people you can count on, and amethyst.


9 of Pentacles, Reversed

You’ve been in so many different financial situations in your life: you’ve survived overdrawn accounts and enjoyed major windfalls. While prosperity is always preferred, you also know that after a certain amount, money truly does not buy happiness. It can take care of a ton in this material world, but it can't cure chronic depression or stop racism, it can’t solve disconnect, disenchantment, or discontentment. You understand on a core level that abundance is an inside job.

Expectations around giving and receiving have let you down in the past. Tallies, comparisons, and a general pattern of overextension around the material and emotional have left you a bit wary, a little sensitive. You can heal some wounds around reciprocity when you are clear about what you most need to receive.
The current phase you are in centers around two things: capacity and capability. What you are capable of relies on your capacity. It relies on the root systems you are planting now, the life design you are dreaming about and enacting, and the micro-pleasures to be engineered into the everyday rhythms of upcoming ventures.

Every day this month, before you take anything else on, or feel pulled towards another project, check in on your capacity. Your energetic and emotional capacities will tell you what they can and can’t do: honor them.

Suggested spell ingredients: Green moonstone, archetypes of balance, silk sheets, dream hymns, dirt, and patience.


Ace of Swords, Reversed

There’s the story, then there’s the story about the story—the reviews, the games of telephone, the spirals of recounting—and then, there’s the truth. You’ll never know the entire truth because there isn’t only one. However, you can get closer to truth’s fairy goddess mother: acceptance. The practice of detachment could help you untangle certain enmeshments. Take a step or two back, in order to gain another perspective about an old pattern. There are a lot of temporary situations you’ve been treating as permanent; there’s a lot of randomness that you’ve been taking as personal.

Your stories matter, but they aren’t helpful when they derail you. Your thoughts and your words are vessels for the way you spend your days and the way you stay in alignment with your integrity. If you need more help, here it is. ABRACADABRA, in Hebrew, translates to “It came to pass as it was spoken.” In Aramaic, it translates to “I create as I speak.” Be careful what you say. Be even more careful with what you think.

In September, pick a phrase that you can recite to deal with confusion or doubt. Pick a different way to interact with the stories that empower you to heal some past hurts, and dwell in acceptance for long enough to move on.

Suggested spell ingredients: Clear quartz, Hawthorne berries, hyssop, silence, the paintings of Cy Twombley, and the slow, sacred pause.


4 of Cups

There are times when things don’t go as planned, times when every ounce of your patience is being tested and tried, and times when we feel disappointed, irritated, confused, or betrayed. We wonder why we believed in certain things, why the Universe hasn’t helped us out yet, why a tragedy or trauma is happening, why our families are the way they are, or why the broken system rumbles on. We wonder, we doubt, and we go on: it’s a slog. People don’t often talk publicly about long periods of fatigue, depression, or metaphysical clogs in the drain.

A large lesson of this month is to not blame yourself for situations out of your control. Don’t internalize a cold word, a rejection, or an ignored text. Do invest time and energy into your mental health, emotional well-being, and what you need to create some momentum. Yes, it feels like an extra job you didn't ask for, but you’ll reap far more from this process than any paycheck.

September is a month of process and digestion. Think about diet, gut health, and taking care of what is most important. You have a pile of tasks and responsibilities to get through: focus on taking care of them peacefully. Don’t try to force uncomfortable emotions away: feel them and release them. It’s ok to not be ok: it’s ok to be where you are.

Processing big emotions require rest, compassion, and trust: summon this holy trinity as much as you can.

Suggested spell ingredients: Ocean jasper, self-compassion, EFT tapping, eucalyptus by your bedside, boundaries with your inner critic, and time spent under the stars.


Queen of Swords, Reversed

If there was ever a time to let logic rule, it is now. September is a bit of a mixed bag. One day, there’s a topsy turvy situation that needs your attention, and the next there are revelations that crystallize quandaries you’ve been otherwise at a loss for — Mercury Retrograde can be like that. Get clear on what isn’t important and what is truly worth giving precious brain space to.

September is also a month for confronting some tasks you've been putting off, Capricorn: get real and make a plan. Whether it’s for your finances, education, passion projects, or community connections: find practical ways to invest in certain longstanding inclinations. It could start with a spreadsheet of goals or a budget, it could be signing up for a class — no matter how you want to make it happen, make it a priority.

It’s wild how many people create drama just to distract themselves from taking accountability, or instead of bringing their own dreams to life. This month, don’t be one of them. Get to the point and stay there. Simplify the path forward by asking yourself: Why do I want this? Why am I doing this? If you stay clear, get real, and make a plan, at the end of the month, you’ll have many reasons to rejoice.

Suggested spell ingredients: Uninterrupted alone time, bouquets of irises, acceptance as a coping method, a closet clean-out, stone fruits, and yellow candles.


8 of Pentacles

Your imagination is swollen with the blooms of dreams and visions of a different lifestyle, which includes the next evolution of your career. Unfortunately, the days are filled with drudgery and unavoidable obligations — the frustration has grown almost too much to bear. How to make space for the deep, radical change you’ve craved for so long?

It’s time to take action before your doubt extinguishes the fire inside.
September must be a month of deep focus, discipline, and follow-through on both the practical and the fantastical. Hunker down, say no to external demands, and work more than usual. That includes building out systems and structures for your workflow, getting more organized, and pinpointing where you waste your own time. Notice what drains your energy, and what efforts aren't worth the sweat. Streamline, trim, cull, and when necessary, quit.

You are about to head into a period of prosperity: from October to your winter season is a runway of growth. This time could be filled with explosions of wisdom, bouquets of friendships, more money, as well as strides made in your current craft, alongside any new ones. In order to make the most of this time, you've got to set yourself up for success now. You make space by creating it. You create miracles by believing they are possible.

Suggested spell ingredients: Carnelian, resolve, an extended autoresponder, weekly and daily to-do lists, and chocolate.


Temperance, Reversed

You can have an ambivalent relationship with change: sometimes it’s welcome, other times it excavates past trauma. So you'll start a pattern of one step forward: make change! See results! Then, like clockwork, it’s one step back: anything could happen! What if I mess it up? That’s overwhelming! Gentle Pisces, change happens whether you do anything or not. You don’t have to force change, because right now, it’s happening on your timeline. Make all the preparations, run through all the scenarios, and call in all the support. Healing is happening from the inside out, and it’s up to you to begin the process.

If you have been struggling with mysterious health issues, this is the month to try different approaches: simpler is better. This extends into other longstanding troubles you've had: what could some implementation of better physical or mental care do? Morning routines, budgets, and therapy are all examples of prioritizing a more holistic lifestyle that will support you in all endeavors. If you *know* what would be better for you but haven’t actually Done The Thing, September is the month to make those adjustments, little by little. Much of what your life will look like a year from now depends on the habits and actions you take now.

Don’t give up hope. Things will change for the better because you are already changing. When you feel overwhelmed, look to the golden autumn leaves as a reminder that change is inevitable. What you commit to now will lead to a more healthy, more whole, version of you.

Suggested spell ingredients: A growth tracker, labradorite, chamomile compresses, the poetry of your ancestors, and a habit overhaul including the basics: more water, sleep, routines, nutrients, and plenty of grace.