November 2023 Tarotscopes

November 2023 Tarotscopes

This Chariot year is almost over, and it’s wondering if you created new tools. It wants to know where you innovated, and what wild combinations came together to form unlikely masterpieces. It’s eager to hear about how much more you became yourself, away from scrutiny or pressures to conform. Recount what your favorite tools to initiate change were, and how you stayed in your natural rhythm. Think about where you’ve been: all the travels that brought you back to another understanding, a different song. Ponder where you’d like to go next: deeper into lush forests or farther along the path that leads to firm self-acceptance. The year isn’t over yet: a lot can happen in two months. Remember that paradoxes create quantum leaps.

The theme for November is Radical Departures. There comes a point on one’s journey of healing and self-discovery that one must reconfigure one’s life. Certain parts cannot be compartmentalized, and cannot be kept secret. Part of individuation is no longer masking, code-switching, compartmentalizing, performing, or behaving in ways to fit in: it’s about being brave enough to be yourself at all times. All year, there have been nudges, encouragements, or actual warnings to get off the beaten path and onto your own. Maybe you’ve surprised others with pivots that seem out of the blue but have been burgeoning for a long time. Maybe others have surprised you, and you’ve had to adjust.  If you haven’t already been making major changes in service of the truth of who you are, this could be the month to begin. 

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This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by Gala Mukomolova. Connect with Gala online by clicking here. Read these Tarotscopes for whatever sign you feel called to: your Sun, rising, Moon, or a placement that is particularly loud right now.*

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November Tarotscopes

November 2023 Tarotscopes

Knight of Cups

This month arrives with an exacting energy. It doesn’t matter what you’ve said before, before is gone. Whatever the truth is for you now, let it come into focus and let it be your answer. The Child of the Zodiac, the truth you nurture within your heart is a sacred thing. Not as a symbol of innocence or naïveté but as a seed from which resistance blooms.

In the poem “On Children”, Kahlil Gibran writes that children’s “souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.” The child within you, the resolute dreamer, the one who knows that old ways must give way to new visions: that child needs you now. 

This month, honor the child within you and the truth that the child knows about the future and what is possible within it. Resist the indoctrination of capitalism called adulthood; what you stand to inherit is not always meant for you. It is your task to love in earnest, to act as if you are brave because acting opens the way to being. Look to the Knight of Cups, the one who rides forward with a dream and an empty cup, ready to be filled. Even when the road is dark and the journey is long, your courage will carry you.

Suggested spell: This Sweet Honey in the Rock singing Gibran's poem, could be a good friend to you this month. Do you have an anthem that helps you feel your courageous heart?

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The Tower

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”? It’s not necessarily a phrase people say out loud often, but it’s a common guiding principle. People stay in jobs they hate because there’s no proof the next job will be any better. And, at work, they overextend themselves rather than work through unpredictable conflict. People stay in relationships that keep them stuck in cycles of pain because these cycles are familiar: to leave is to have faith in the unknown. People devote themselves to ways of thinking that reinforce what they’ve been told all their lives, resisting doubt. 

All of us, in one way or another, have been asked to believe that what shelters us also keeps us safe. The Tower reminds us that shelters can be strong but they are not indestructible. Arriving on the heels of The Devil you know, The Tower reminds you that safety is rarely, if ever, worth the price of freedom.

If there is a dam breaking within you Taurus, let that wall give way. If you find yourself unable to compartmentalize—unable to stay within the rigid confines of the life you’ve built—allow those borders to open. What may feel like an opposition or an obstacle at first may later prove to be a source of insight. No matter how much you think you know about a situation, change is inevitable. What if you courted the mystery? What if you walked away from each crumbled Tower on your own terms?

Suggested spells: To strengthen your gut(s), consider making your own fire cider and carrying a piece of carnelian.

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The Moon

Gemini is said to be ruled by Mercury, the messenger god. It would stand to reason that such rulership would attribute quite the gift of gab to Gemini placements—but you and I know that isn’t always so. Amongst the chatterboxes, playful gossips, debaters, and town criers, there exists a different type of Twin Star. The watchful Gemini, the one who observes quietly, the one who studies the language of others in the hopes of uncovering secret meanings.

