April 2022 Tarotscopes

April 2022 Tarotscopes

April softens us up and gets us going. The lead-up to Eclipse season always will! The New Moon at the tail end of the month ushers in our first Eclipse portal of 2022. The themes of The Lovers archetype will be on full display by now: see if any have made their way into your life. Notice what is happening in popular culture and in the collective around relationships, innovation, nuance, movements, intimacy, choice, and creativity.

The theme of the month is Nothing to Lose.

Take risks, take chances. Before we take risks, our minds tell us something bad could happen, that all could fall away if we try. This is false. Your mind wants to keep you safe. It operates from the past: from those times when you stumbled and the pain felt unbearable. But you are here, now, alive, and ready to try. There is no such thing as failure in the way you think there is. This month, write down all you have been scared to try doing, experiencing, risking. Then write down what your fear is. Are those fears real? Maybe. If they are in a way that your survival or health will be threatened, then reassess. But being judged by strangers, being bad at what you are trying, or being too old or not rich enough, or any other fears of that nature that float up don’t have to be believed. Try something different. Advocate for yourself like you needed your parents, or teachers, or friends to do. Try fun, erotic, and life-affirming activities. Try to embrace your desires and natural strengths and move them to the next chapter. You’ve got nothing to lose.

—Excerpt from the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner. Buy your copy here, or get the April Guide here.

This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. If your Tarotscope doesn’t resonate now, you may want to go back at the mid-point or end of the month to re-read.

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended. These Tarotscopes are not intended as an alternative to medical or psychiatric health services.


April 2022 Tarotscopes 


2 of Pentacles

April will highlight more awareness around a big life choice you must decide upon by June. Everything is connected; an issue in a particular area of your life is reverberating in others. It’s been popping up in the realms of health, body, habits, rituals, and routines, or how you make a living. These are a broad range of themes, but the Pentacles *are* all about the overall shape of your life. Material forms, habits and behaviors, routines, money, the magic in the mundane, and your greater purpose all create that shape. They all intersect and are in dialogue with one another. Are you listening? 

This month, you won’t be able to avoid the reminder that you are in fact a body inside of a spirit, and that precious body needs tending to. Whether it’s chronically ill, exhausted, in pain, or a different size: your body is not your enemy, it is you, and you are sacred. Your body deserves love and safety no matter what. Make friends with your physical self, adorn it, adore it, and watch the pleasurable revelations ensue. 

Get practical: overhaul daily habits, rituals, practices, meals, and how you approach ALL the jobs you have. How you spend your time is how you spend your life energy: does it reflect how sacred you are? Make small changes every week, and wait for some big breakthroughs as a result.

Suggested spell ingredients: Time trackers, ocean jasper, planners & guides & to-do lists, nettle leaf tea, and 5-minute movement practice you commit to every day this month.

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Ace of Swords, Reversed

Mid-April kicks off your season, and this year it could not come soon enough. A new life is aching to be conceived, and you’ve finally gathered enough courage, insight, and energy to move forward with materializing it. Before moving full-steam ahead, use the first part of the month for reflection and strategy. Figure out how you will stay the course over this longer process, and make a promise to not get too comfortable. Comfort is your best friend and your greatest enemy.

Comfort isn’t only linen sheets and high-end skincare. When you feel comfortable in your skin is when you move mountains. When you commit to your zone of genius is when you inspire the world around you. When you feel free—which requires security, a plan, and an original vision—the Universe can’t refuse your offerings. But comfort also holds you back: it can look like compromise instead of self-advocacy. The fear of change can grow into self-sabotage that then evolves into stagnancy.

You’ve changed on a fundamental level. Identity is to be embodied and experienced, it isn’t a destination to rush to. Give your dreams and visions a chance to catch up to who you are ready to be. There are moves to be made that require risk and discomfort. Turn towards that which stretches you, that which affirms new levels of self-expression. It’s the only way to shatter self-perceptions that have been holding you back.

Suggested spell ingredients: Solo garden dates, star rose quartz, baths and/or meditations, neroli oil, and exercises that literally turn you upside-down (cartwheels, somersaults, handstands, or Downward-Facing Dog poses).

