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Timeline Jumping Online Workshop Download

Timeline Jumping Online Workshop Download

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It’s time to quantum leap into your future and the next version of yourself!
Sarah Faith Gottesdiener's Timeline Jumping Online Workshop will help you do just that.

When we jump timelines, we create a reality that is independent of the past: we go beyond linear time. We create a future based on our visions and our soul — not in response or reaction to current or past circumstances. A metaphor and a holistic blueprint for up-leveling your life through practical, magical, and somatic exercises — timeline jumping can change your life.

This online workshop will help you visualize and enact the next version of your life. Through meditation, reflection, inquiry, and release, you’ll be guided through a process that creates change internally and externally. In this online workshop download, you will learn what timeline jumping is, how to identify and create the timeline you want to live in, and how to timeline jump into the bright, beautiful reality you deserve. The process is broken down for you, step-by-step, and made easy.

In this workshop digital download, you will receive:

  • A 48-minute audio lecture that introduces and expands upon the concept of timeline jumping, discusses all the ways in which it can change your life by growing and healing your relationship with time and with the self. Sarah also discusses some New Age myths and talks about what true magic and transformation require, and resemble.
  • 24-pages of PDF worksheets with exclusive content to facilitate your timeline jump, and heal your relationship to time. There is a Quantum Leap Tarot spread, journaling prompts, and step-by-step instructions for how to move forward. 
  • A Dream Embodiment meditation, to help you visualize and embody your next chapter, to prepare you for your Timeline Jump.
  • A Timeline Jump meditation ritual, designed to help you cut cords with the past, and leap onto your next, most aligned timeline.

If you have any questions about this digital download, please email the studio! You can also listen to the Moonbeaming podcast episode on timeline jumping, as well as download the August Guide, which discusses timeline jumping in the context of the August 2022 Full Moon in Aquarius.

By purchasing this workshop download, you are confirming you are of sound spirit and mind. You understand that what you put into this self-directed study is what you get out of it. You take responsibility for any results that take place as a result of your investment.

By purchasing this workshop download, you acknowledge that the Moon Studio is not responsible for any technical difficulties that could potentially occur while downloading your purchase to your device.

There are no refunds on any Moon Studio products, including digital downloads.
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