January 2022 Tarotscopes

January 2022 Tarotscopes

The year begins with a slower start: we are still metabolizing, processing, and integrating 2020 and 2021. There’s a lot to sit with and a lot to wrap up. The COVID-19 surges are limiting what we can do, so there could be feelings of constriction. Reflect, dream, and consciously feel into what you’d like to experience most in 2022. 

Rest, conserve your energy.
Do away with standards in situations where it doesn’t matter. 

Raise your standards where it does. 

Action is key this year: once you are on what you want, go forth. Do not let January pass without taking some clear actions each day around some long overdue shifts. There’s a difference between knowing what you have to do, and doing it. Uncomfortable does not equal bad; often, there’s an awkwardness that accompanies the first attempts at anything different. There’s a patience that must be cultivated around anything worth doing. You don't get the fruit the day you plant the seed. Remember your why, and prioritize enjoying the process. 

May this month find you on your own path, slowly covering terrain you’ve been wanting to enjoy for ages. May your attraction to suffering or what is not best for you fade. May any attachments to distractions shrink. May you keep what is most important front and center, day and night. May you do a lot with a little. May you create light in the dark.

This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. If your Tarotscope doesn’t resonate now, you may want to go back at the mid-point or end of the month to re-read.

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

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The first online workshop of the year is on Sunday, January 16th at 12 pm PST. It is all about making A Lovers Year work for you. Click here to enroll! Later in that month, the studio will welcome Blanca S. Villalobos for an online workshop on Dream Magic: click here to enroll! Hope to see you at both of these special event!

9 of Pentacles

The start of 2022 brings an overflow of opportunities to reimagine what life can be. 2021 was so frustrating, so exhausting: it was beyond challenging to stay optimistic, let alone find the spaciousness to dream big. But with the new year comes new energy. You are ready to make vastly different, better choices. It starts with how you treat your body and what you do as habits each day.

The invitation is to design a lifestyle that resembles your dreams, purpose, and pleasure. This will require focus and ruthlessness around what your non-negotiables are: spirituality, self-care, mental and physical health, intellectual pursuits, fun, joy, and purpose. It’s up to you to define what is worth living for. Prioritize, then take action. 

The good life isn’t somewhere outside of you, lived by those who are somehow more deserving than you, or who appear more together. It’s all inside of you, easily accessed with mindfulness, scheduling, and repetition. The good life isn’t something that happens far off in the future, it’s what is instigated daily through behaviors and embodiment. The weeks add up into months, the months into years. You’re ripe. So is life. Go be, now.

Suggested spell ingredients: Juicy clementines, bouquets of birds of paradise or another audacious flower, crocodile jasper, a new sex toy, morning routines, and the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner.



Last month, you were in a Wheel of Fortune period, gentle Taurus, so of course, Justice would be your guide for the start of the year. The high-highs and low-lows of last month have smoothed out into more manageable circumstances—or at least by now, you’ve adjusted to the new terrain.

The realm of Justice is one of cause and effect: every action has a reaction. There’s a call now to pause—see beyond the immediate, and think longer-term. What you begin this month will have powerful consequences: make sure your motivations are rooted in the future, not the past. All month long, fear will be loud but is temporary. Love is an and energy and a discipline that can overcome any momentary discomfort.

What can you no longer afford to do? Is money really more valuable than time? What have you put off starting because you are afraid of being “bad” at it? If life is about enjoying love, connection, purpose, and beauty, how can you orient around those values? Ask the most important questions. The answers await through intuition and experimentation. Most of them, you already know.

Suggested spell ingredients: Merlinite, sharpened pencils, organized closets, heart-opening meditations, and the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner.

5 of Wands

Before you feel like 2022 can really begin, there are some loose ends from last year that need to be tied up. Most likely, these cords involve energetic drains, your ego, and certain relationships. Be honest. Vulnerability is intense, but ultimately, that is what is needed. If you no longer can make space for certain people, they need to know. If you can no longer continue certain relationship dynamics, even if you started them, that’s on you to own and to clean up. 

Don’t let a little bit of tension become an omen for the year. 2022 will be quite different because it has to be, sweet Gem. Deal with energetic leaks now: whatever resistance you’ve been tangled up in isn’t going to untangle itself. Ending avoidance now will free up time and space later. Treat whatever needs to be dealt with in a different way, with a different energy. Even if it feels hard. Especially if it feels hard!

After periods of chaos, it’s difficult for the brain and nervous system to adjust to periods of peace. Clear out the distractions and focus on what is most important: who you are becoming, and the relationships that matter.