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10 of Swords, Reversed

April is here, and with it at least one major ending. From the outside, things look sunny and strong. Growth is evident. Internally though, there’s some turmoil. While the sun stretches out wider on the horizon, your outlook narrows. There’s a focus on what you are no longer willing to put up with or keep repeating. There’s a pull towards minimizing needless suffering. That prompts an examination into how you get hooked emotionally, and how that distracts you. Too many expectations placed on too many things that are out of your control is a recipe for hurt.

You can only break your own heart so many times, Gem.

The process will be an internal one; it must start from the inside, out. This month, tried and true coping mechanisms or familiar support systems might not be available, or might not satiate in the same ways. Your process must include deep dives into the reflection zone. There are answers where you haven’t yet ventured. Neuroscience, the nervous system, mental models, and alternative forms of meditation are all areas of study that could help. When in doubt, get out of your head altogether. Inner peace is required—choppy seas require anchors. Boatloads of patience and buckets of self-compassion in practice will hold you. Yes, you can trust that not only will good things will keep coming, but they will stay and flourish.

Suggested spell ingredients: Selenite, sprigs of dried lavender, a meditation on clouds and all their forms, chamomile tea, and time spent listening to the songs you loved from adolescence to help you remember where your heart started to grow. 

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The High Priestess

It’s time to come back home, Cancer. Home to the core of your intuition, home to how you operate with the greatest ease, and home to what you need in order to feel your best. April is all about discovering and uncovering the answers hidden underneath the rubble of a fallen dream or two. Yes, times have been tough— heal at whatever pace you need. However, 2022 is about do-overs; use both your formidable strength and wisdom to bring forth that inner gold. Just because something didn’t work out the first time, doesn’t mean another version can’t light up your heart like a Roman candle.

Spring is for resets and renewals: clear, declutter, go within. Work smarter, not harder: use your intuition to save time and effort. This will allow you to resuscitate all those big dreams that have been waiting in the wings for lifetimes. As long as you can still feel them, they still exist.

Remind yourself, through action, that you are your own best friend. Every year, you remove more barriers that get in the way of fully accepting and loving yourself no matter what. All the work you’ve done around not abandoning yourself, healing wounds, and not losing yourself in emotions or resentment, has now paid off. Continue to focus on yourself first, and trust in divine timing.

Suggested spell ingredients: Past life regressions, hypnosis, sparkler candles, moonflower, blue vervain, and labradorite.

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Death, Reversed

Failure was invented by some authority as a brilliant tactic to keep us scared, separate, and ashamed. Like all impulses fueled by shame and fear, it grows in silence but dissipates in connection.

These themes come up this month because this is a prime time to shake off any lingering illusions that keep you from stretching out into your life completely. In order to do that, you need friendships, support, and the ability to receive kindness after brave, vulnerable shares. Foster faith, too—just because something hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t ever. Approach an old problem in a new way for different results.

Often, it is how well we tolerate discomfort that determines how successful we will be. For you, some of that discomfort could be around rewiring some beliefs about ease and abundance, trust and visibility. Redefine success for yourself so that failure no longer exists. Or, replace “failing” with “learning” for April, and see what happens. All month long, remember this Toni Morrison quote: “Anything dead coming back to life hurts.” Through the waves of exquisite discomfort, keep coming back to life.

Suggested spell ingredients: Black tourmaline, sweet orange and lemon balm oils, love letters and poems you write to yourself, patience: for you and your loved ones, and a sunset walk at least one night a week this month to encourage new paths and slower steps. 

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7 of Pentacles

April is a victory lap for you, Virgo! But it may not totally feel like it at first. There will be some pile-ups—of work, frustrations, and perhaps some health stuff. These are all red herrings, distracting you from engagement with and enjoyment of the bigger picture. The truth is, you’ve made a lot of headway over the first third of the year, in spite of a pandemic, some major curveballs, and well, having to deal with other people’s problems a little too often. It’s been a lot, and you’ve been tried and tested a lot in ways not many can understand. You’ve done a lot, so why does it feel like so little?

In part, it’s that general grief and exhaustion tax hanging over you like a cloak of grey clouds. If you need to get professional help, if you need to practice compassion or rest or invest in whatever will bolster your mental health, start there. In part, it’s the crisis of success: some subconscious part of you is afraid to pivot because there’s been so much abundance doing one thing in one way. The new set of problems that accompany great new heights is not always the thrill one has been promised. 

