222 Ways to Collaborate with the Lovers Archetype

Lovers Year 2022 Meaning | 222 Ways to Collaborate with the Lovers Archetype by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

The Lovers is the 2022 Tarot Card of the Year; 2022 is a 6 year (2+0+2+2=6) and in the Tarot, there are different archetypes that correlate to the number 6. In the Major Arcana, that archetype is The Lovers. In the Minor Arcana, the energies and lessons of the 6s will be highlighted and heightened in 2022. Themes of this year include action, choice, relationships, rebalance, creativity, embracing paradox, ending duality, and more. (You can hear them all on my podcast, Moonbeaming.) 

You may already be feeling and seeing the themes of the Lovers Tarot archetype take form and permeate your life and in the collective. This year, we are being asked to make our choices from the heart. We are being asked to break away from our conditioning, take risks, and reconnect to our gifts and brilliance unabashedly.

How can you collaborate with the potent energies of this archetype? How can you embrace, embody, and harmonize with the themes of this year's Tarot Card of the Year? To help you wherever you are in your Lovers journey, I've created magical and practical suggestions, prompts, ritual ideas, suggested reading, and many more unique ways to work with the energies, shadows, and wisdom of the Lovers archetype—222 of them to be exact. This abundant tool will help you define what the 2022 Lovers Year means for you and how to make the most of its themes. 

To begin...

1. Create your own definitions of what love is.
2. Define what actions are loving to you.
3. Fold #1 and #2 into your days as much as possible.
4. At least once a day, look at yourself in the mirror, and whisper “I love you.”
5. Define what a self-worship practice looks like: try it for a while.
6. Draw, paint, write, collage, or sing your own version of the Lovers card.


To download the remaining 216 ways to collaborate with the Lovers archetype, click here! To download & embrace all of the magic of the Lovers, including my 222 Ways to Collaborate with the Lovers Archetype offering, click here.