Suggested spell ingredients: Bedtime yoga, decision magic, milky oat top infusion, fucshite, and the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner


The Knight of Wands and Death

This month, two Tarot cards popped out for you: The Knight of Wands and Death. The message is clear: too much time spent caring about others who may not reciprocate that care, thinking about others instead of your needs, and putting others above yourself have taken their toll. No more waiting to rely on others to start important goals, no more letting others dictate your days, moods, and self-perception. This year is about self-worship, nothing more, nothing less. The transformations and better relationships that follow are icing on the cake. 

You must finally choose pleasure and joy, with a sprinkle of not giving AF on top. Needless suffering is over if you want it. Are you brave enough to become more self-centered? Practice wearing a studded leather jacket around your heart for a while. Strut around like the priceless dreamboat that you are.

There’s another message with this duo of unlikely besties: to stop doing things you don’t want to do, start all the things you do want to do, first. The laundry list of “should’s” has gotten too long: throw it out. Break up with burdens and boredom. Funnel your feelings into art, orgasms, rituals, aesthetics, everyday routines, and next adventures. It’s up to you to create change.

Suggested spell ingredients: Rose quartz, coconut oil, numerous trips to Goodwill, texts and direct messages left on read, and the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner.


7 of Swords

Self-recovery is in part, about being brave enough to see clearly. As the adage goes, the truth will set you free. But first, it might piss you off. What it doesn’t say is that it also might douse you in achy grief, make you wail into the empty evening sky, or threaten you with hot, unspeakable emotions. These are all part of a healing process. There’s bound to be some understandable rage as you continue to connect to your irrefutable preciousness. As memories and situations emerge this month, remain conscious and in the present moment. Respond in self-compassion and self-protection.

The year starts off with prompts to discern what is yours and what belongs to another. Accountability is not empty promises or unchanged behavior. Get real with yourself, Lovely Leo, and stop wasting your own time. Clean breaks, brutal honesty, and sweet relief are all themes of the month.

The reason why this particular reclamation feels so huge is because it is: it connects to an old, ancestral pattern. You are healing this wound for past and future generations. Write the stories about what you deserve not only with words, but with actions. Where you are headed is better than where you’ve been. Keep moving. Accept that your destiny is bigger than what you’ve been shown.

Suggested spell ingredients: Salt baths, closure, selenite, new blueprints, and the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner


7 of Wands

The past can hold us prisoner in moments we’d least expect. This month, watch out for those old sneaky stories that arise when you are expanding, when things are going well, when you’re taking your power back and being celebrated. The brain and ego want to keep us safe by repeating old stories. Trauma tries to convince us that positive change—and rest and receiving—are threats. Beautiful, hardworking Virgo, are you creating battles simply out of habit? Are you making things more difficult as a way soothe your fears? 

You’ve reached a new arena: one filled with success, sweetness, and the exhale that accompanies a stronger embrace of self. You did this. You made it. Slow down enough to enjoy it.

There’s a lot of recalibration happening right now that has to do with identity, motivation, and all-over energy. There’s a lot you want to do that your ego is trying to convince you that you can’t. Like put forth some parts of your self, interests, or gifts that have been hidden or dormant up until now. Like have things be easier, simpler. Stop gatekeeping your spirit and open up to the truth You don’t need to force anything now; you’ve already arrived.

Suggested spell ingredients: 7 minutes of dancing each day, chamomile tea before bed, a blue lotus visualization meditation, an attachment cutting ceremony, and the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner.


7 of Cups

What you want more than anything, Libra, is to know exactly what to do. What exactly would happen on a particular timeline, or another. What results would ensue from what actions, like karmic dominoes lining up precisely in a pattern of a happy ending?

Unfortunately, what you want is different than what is happening, and right now, you’re still meant to stay at the crossroads, no matter how painful it feels. Focus on the frustration of the unknown, and you miss the blessings of this space. It is in the crossroads where we can see simultaneous visions, multiple pathways to test our desires. In the crossroads, we meet helpers we wouldn’t otherwise get to experience: grace, humility, surrender, and prayer.

It isn’t only the capacity to sit with the unknown that you are developing this month. You are unraveling emotional responses that curtail joy. You are grappling with, and putting to rest, a past where you weren’t able to have the amount of autonomy you have now. You are preparing for all the immense gifts that appear once you stop settling and start allowing yourself to dream wider than you have in years.

Suggested spell ingredients: Cloud watching dates, ice, Celestine, a weighted blanket, and the 
2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner.


2 of Cups

When we fall in love—which can happen once in a lifetime, or once an hour—we are connecting to the parts of life that are worth living: softness, sweetness, beauty, charm, wonder, lucidity, inspiration, realness, and rawness. The love we experience is but a reflection of our best parts. You only love what you want others to see in you. What you think you don’t possess is what you want to hold onto outside of you.

