Deepen Into Trust Tarot Spread

Deepen Into Trust Tarot Spread

This month’s theme in the 2023 Many Moons Lunar Planner is "Deepen Into Trust" — you may find yourself more ready than ever before to take your life seriously and to let go of outsourcing validation and belonging.

You can read more about what February will bring by clicking here. 


Deepen into Trust by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener


Tarot Card 1. How can I surrender my resistance to trust right now?

Tarot Card 2. What does trust look or feel like right?

Tarot Card 3. What practices will help me trust myself and the process?

Tarot Card 4. What will be the outcome of my focus on trust this month?


As always, use your imagination with your interpretations.
As always, put your focus on what you DO want, instead of what you don't.