December 2023 Tarotscopes

December 2023 Tarotscopes

December 2023 Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

The theme for December is Inter-being.

Inter-being is a term coined by Zen Master, peace activist, and poet Thich Nhat Hanh. He writes:

"If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in this sheet of paper. Without a cloud, there will be no rain; without rain, the trees cannot grow: and without trees, we cannot make paper. The cloud is essential for the paper to exist. If the cloud is not here, the sheet of paper cannot be here either. So we can say that the cloud and the paper inter-are.

“Interbeing” is a word that is not in the dictionary yet, but if we combine the prefix “inter” with the verb “to be”, we have a new verb, inter-be. Without a cloud, we cannot have paper, so we can say that the cloud and the sheet of paper inter-are."

This month is a love letter to all who have helped you this year, seen and unseen, known and unknown.

This month is the time to consider how your one and only life can be a message, proclaiming what you value.

— Excerpt is from the 2023 Many Moons Lunar Planner. The 2024 edition is now shipping: order yours here.

This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. Read for whatever sign you feel called to: your Sun, rising, Moon, or a placement that is particularly loud right now.*


December 2023 Tarotscopes 

The Hanged One

It’s been a while since you felt sure of yourself: the highs have been very high this year, and the lows have been very low. Personal and collective events have shaped you in undeniable ways. Life has not only been life-ing, but she’s been coming at you fast. Now is a time for integration and surrender.

Integration happens when you take everything you’ve learned so far and apply it in tangible ways to support your growth. Acceptance doesn’t mean you agree with certain behaviors or circumstances, it means you will no longer allow them to keep you frozen. Realizations must be witnessed, then actualized with buckets of compassion. The more you do this for yourself, the more clarity will emerge.

Surrender isn’t about giving up, it’s about trust. Trust that the most intuitive and wise parts of you are available at any moment. Trust that many mysterious forces and benevolent people conspire to support your next aligned actions.

Trust that what you’ve learned this year will illuminate new paths for you in 2024. Trust that you already have everything you need.

Suggested spell ingredients: daily meditations, tree breathing, slowness and steadiness, wearable selenite talismans, and Many Moons.


The Lovers

Much of this year has been frustrating for you, gentle Taurus, because despite your wins and your growth, you haven’t made progress in the ways you’ve most wanted. Even the Taureans who have made big moves, or birthed babies and projects into the world might not be feeling particularly accomplished, because of how it all transpired. You need to feel proud of what you do and you need to feel proud of how you do it in order for it to satisfy and satiate you. So much of this year was impacted by outside influences both internally and externally. That also might have caused you to play it a little safe. Bookmark time to recover from the surprises and shocks as you step back into your center. Commit to taking more risks. 

This month, it’s time to fall back in love. With yourself. With life. With your process, practice, projects, and relationships.

Tell me what you love and you’ve told me why you’re alive. Tell me how you want to feel most often and how you can get there. Tell me how you’ll alchemize feelings of doubt, fear, freeze, and self-blame. Make plans for what you’ll do when you catch yourself acting in ways that aren’t loving. You’ve now created the roadmap back to your most purpose-full Self. Will you show up for love, for your life, with all the love and life you possess?

For more on The Lovers, listen to our podcast all about it here

Suggested spell ingredients: Life lists, candle holders to remind you of the circle of life, emotional roadmaps, mirrors, and Many Moons.


2 of Cups

This is a month of opportunities for you in the realm of relationships and being seen. In many relationships, our projections, needs, survival mechanisms, assumptions, triggered nervous systems, and other distortions get in the way of truly seeing and being seen. Then, the other person becomes a role that must be filled, an object: not a subjective, holographic world unto themselves. When both people in a relationship do this, it’s a ping pong of their pasts and no true connections can be made.

This is a month to watch out for where you people please and assume the worst about others. December is a month to unravel the scripts you’ve written about how to be lovable. Simply showing up as your completely lovable and charming self is most of the work.

When you can make it through the uncomfortable moments without internalizing them, that’s how you know an opportunity has been taken. Growth is communication with both kindness and honesty. You’ve come into the present moment, which is the pinnacle of progress after everything you’ve been through.

Suggested spell ingredients: Vulnerability, a new dating or friend apps profile, a new coffeeshop/yoga studio/or park to visit, a meaningful creative project, and Many Moons.