But mostly, it’s because you’ve outgrown your life in some major ways. What you wanted 5 years ago—which led you to the present moment—isn’t what you want now. It’s more than ok to change course. Start sorting what you can wrap up, what you still want to do, and what needs to end as soon as possible. Infuse some celebration into each day to honor how far you’ve come. You made it. You made that. And you’ve only just begun.

Suggested spell ingredients: Serpentine, earthing meditations to listen to you while you walk, the oil or scent of blackberry, sage tea, and circular breaths for 2 minutes at a time 3 times a day. 

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The theme of denial may surface this month, Lovely Libra. What you are denying yourself, what others have denied you, and what this denial represents form cosmic breadcrumbs to follow to the next stage of healing.

Much of this is linked to your inner protector: some call it the shadow, some the ego, some call it the inner child. Labels don’t matter, but language does: with words, locate the precious part of you that was so special you needed to keep it safe, to hide it away. This act was a type of care that eventually turned to shame. Now is the time to give yourself what you needed when you were too young to know how to ask for it. Now is the time to forgive, and alchemize lost years into amazing momentum. 

Do whatever you can to connect to the precious and tender parts of yourself. Whether they are hiding in the dark woods, or under the bed, hold their hand until they feel safe to share. Make art from that place, communicate from that place, over and over, until the shame turns back into love. Let yourself speak out, make mistakes, show off your gifts. You deeply need it, and so does the world.

Suggested spell ingredients: I Am Both/And Online Workshop with Ev'Yan Whitney, meditations on the colors yellow, red, and orange, peppermint tea before bed, restorative spent in Child’s Pose for the next 7 days, and an hour spent researching and trying EFT tapping.

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The Sun, Reversed

Warnings come in many forms, Sweet Scorpio. First as a whisper, then a slightly sour sensation in the belly. Over time, the whisper becomes a clear command, and a small physical sensation becomes a bedridden soul. The ask of this Equinox month is to pay attention to signals imploring you do not pass go, to please turn a different way. If a particular nudge to pause, to back away, or not engage, comes up this month: obey it. There are some things you might not be able to see, but might be able to perceive with those extra senses.

This month, earnings come in different forms for you too. What you earn when you walk away, what you gain when you pull your energy back from dead-end exchanges. What opens up when self-respect and dignity are prioritized over short-term popularity and cheap thrills. A no is also a yes. Be intentional and careful with both.

In April, don’t spread yourself too thin. Don’t say yes to one more long-term project or one more conversation you don’t want to have. Part of your spiritual curriculum right now is focused on growth—not as loud flashy wins, but as long-term, sustainable foundations. Right now, your creation process requires pulling back; stay firmly focused on what is required behind the scenes. Have the decency to communicate that as needed, and have trust that the blooms will arrive in their own time.

Suggested spell ingredients: calendula tea, a fresh journal for symbols, signs, and signals received, time spent in stillness, a bath with your favorite flower essence or petals, and a self-designed ritual or spell dedicated to reckoning: call in two opposing elements and the love of your ancestors.

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The Tower, Reversed

Years of instability can often result in an accumulation of mistrust. We can’t trust that kind person, interesting opportunity, or stretch of peace. We can’t trust ourselves to relax, to receive, to believe that blessings are unattached, or that we deserve a string of good days. You’ve been on-guard for a minute, Sag, and for good reason. Managing expectations is an effective form of self-protection. But it also tamps out any embers that could grow into a flame.

This month, it’s important to parse out the differences between high sensitivity and hypervigilance in your responses: one is born from your intuition, the other, from trauma or survival mechanisms. Ultimately, the Tower encourages you to stop self-sabotaging, in order to rebuild. Even if you are aching for lightning bolt change, the process will probably be slow, deep, and gentle. It starts minute by minute, with how you relate to yourself.

April marks a month of internal breakthroughs. Realizations will seep in through dreams, meditations, conversations, and the art you create. Hold intentional space for the kinds of activities that expand your horizons, that shake up your perspective. When there’s a spark, stay with it for long enough for it to stay lit. Don’t judge yourself for what you feel drawn to, or what gives you pleasure: it could be subversive, unexpected. Enjoy it.

Suggested spell ingredients: A cup of herbal tea instead of more caffeine each morning this week, a brand new altar that makes space for all that you are ready to receive, jasmine oil, green moonstone and blank spaces.

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5 of Wands

Life is a training ground for soul growth, and sometimes we learn through trial by fire. You are ready to unravel some knots; it’s prime time to glimpse where certain breakdowns happen that steal your inspiration and slow you down. These patterns are linked to a little bit of emotion, but mostly unconscious habits. April is a fantastic month to revisit your routines and communication styles. Work smarter, not harder.

How do you handle disappointment? How do you handle misunderstandings? How do you deal with delays, snags, curveballs, or people who don’t keep their promises? This month you’ll be asked to radically recalibrate some ingrained reactions to messy people, situations, and projects. It’s ok to make a little mess yourself: out of chaos comes order.

Acknowledge what you can control and what you cannot. There’s a part of the creation cycle that’s getting jammed. Putting the cart before the horse, or trying to move forward with no clear vision keeps even the most ambitious of us stuck. Take a few steps back—even if it feels awkward, even if it means breaking a promise or shifting an offering. Don’t let the wrong people push your buttons. Slow down to speed up.

Remember that your life is bigger than the harder moments. It’s also important to treat the harder moments as lessons that when learned, you’ll truly never have to repeat again. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Closet or drawer cleaning out time, donations of things no longer needed, hikes and/or long walks, cord-cutting magic, lavender tea, and saying “No” at least once a week.

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8 of Cups, Reversed

It’s time to apply some rigor, and a healthy dose of spirituality, to some emotional patterns that have been holding you up. There’s nothing you are doing wrong, except perhaps not heeding the call the first time. It’s ok if the call takes 8 times, or eight hundred times: what matters is a true commitment to no longer short-changing yourself. This is a deep, ancestral entanglement, which is, of course, why you’ve been so resistant to surrender it. 

Don’t confuse old ghosts that live in your bones as permanent guests. 
Don’t call something loyalty when it’s closer to self-betrayal. 

Not everything is meant to last forever, and there’s a deep lesson there for you about the liberation to be found in goodbyes. Once you commit to a new path, you’ll encounter relief almost immediately. Decision magic makes a potent space. Saying goodbye to a dream, a hope, an expectation, a relationship—or even, an entire way of life—is difficult. But with each step towards different options, it will get easier and easier. April is a month to mark: it starts a chapter of choosing yourself first and trusting your own unique spiritual practice. It’s a time to make the unknown a friend, once again. It’s something your ancestors had to do, many times. Let them guide you towards an unburdened dawn.

Suggested spell ingredients: Petitions for your ancestors, peach moonstone, redefining your intrinsic boundaries, spontaneous dance parties, a dinner party or two, and mint tea in the mornings.

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Knight of Cups

’Tis the season of the scammer. Everywhere you look, there are Netflix specials, spiritual impersonators, and evidence of easy marks everywhere. It makes sense that these are the stories that are bubbling up in the collective consciousness, in a time where some of the deepest scams are perpetuated by many who are above the law or those who write and enforce them.

How is this related to your life, presently? April is a month about no longer engaging in self-extraction. The Knight of Cups wants you to stop scamming yourself. Acknowledge the truth instead of what you want to see. It’s brave to stop falling in love with potential and instead, grapple honestly with what’s right in front of you. Use all this abundant fire and water energy to make goals start to happen, now, today. You’re not waiting for permission, and you’re certainly not waiting for others to come with you anymore.

Some of the simplest humanifestation rules are also the hardest to implement. What you get is directly correlated to how much you can receive. You must be able to give whatever it is you want to yourself, first. Romance mustn’t be reserved for Friday nights or sexy suitors only: make it an everyday occurrence. Don’t cheat yourself out of the experience of getting what you need with ease.

Suggested spell ingredients: Full cups, Lovers Year Online Workshop Download, time spent alone by the sea or a body of water, videos of floating clouds, Magritte paintings, guided meditations by Tara Brach, and oat straw tonic.

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