April 2021 Tarotscopes

April 2021 Tarotscopes

April continues the start of the Zodiacal new year. This time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere resonates with fresh starts and tender, fragile buds. Protect whoever it is you are becoming. For the second half of the month, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are in Taurus. This brings us grounded, sensuous, and stable energy around our values, what we love, and how we communicate that. Other themes of the month are: reclaiming ourselves, inner child work, protecting your desires, and growth.

One can’t solve a problem in that same energy of that problem. April asks us to stretch out of our ruminations and into movement and experimentation. The realizations need implementing in some tangible way in order to experience results.

The thawing out process so many of us are on continues.
As the world continues to open up, so can you.

The Tarotscopes below were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for it. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended. 

8 of Pentacles

The greatest rewards of this month will be found through the efforts you put towards tangible pursuits. It is a month to focus on the external: what you see each day, the various postures your body makes, what you feed yourself. Savings accounts, education, creative projects, and home decoration may also fit into your plans. Aligned actions meet fast results. Stay in a zone of compassion than usual and meet missteps and missed bullseyes with curiosity, not self-blame. Course corrections are all just a part of the process.

For all of you Aries thinking about vocation, answers will come with focus and simplicity. Dig into certain projects enough to get your hands dirty. Try different iterations. Approach one plan through a variety of perspectives. When you go beyond certain outmoded expectations, you rise above the limits that were set in less generous moments. Brainstorm a little longer. Push a little more. Try one more round.

This month is all about transformation through practical, strategic external moves. Pick who or what you will be an apprentice of and commit. Is it the earth? Your ancestry? A favorite author? A certain skill or practice? Fulfillment can be found in the sacredness of repetition. The mundane holds the magic.

Suggested spell ingredients:
clay, mud, talismans, messages that the trees and passages from your favorite book give you, oat straw infusions, and smoky quartz.

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8 of Wands

You’ve outgrown some of your former driving motivations, Taurus. That could leave you feeling a little unmoored and dejected this month—you do love a strong north star. Try to see this as a reason to celebrate. There was a time when you wanted what you had now. One arrival signals another upcoming departure. You’ve caught up to yourself, just in time for your Zodiacal season later this month. Now it’s time to formulate different motivations: ones that are as bone-deep as they are sky-high. 

You’ll figure this out by having conversations with people who are invested in your growth. Take a chance and message that friend of a friend, that colleague you’ve always admired. You’ll gain clarity by trying a multitude of activities that pique your interest. You’ll do this by pulling out all the golden threads in your life you have yet to follow and wrapping them around your wrist.

Your desires are becoming much more spiritual, much more sweeping, more complex. The more you transcend some of the more stubborn, or *cough* petty reasons that hinder certain things you do, the more space will be cleared out. Within that space is where your particular genius, and next transformation will blossom from the inside out.

Suggested spell ingredients: lemon citrine, networking, cinnamon, divinations found in the smoke that comes off your incense every morning, and decluttering.

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When light blends with dark, we get to experience a liminal space that often contains our liberation. There is a heightened, subtle zone you are in this month: you are in-between one ending and another beginning. Within this blending process, more than just new chapters are being written. This is a process of examining your core beliefs and purpose that will facilitate a kind of soul retrieval. Energies and parts of you that have been dormant for some time are waking up. They may feel wild, non-linear, or particular: give them what they need.

In order for everything to eventually come together in a way that will make sense, you have to let nothing make sense. Resurrection is an intense process.

Sunsets and sunrises are the times of the day that most mirror your state right now. If you can, take some time this month as night fades into day, or day into night, to meditate, reflect, and put words to the rebirth you are creating when you decide to awaken fully to your sovereignty.

Suggested spell ingredients: Chamomile tea, a protective prayer from your lineage that you recite each morning, an altar filled with photos of your child self and images that represent your future self, moss agate, and compassion.

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4 of Swords

You are brilliant. Do not doubt this. So long as you are more full of your authentic self than you are of anyone else, you are completely enough. This is the month to get out of your own way. This starts with the core thoughts and beliefs you hold about what you are capable of. It extends into how you sometimes second-guess yourself. It solidifies with your fear that with increased visibility comes more misunderstandings. The time for clinging to this pattern is over. The time to trust yourself unconditionally is now.

In Buddhism and mindfulness circles, much has been spoken about the sacred pause. It is that space, the space between an unconscious habit and an unconscious action, where change begins. Little by little, in the quiet, still moments is the different awareness, the different thought, the different action. It is in the almost imperceptible where your energy can shift the most.

Forgive yourself for all the years you were trying to meet the standards of those who never cared about you. Forgive yourself for trying to be someone else so that you could stay safe from harm that still came anyway. Forgive your past self for thinking that you always had to be the sacrifice. Forgive yourself for being the most skillful protector, the most giving caretaker to everyone but yourself. Call your energy back, Moonchild. Listen to your truth until it becomes your new armor.