This month, the Moon is in your court. Under the auspices of her light, you are invited to imagine yourself as one of the quiet ones. A night bloom, let the busyness of the day be of no concern to you. Let yourself open to the quiet rays of the Moon’s intuition, the secrets that reveal themselves like pollinators in the dark.

November promises to be a generative time for you, the way only silence can be generative. A time to listen, collect, learn, and transform. Of course, you’re always welcome to join the conversation, share your mind, and unburden your heart. The days ahead simply prepare you to do so with a sense of clarity and purpose. To help you speak your own truth. To let the truth of others lead you to your own.

Suggested spells: Consider spending time with plants that bloom at night, getting to know them. Datura, Tobacco, Night Blooming Cereus. What is their lore and what is their medicine? Is there a night bloom that could be an ally to you?

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Knight of Pentacles

Sometimes it is essential that our lives become small, that we narrow our days down to the same people, places, and patterns: a routine. Sometimes the big picture is just too big to take in. And, even when you try, the outlook appears foggy like a great big mist. In those times, there is one thing you can count on: your body moving forward slowly but surely into the days ahead. 

Sometimes I think of foggy times as a ride out into Avalon, the fabled place beyond the mists where sacred mysteries are uncovered. These days, the Knight of Pentacles rides with you, disciplined and determined. He is here to remind you that sometimes the most impressive thing you can do is go on. Through suffering, through disorder, through fear, maintaining a routine is a heroic feat. 

In times like these, you may find yourself struggling to trust the process. Give yourself permission to falter in your faith, to be unsure of your final destination. You are allowed to doubt the process and do it anyway. While the month ahead makes no promises, neither does it exact large demands and that is a small blessing. You create the shape of your days, you set the pace, and you work your own way out.

Suggested spells: A daily routine that will support your body. Perhaps you’re the kind of Cancer who gets so much from journalling even for 5 min every evening. Or perhaps you’re keen to try more tech-supports like habit-tracking apps. Let yourself try even if you fear you won’t keep it up.

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The Fool

One of your superpowers, Leo, is that you put your big heart into whatever you do. Whether you're the kind that makes a big show of it, or the kind that quietly shows up with your whole life in your hands—when you’re in you’re all in. Your ardent enthusiasm is a life force for yourself and others: if you’re going to do it why not do it like you mean it?

Of course, the why not reveals itself in time. When the project, or person, or cause you’ve invested so much into flounders, it can feel like a personal failure. When the life you’ve been willing into existence proves itself unsustainable, it may seem as if all your efforts are unsustainable — fruitless. It’s important, when the time comes, to remember that to entrust is also to relinquish. You go all in and then you let go.

What does or doesn’t survive has less to do with who you are and more to do with who you are ready to become. Sometimes you have to decide, with your whole earnest heart, that whatever knowledge you had about the world before, it is of no use to you now. To begin again this way is not to run away or turn your back on what’s transpired. By admitting that whatever you’re facing is beyond you, you become a student of the beyond. You agree that you are willing to learn from every undertaking. That when all else fails, the lesson is the fruit of the effort.

Suggested spell: Imagine yourself in ten years in as much detail as possible. Who do you hope that person is and what are their days like? Record what you’ve imagined. Return to it often.  

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7 of Swords

You already know the dangers of over-committing. What Virgo worth their earth hasn’t said “yes” a bit too many times and lived to regret it? Of course, you follow through, even if it means compromising yourself or something of great value to you. If the pattern holds then that pattern has a reason. (A reason more particular than your Sun sign!) Perhaps, to break that pattern open, it’s time you considered what compels a creature like yourself to take on so much.

This month the 7 of Swords comes forward like a hushed encouragement. It beckons you to put yourself first and carry out only as much as you can. The word betrayal is often attached to this card, and it is cunning. However, the concept of betrayal is not straightforward. It hangs on invisible hooks like loyalty and obligation. 

These unspoken expectations take the place of earnest contracts, contextual understanding, and situational compassion. Noble on the surface, they are a transactional relationship to love and community-building and everyone pays a price. If you want to experience a true shift, you’ll have to investigate your own relationship to betrayal, to obligation, to the hooks you keep putting yourself (and others) on. To put yourself first, you’ll have to get clear on what you believe you owe others and what you believe others owe you.

Suggested spell: Sometimes an earthly creature needs a grounding reminder. Consider keeping six small acorns or simple stones in your pocket. Touch them throughout the day, memorize their weight and shape.

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2 of Swords

Dog guardians are often encouraged to give their dogs mental exercise, especially on days when physical exercise proves inaccessible. For one thing, we know that mental exercise can provide dogs with a certain amount of necessary exertion. For another, we know that dogs gain confidence and pleasure from learning something new. 

It’s reasonable to assume that humans are not so different. That all creatures crave a certain amount of mental exercise. Of course, humans are far more likely to facilitate their own mental exertions. Sometimes, we do this when the quiet is uncomfortable. When there’s something off about our days we can’t quite put our fingers on. 

Or, conversely, when what’s off about our days feels inescapable—when our unease reaches a kind of dull thrum and becomes banal, a backdrop. Then we might find ourselves–consciously or unconsciously–practicing mental gymnastics. Libra, if this month you find that your mind is racing, do your best to notice how often that race is a circular track. As a rule of thumb, if it doesn’t lead to feelings of peace, clarity, or satisfaction, it’s a thought loop that’s of no use to you.

Suggested spells: Instead of getting tangled in interpersonal chess, consider playing chess for real! Or, perhaps there’s a different strategy game you could see yourself devoting a little bit of time to?

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Page of Cups

In times of war, people often feel powerless. The war machine is big and the gods of war are ancient gods. When people feel powerless, they can start to doubt that anything they create has value—especially if what they create does not directly alleviate the suffering they witness. So, sometimes, people create less, sing less, and make themselves small. Lest they take up too much space, or the wrong kind of space, or any space that might be better used by someone else.

This sort of silence, while well-intentioned, only serves to further suffering. It furthers the suffering of those of us who shrink ourselves and it furthers the sufferings of those who hunger for the expression of others.

In times of war, of great suffering, try to remember that beauty is a remedy–not a distraction. Think of the poets whose words buoyed the resistance, the paintings that remain as a testament to the darkest times. Think of June Jordan and Mahmoud Darwish. Think of the work that helps you believe in a more loving future — even if it is work that seems to speak only of trees or the vibrancy of colors. There is always space for work like that, there is always space to imagine more.

Suggested spells: To feed your spirit, here is a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye. Consider sharing it with three good friends. Consider learning the recipe for maamoul

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Page of Swords

For years, I’ve carried a dog-eared copy of Thich Nhat Hanh's Calming The Fearful Mind with me. I’ve carried it through the Bush years, the war escalations, and the presidents who followed his lead. “The military doesn’t know where terrorism is,” he wrote in 2005. “They cannot locate terrorism–it is in the heart. The more military force you use, the more terrorists you create, in your own country and in other countries as well.”

The book itself is more than just a meditation on the so-called war on terror. It is a meditation on the way militaristic/capitalist ideologies have infiltrated the way we live our lives and build communities with each other. It’s an invitation to live differently, mindfully, with compassion and presence. Meditation in its many forms, is such a gift. You only really need yourself to do it.

While you are welcome to read it too, you are by no means required to. Rather, I invite you to look for (or return to) a practice that helps you feel present for yourself and others. A practice that can offer you a way to live through this contemporary moment and help others live through it with you.

Suggested spells: If you are open to it, consider joining a sangha virtually or in person near you. There are beautiful projects like Loving Kindness Meditation For Oppressive Experiences, or, pick up a copy of Calming The Fearful Mind.

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The High Priestess


Around this time of year, people like to look at each other meaningfully and say the veil is thin. Often, this implies that the barrier between the spirit world and the world of the living has somehow become more permeable. Of course, such a concept relies on the idea that there is such a thing as a spirit world. And, that there’s such a thing as a barrier. 

There are other kinds of veils too, as there are other kinds of hauntings. There is the presence of a beloved from a long time ago. A smell from childhood, a memory that rises up on a wave of grief or longing. These types of hauntings trouble our concept of time, and our ability to leave the past in the past.

Keeper of time, you travel the time-space continuum. You know that the spirit world IS the living world. What grows thin is your ability to tune out what is always all around you. If your veil grows tattered, Capricorn, consider whether it's a veil you need. Perhaps the effort of tending to this veil, of believing in it, is more taxing than what it's meant to occlude. Consider what a relief it might be to let what haunts you do its work. 

Suggested spell: Create your own veil. Consider a transitional object, ideally a silky scarf. Wear it around your neck or like a kerchief over your head. Tie it around your shoulders or your waist. Flounce it in the air and let it fall onto your face. Keep it close and let it comfort you.

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10 of Wands 

There are a lot of things uncertain about the future and our place in it. But, one thing is clear: whatever it is you are working and building toward, you cannot do it alone. Of course, some part of you knows this. Some part of you has been regarded as community-focused and collaborative. Some part of you loves to be in dialogue, loves to bring multiple perspectives to a creative project, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and energies. That is not the part I’m speaking to.

I’m speaking to the part of you that works overtime while the social self makes its rounds. The part of you that agrees to spend time with someone who keeps breaking your heart because you care about them. The part that is carrying all the heavy wands to the coven gathering by themself and it's totally chill because, like, you’ve done it before. That part of you that needs to learn that just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Aquarius, don’t waste your energy proving your emotional or physical strength to anyone, not even to yourself. It’ll only make you tired and resentful. It will only make you feel incredibly alone. We can all agree that your strength is renowned and your mettle is beyond reproach. Let’s agree that having nothing more to prove, you can make it easier on yourself and allow others to show up for you. And, in doing so, give others the pleasure of sharing their strength with you.

Suggested spell: Call in a dear one by thinking of them, drinking something they like to drink, wearing an item they might have left behind. Spend time with them this way and then tell them you did so after. Let them know why you chose them and how it felt.

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2 of Pentacles

Like many queer runaways, the first Pisces I dated was a street performer. At house parties, she’d gladly show off, spinning balls lit on fire, and juggling pins and household items. There was an ease and grace to her work — an agreement that her body and her materials made a long time ago. To anticipate and to respond. If you’ve ever seen such a performance, you’ve probably walked away with an idea about what juggling is and how it might work. Personally, there’s always been a little mystery in it for me.

Despite our ability to break something down into steps and parts, it’s not always in our best interest to claim that we know all there is to know about what we are witnessing. Or, what we are doing. Occasionally, it is in our best interest to marvel, to let magic take the place of mechanics.

You are no stranger to magic and marveling, especially when it comes to the work of others. This invitation is a little more personal and a little more mundane. It’s an invitation to marvel a little more at the mechanics of your own life. You’ve worried about balance enough, about keeping things up in the air, about never dropping the ball. What if you traded your worry for fascination: Appointments, deadlines, friends, and phone calls, notice them in the air: both weighty and weightless. How does your body respond to catching each one? Releasing it? How much of this is rote and how much of it is conscious? Is your body at ease or is it ready for a new agreement?

Suggested spell: If you’ve already tried juggling all of life’s responsibilities and demands, why not try juggling a few apples or other such items? Let the practice inform how you approach juggling of all kinds.

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Gala Mukomolova is a Moscow-born, Brooklyn-raised, poet and essayist. Her full length book, Without Protection, is available through Coffee House Press. Known for her past astrology work with NYLON and Refinery29 , Gala now offers tarot readings through, a directory she cofounded. Gala also co-hosts Big Dyke Energy Podcast and is a part of The Cheburashka Collective.


*Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting.
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