2 of Swords

The reason why mindfulness is at the core of any spiritual practice is because the mind either makes your world heaven or hell. The mind can be a dangerous weapon we turn on ourselves, mostly unconsciously. This month, you’ve got more options than you realize. You are capable and know what to do next. But if you let your mind tell you otherwise, you’ll keep spiraling and conflicts and exhaustion will continue. Part of why you’ve been so exhausted and conflicted is because you’ve been repeating certain stories that only shatter your self-esteem. End the inner stand-off by thinking different thoughts, and making small, meaningful decisions and sticking with them.

There are many ways to rehabilitate your mind. Meditation and mindfulness, absolutely. Refrain from outside inputs: give your mind a consumption break in December. Journal every morning and night. Choose thoughts that will be supportive, pair them with charged, positive emotions, and voilà! New neural pathways are created.

Imagine telling the story of how you changed your mind. Relief became a visitor, some burdens lifted, and you had more time and space to do more of what matters. Who was the person who did that? Find them, listen to them, and follow them out on a different path forward.

Suggested spell ingredients: A daily meditation practice, daily movement practices to get out of freeze states, belief, black tourmaline talismans, oat straw tonic, and Many Moons.


6 of Wands

Confuse temporary moments with forever, and you’ll sink. Remember that eventually—one day—This Too Shall Pass, whether it’s great or horrific, and that’s where the intersection of gratitude and agency emerges. Whether this year was horrible, wonderful, or a mix of all of the above and more, now it is time to hone in on what triggers gratitude. Remind yourself of what you can control and what your truest gifts are.

Whether you like it or not, there are some aspects of your life that require graduation. Adopting the attitude of optimism isn’t toxic positivity, it’s a tried and true method to navigate uncertainty. If guilt or shame comes up, that isn’t evidence you’re wrong: it’s evidence you are human.

Get clear on what you’ve outgrown and what no longer replenishes you. Figure out a transition plan: delegate, shorten the time spent doing certain things, or stop altogether. More importantly, write down what lights a spark inside of you: especially the group activities. You’ll benefit most this month from gathering with like-minded and like-hearted individuals. For more on this Tarot card, listen to our podcast all about it here

Suggested spell ingredients: Red pens, exercise to help you express emotions, archery, a new resume (even if you aren’t planning on applying to a job), and the Sunshine Bundle.


Queen of Cups

When was the last time you honored your heart? If your emotions were a flock of birds, what shape would they take? If they were a painting, what colors would they be?

Talking about your feelings isn’t the same as feeling them. When we fall into stories instead of sensations, our emotions get stuck: lodged in our body, doomed to repeat. Intellectualizing emotions can sometimes give us the illusion of change or resolution without any of that happening. To tell the exact same story, over and over, reinforces ideas about yourself that might not actually be true.

Feeling your feelings means feeling them all the way to their full expression, until they can flow out completely. That brings more space to your vessel; there’s more room for your imagination to roam. This is a month to stop ruminating, worrying, and getting caught up in stories. Open up, explore, express, respect, and reparent what shows up.

Your emotions aren’t the end all, but they are sacred in their own way. Honor them accordingly.

Suggested spell ingredients: Sunshine, wide open spaces, Decision Magic, salt baths, and Many Moons.


King of Wands

Whether you’ve made major strides as of late or not, celebrate your wins. It creates serotonin, and serotonin boosts your ability to believe in a different future. Failure, after all, only means you were brave enough to try.

Leadership through disruption is a trademark of the King of Wands. How do you disrupt the status quo? No matter the size of your community, there are many people impacted by your behavior, words, and what you model. The kind of world you’d like to live in is the kind of world you create with moment-to-moment actions. “Look closely. The beautiful may be small,” wrote Immanuel Kant. 

There are protests to join, petitions to sign, and conversations to have. There are creative projects to tend to, reports to finish, meals to make, and outfits to don. May you create them with confidence. May you imbue them with the bravery and vulnerability of someone who leads by energy, action, and example.

Suggested spell ingredients: Dry brushing, candles anointed with citrus notes, an altar to attract and ground your true sense of abundance, recording your dreams, and Many Moons.


Knight of Wands

Momentum is the energy of the moment for you, sweet Scorpio. Whether its end of year due dates to accomplish or a slightly peppier spring in your step, you’ve got it this month. If you don’t quite feel like a walking firework, make getting more sparkly one of your December intentions. If there’s unexpressed anger lurking underneath your surface, express it in healthy ways.

Let yourself get pulled in the direction of your interests and passions. If you aren’t quite sure what those are anymore, think about what teenage you liked to do most. If there’s a club, meet up, or a place to gather around interests, step outside your comfort zone and join them.

Magnetism and charisma are a mix of confidence, presence, and humility mixed with a healthy dose of knowing oneself. If it’s been a minute since you’ve up-leveled, upgraded, or simply decided more of who you’d like to be, the time is now. Prioritize the energy you’d like to experience more of, and you’ll experience more of life itself.

Suggested spell ingredients: Yellow candles, confidence meditations, dragons, peppermint tea, sex magic or sensual activities, and Many Moons.


3 of Pentacles

It’s still your season, precious Sagittarius, and for that reason alone, this month might feel more like the new year than next month will. The new moon mid-month is an excellent time to pick a few intentions to center and start building upon.

The opportunities for you this month are smaller steps to make larger worlds happen. The Pentacles will help you shape your life, and it’s probably time for a renovation or revamp in some aspect of what you are doing. What you do most often is often what determines your everyday life. So pick a couple of dreamy habits, behaviors, projects, or relationships to focus on and place some your energy there.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are 3 suggestions. Work on one larger project consistently, all month: either every day or a few times a week. Pick one daily habit that will support your physical health. Lastly, put yourself out there more: reach out to new and old friends, showcase your talents frequently, and serve others as best as you can.

Suggested spell ingredients: Sunflower seeds, green opal, rooibos tea, the Pomodoro technique, a fresh journal, fresh starts, and Many Moons.


Queen of Wands

Inspiration is the name of the game this month. You’re chasing it, being it, or probably a mix of both. There’s a life force that courses through you, no matter what mental, physical, or emotional state you are in. Pay attention to it. Listen to it. Embrace it. 

Learning to be coherent and present whether you’re depressed or celebratory, heartbroken or giddy with delight is the biggest lesson this month. You can be all of it and still: be worthy of love, brush and floss, pitch your ideas, and live out your ideals as much as possible. Just because you might be feeling scattered, scared, or less-than, you don’t have to numb out, cancel plans, or deny yourself glimmers of beauty wherever you find them.

Sensual expression, laughter, fun, and friendship can be prioritized and fostered, even amidst the world’s suffering. In fact, these things are non-negotiable in these times. Bear witness and take action. Then do your best to be your best, however you choose to define it.

Suggested spell ingredients: A night being creative, a comedy night, self-pleasure, sunflowers, and Many Moons.


7 of Pentacles

The end of this year coincides with some personal endings. You’re either wrapping a major chapter up (and thus in preparation for a new one), processing a recent rift, or realizing it’s time to end something. Perhaps many somethings. Give yourself endless grace, especially if you aren’t quite sure what’s on the other side of the no, goodbye, resignation, or boundary.

You need evidence to make your next series of decisions, and evidence is only found through conscious action. Make a choice, have the experience, and then you’ll know more. But, you won’t be able to know unless you try.

Make choices so that your future self will thank you more often than not. As much as possible in the micro and macro moments, check in with your future self, see what would make them grateful to you, and move from that place. What you want most fills you with deep fear, which is a sign to move toward that fear and love it. Do not skip this step: it has to shimmer through your body and integrate as you vote yes to bold new challenges.

For more on the power of the 7 of Pentacles, listen to our podcast episode all about this Tarot card.

Suggested spell ingredients: Bibliomancy, self-forgiveness, garden roses in a glass jar, a letter to your Future Self to read this time next year, and Many Moons.


King of Swords

After this year, you know you can stand firmly in your truth. You’ve accessed a sense of clarity around what is yours and what isn’t, and that is a relief. This is a major accomplishment, because you, more than most, can see all sides. You have compassion for all kinds of behavior, which makes you an excellent space-holder for many. Being the best advocate for your own needs and priorities comes less naturally, which makes these recent realizations and boundaries all the more of an achievement.

The lie that most believe is that failures mean that all is lost, no good can come again, and that one mistake makes someone irredeemable and undeserving of compassion. Without stumbles, there could be no knowledge gained: they are signs of growth. Waking up to this—and applying as much compassion to yourself as you do others—has shifted you in fundamental ways.

The wisdom you’ve learned from this process is ready to be shared. It’s time for you to express all the steps and sacrifices that were involved in order for become this most current version. Include the failures and mistakes: they are a crucial aspect of what got you here. It’s all worth its weight in gold.

Suggested spell ingredients: Box breathing, a new class (either created by you or taken by you), wisdom derived from art-making, a rose quartz talisman for self-compassion, high definition views of the Earth, and Many Moons.


*Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting.
Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

These Tarotscopes are not intended as an alternative to medical or psychiatric health services and should not be interpreted or used as such.

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