Suggested spell ingredients: a meditation practice, daily affirmations, mental boundaries, clear quartz, monkey flower tincture, and a bouquet of daffodils to honor your delicate beauty.

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The Devil

Your mission, this month, if you choose to accept it, is to get rid of dead weight. Ditch the guilt that accompanies fun. Especially when you “shouldn’t be having it”: at work, alone, or doing some random chore or spreadsheet. Those times when you feel oddly embarrassed that others know how fantastic you are doing have come to an end. Lose the shame that lingers when you feel a little off and can’t deliver your usual, high voltage energy publicly.

Judging yourself mimics some past treatment that got embedded somewhere. It upholds a relationship with yourself that is transactional. The origin of this stems from a few sources: other people being threatened by you, or trying to control you try to tamp down innocent wildness. It isn’t personal, but can be interpreted that way. This is also most likely ancestral. In this life, you are safe to heal through joy.

The words joy and pleasure have been on everyone’s lips these days. For a lot of you Leos, that is going to include a practice of ease. Being easier on yourself. Simplifying. Let yourself be excited by an influx of cash, someone who wants to help you, inspiration, or adoration. If you’ve been down, grieving, or otherwise compromised, this month is a permission slip to make pleasure a practice. That will summon the sunshine.

Suggested spell ingredients: moonstone, a bath filled with dried agrimony and hyssop, morning dance routines, I'll Never Write My Memoirs by Grace Jones, and dessert with dinner at least once a week.

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4 of Cups

Unconditional love is stable love. It requires growth, flexibility, and trust. With trust comes the understanding that there will moments of lack of control that only ever require kindness. Stability inside of intimacy is what you’ve yearned for, and this month is all about receiving it. Foster it in your creative projects and deepest beloveds. Give it generously to yourself. Over time, the results of an unconditional love practice will be revelatory. The sooner this starts, the better.

Now, onto the practicalities of April. There will be some information disguised as tension. You’ll have enough on your plate to keep you more than occupied, but inspirations and opportunities will flow in tantalizingly. Most likely, you won’t be able to attend to all of those shiny objects, which could create frustration. Or, if you do decide to take them on, you’ll have to contend with a different type of frustration: overwork, or time constraints affecting their quality. Remember that everything as a message. 

Ultimately, this month is asking you to redefine contentment and open yourself up to attending to the funnest things first. There’s no more time to settle. This is about welcoming a rich and varied life that affords you exciting emotional experiences. What is flooding in that you are finally finished with? What desires appear to be just out of reach? Chances are, with more “no’s” in some areas, those dreams off in the distance will finally flow closer.

Suggested spell ingredients: abstaining from one thing that gets your nervous system deregulated (whether that be sugar, caffeine, social media, or a particular person), rosemary foot baths, white labradorite, and an artistic offering to your most inspirational love: bonus points if it is you.

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3 of Wands

It’s not that you necessarily dislike everything you are doing right now, Lovely Libra, it’s that certain areas of your life need a refresh. Do you want to do something altogether different, or is that some things need to be done differently? There is at least one project, behavior, person, or place your energy and attention gets tied up with that needs to end. If you can’t end it immediately, set a date to do so and engage with this completely differently in the meantime. At the heart of all this is a readiness to expand in some exciting way that is linked to a soul siren and a passion song. This is creation on another level.

Deeper zones beckon.

Once in a while, we are offered opportunities to pivot into a different timeline. Think of it as a fresh start to move forward into, unencumbered by the past. But first, you have to alter your baseline energetic setting. Turn worry into calm. Transform self-doubt into trust. Make at least one radical decision and one solid departure. Stay in that baseline energy as much as possible. April is a portal. Use it wisely.

Suggested spell ingredients: sunflower seeds, blue vervain, fun daytime excursions, gold, trance meditations, and aimless walks at golden hour.

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5 of Swords

When you say a prayer, do you also leave offerings to that which you are praying to? When you state an intention, are you also clear about the behaviors that must shift on a fundamental level in order to honor your wishes? April is going to highlight particular transactional relationships in your life, including the ways you bypass or doubt yourself. You don’t have to heal from being human. As you navigate through the waves, let compassion be your constant companion

Know when you are being used, and how. Understand the nature of larger operations. This isn’t merely in the realm of clingers or emotional manipulators, though certain acknowledgments of that this month will help you make certain decisions. Be certain about how Source wants to use you each day. Identity which gifts, talents, and abilities must be prioritized. After all, you are but a vessel for your soul. 

If parts of your vocation, finances, and intimate relationships feel murky, seek clarity. Have those long-overdue conversations. What you don’t say is as important as what you do. Throughout this process, remember that how you respond is completely your choice. The rewards of engaging in this uncomfortable work this month will be huge. You are creating new narratives and beliefs around your fundamental self-worth. You deserve nothing less than to be connected to sparkling truth and steadfast trust.