This month will present you with different ways to love and ways to connect to others. Be as clear as possible from the beginning of any new ventures or relationships about what you bring to the table and what you expect in return. Be just as clear when you aren’t available, or when you’ve got nothing else to give.

Write down everything that love has done for you, everything that love has shown you to kick-off the month. Make lists of what makes you fall in love in small and large ways. The lists of whatever love means to you reflect what it is you want to embrace, enjoy, and grow. Let love be a guide to help you live with purpose.

Suggested spell ingredients: Mirror magic, pink roses, mailed love letters, Friday night bubble baths, and the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner.


4 of Pentacles

You start off the year with resources top of mind. You’re never one to do things solely for money, and it’s unlikely that’s all that you are considering now. This is more about working smarter, not harder. See how the resources that you are possess can grow more easily. Examine how you ascribe value to what you do, and how that influences…well…everything.

Capitalism gives us all sorts of harmful programming around what kind of work is worth doing, how much effort we should be exerting, and how much of our identity is related to what we do for money. It’s up to you to choose what is priceless. It’s up to you to aim to prioritize the relationships and practices that are life-giving, not energy-draining.

This month will have you deep in creation mode of systems and schedules that will conserve your energy more. Ultimately, you need more time so that you can vision, philosophize, volunteer, be with loved ones, and invest in the activities and work that lights you up. Make time growth your number one priority in January. By the end of April, your days—and energy levels, and bank account—will reflect your priorities more than ever before.

Suggested spell ingredients: Clear surfaces, tiger eye, rosemary-oil foot massages, weekly finance dates, patience, and the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner.


8 of Pentacles

Some pinnacle has been reached, some achievement has been unlocked, and now you may be wondering what’s next. It seems as though the yearning for security has caught you in a particular plateau as the year begins. Rewards do not occur without risk, and the longer you try to delay some shifts, the longer you could feel stuck. There’s some rearranging that has to happen between work, education, play, rest, and care of your overall health this month.

What is clear is that you can’t work in the same ways, or even do the same sort of work that you’ve been doing for the past seven years or so. The effects of workaholism weighing on your body—or connections with others, or an all-over malaise about your career—doesn’t make you a failure. Take time this month to set up ways to automate and delegate, create an exercise or stretching routine, and invest in friendships and hobbies.

There was a time, not so long ago, that you wanted what you have now. A vital ingredient for change is gratitude. Make time each day in January to be consciously thankful for all you have as you plan your next steps.

Suggested spell ingredients: A freshly arranged workspace, a road opener spell, an auto-responder, a workshop or class on something completely unrelated to your job, and the 
2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner.


The High Priestess

Aquarius, if all of 2021 didn’t have you questioning almost everything about your life, spirituality, and reality itself, January is going to force you to consider all of the above. This year’s first month begs you to take action around newly updated beliefs and desires that have come as a result of all you’ve faced in 2021. Chances are, the last few years didn’t present you with enough time, energy, or resources to make all of the huge shifts that needed to be made. 
Most of the time went to survival and staying afloat under some beyond major challenges, which you did incredibly well.

Now here you are, ready to thrive. 

The wise ones know that thriving requires strategy. Little by little, it’s time to rearrange, clear, and set the stage for what your intuition is relaying. Slow down, and do some visioning and dreaming. Get serious about what you have to learn, and what you must implement to make your days and nights more infused with meaning.

Commit to a building process for the next few months. Lean on the angels, higher powers, and ancestors that you’ve cultivated relationships with. Expect miracles and see what happens.

Suggested spell ingredients: Aquamarine, blue vervain, decision magic, God/Goddess/Goddexx/the Universe, and the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner.


Page of Cups

The beginning of 2022 brings some welcome news: you are no longer willing to force what isn’t working. You are no longer willing to put up with anything false. Relationships that can’t flow, aren’t reciprocal, or can’t evolve must fade away. It doesn’t have to be personal, there doesn’t have to be conflict. Tucking away your genius, or having to contort to someone’s wishes have gotten pointless. You are interested in what’s real, and that means stepping away from what feels flimsy. 

That act of clearing creates a lot of space and a lot of time. What’s left is a mission to cultivate imagination and fantasy—not as escape techniques, but as a way to reawaken parts of your soul that have been asleep. Who were you, before others labeled you? What did you want, before being told that wasn’t a reasonable dream? You’ve never been too much. Everything else has been too little.

Make a plan born from your intuition and stick with it. Then keep going long enough for results to appear. Don’t let anyone, or anything rush you. What you are cultivating is an inner awareness. With more appreciation of your talents comes another layer of gifts. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Amethyst, tears, make-believe dates, waterfall recordings, and the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner.