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Labradorite Palm Stone For Channeling & Scrying

Labradorite Palm Stone For Channeling & Scrying

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Kaleidoscopic in color, labradorite is the Void’s crystal—this stone will aid you in communing with your intuition and guides, and will help enhance your intrinsic magic. Are you in a Dark Moon phase? A Tower or Death year? Let labradorite ground and anchor you as you accept all in order to heal. Especially good for scrying; get ready to spot synchronicities and attune to the innate magic of the collective with labradorite in the palm of your hand.

Energetic Properties & Uses of labradorite crystal: protection, astral travel and projection, channeling, communication with guides and spirits, anchoring and grounding through a Dark Moon phase/dark night of the soul, enhancement of psychic abilities, awareness, timeline jumping, supports all magical practices and divination.

Some labradorite affirmations are: 

  • I can see into the future and the future can see into me.
  • I embrace the holographic magic of the Void.
  • The mystery is my friend.

Mineral Background: Feldspar
Origin: sourced from Madagascar
Suggested Care: Can get wet. 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

Please note
: crystals will vary slightly in size and appearance from those photographed as they are all one-of-a-kind. The Moon Studio's labradorite is approximately 2”x2.5” and weighs approximately 4oz. Each crystal is chosen especially for you: we cannot accept requests for specific stones and what you receive may differ from the crystals shown. Please shop responsibly! 

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