Suggested spell ingredients: fluorite, purple aster, sound baths, box breathing, salary or hourly negotiations, self-care negotiations, and honesty as a top priority.

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Queen of Pentacles

Opportunities will burst forth as you solidify the connection between what you love and the natural talents you possess. In the middle of this equation is your precious body. What it needs, how it feels, and what it wants. Considering your body is key, as this is where your intuition resides. You don’t have to go outside of yourself for answers right now. Each answer flows through your veins. Trust your gut.

This is especially important in April, because so much of the month will be preoccupied with the spaces your body occupies: what you do with your time, vocation, health, communities, self-care, schedules and routines will all influence what comes next. Layered on top of that are the pursuits of ownership and abundance. Decide who owns your time. If that isn’t always you, how can you insert more freedom into those moments? Make space for your physical needs. Figure out how your schedule can support an overall sense of abundance.

This could feel like a lot, so start small. Your body is a pendulum. Prioritize nurturing your talents. Connect to all that you love, more. All month long, it is your being-ness that is most important, not your doing-ness. Progress is experienced through embodiment.

Suggested spell ingredients: nettles, Nina Simone on repeat, a book about nature, rose quartz, sunstone, black biodegradable glitter, and rose hips.

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King of Wands

Gratitude for all that is, and grief for all that was not, have been humming in the foreground and background of your days. It hasn’t been a party, but it has felt meaningful. The fragility of everything is once heartbreaking and heart-shaping. The resilience of humanity is inspiring and motivating. So what to do about it all?

Ruminating is not the same as taking action. Let this month play out a little lighter, Sea Goat. No one knows more than you how important levity is. Not everything is yours to fix. So many look to you for cues, clues, and answers that you’ve been hardwired from a young age to act with maturity. That wisdom has guided you and others well, but now is the time to embrace more childlike qualities.

Belonging irrefutably, unequivocally to the world and your life is your task now. Find out all the ways you can belong solely to yourself this month. The more you can accept and express all the quirks and uniqueness you possess, the deeper all your relationships will be. No more compartmentalizing certain aspects and facets of yourself. Seek out chances to build a rapport with innocent vulnerability. Intimacy arrives through curiosity and play. Find your place within what lights you up.

Suggested spell ingredients: aquamarine, strawberry leaf tea, unchoreographed dances to disco playlists, a week spent wearing neon, and a journal of symbols that reoccur through this season of change.

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6 of Cups

It is difficult to revisit childhoods that were challenging, but much of the wounds we carry into our adulthood can be found there. At least one core-wound you’ve been nursing is ready to be healed this month. This process will be non-linear: a dance of receiving, allowing, and offering. Awareness is the first step. Belief that you can heal is needed. And then, in no particular order: forgiveness, different responses, and reframes.

Shame and guilt is not healed by more of the same. Sweetness is something to be cultivated. We don’t always have to go back into the wound to heal. Sometimes, the answer is to simply dig our own garden. Tending to healthy roots in replenishing soil, and watching with wonder all that grows is enough to break the curses of abandonment, loneliness, and heartbreak. Don’t forget to share all your beautiful flowers with everyone in your life. Remember, they were younger once too.

You are the parent to your own inner child now. You get to give yourself what you need, exactly how you need it. You get to offer up the precious pieces of yourself without fear that they will be mishandled. Attune towards hope. Quench your own thirst. Hydrate your heart. There is more than enough for you. This month, can you finally believe that?

Suggested spell ingredients: A forgiveness ritual, a new plant for your space, rose quartz, motherwort tea, honey, and time spent doing the things you always wanted to do as a child.

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The Wheel of Fortune

This is a big month for you, Cosmic Cutie. There were some strong messages that came through for you during your birthday season. The things that need to be shifted cannot be ignored any longer. This is the time to turn the wheel of your destiny once more. You’ve had many lives so far in this one, now you are pivoting into your next chapter.

Do not take bumpy rides or slow starts as proof that you can’t have what you need. Suspend needing to know exact outcomes when you can. Humans were trained to recognize patterns as part of their survival. This is an excellent time to attend to any hypervigilance-tendencies that undermine your ultimate intentions. Train yourself to recognize all the gorgeous gifts your life holds. One thing not going as planned is not permission to view everything through that lens.

Whenever you feel unsure, symbols will act as guideposts. The mysterious, the uncanny, the unknown are all a part of the process. As long as you are in your center, you are in the right place. So long as your non-negotiables and boundaries are in place, the divine continues to flow through you. There is no such thing as failure when intentions are clear, hearts are open, and the universe continues to speak. Suspend projections as much as possible. Keep going.

Suggested spell ingredients: candlestick holders on either side of symbols that ground you, lemon balm, ranunculus bouquets, Lucile Clifton’s poetry, and a morning spent creating a future heirloom.

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