July 2021 Tarotscopes

July 2021 Tarotscopes

The theme of this month is recalibration. For some of us, that looks like doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it. For others, this might be time to get started on an important project or process. 

Ultimately, July guides us into more flow. How you do the task is as important as what you are doing. Shift your energy around the beginnings of expression: in the pause, before your mouth is opened, tune into what is most important to say. Follow the intentions of motivations all the way up to their widest mountaintop of meaning. Resistance, doubt, anxiety—all the thoughts and emotions that cause the body to tense up—need to be flushed out through the breath, mindset shifts, and movement. 

A fundamental recalibration is needed on an energetic level. Boundary tune-ups, attunements with new dreams, and the release of stagnant patterns are all ways this will show up. Practically, this could look like less talk and more action: recommit to an activist practice, a spiritual practice, or focus on improving your habits.

In my Take The Leap Moonbeaming episode, I talk about the messages of July and how my guides told me that it is useful to really embody the elements of the season we are in and to take space from the element of the season we just got out of. In this case, Gemini season was air: the mind, worry, overanalyzing, being too "in your head", anxiety, and nervous system overwhelm might have been on overload. It’s time to balance that out with some other elements: prioritize embodying the properties of water, fire, and earth. 

This month's Tarotscopes focus on what you are recalibrating. This includes what you must let go of and what you must nourish with steadfast devotion. After a few weeks of this, you'll reap the benefits that come when you choose to facilitate growth. 

The Tarotscopes below were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for it. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. 

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.


The Tower

When you don’t know what is happening, do you panic? When the Universe takes something from you, do you cling to endless replays of what you did to deserve it? All month long you will undergo an intense transformation from the inside out. Any maladaptive coping mechanisms that you learned a long time ago are ready to be reviewed and shifted. It’s time to build an entirely new foundation that is retrofitted to support your power.

The first step to this process is clearing. Donate, sell, or recycle all that doesn’t work, is not used, or reminds you of past grief. Upgrade or get new items that reflect where you going. Clearing away does not always look like quitting. Sometimes, it is simply about doing nothing instead of something that keeps patterns looped like endless spiral staircases in your psyche. Sometimes, it is replacing an old habit with a symbolic action that gestures to your subconscious that you are ready for more.

The key to your recalibration this month is about taking a spiritual approach to loss. What you are loosing are ways you’ve sold yourself short. A person can’t receive new, better gifts with two full hands. Your body might translate the grief as death, or as a cue to stop, but it’s your role to remind yourself how very alive you are. It’s your job to keep moving towards the best version of your life that you can imagine. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Obsidian slipped in your pocket each and every day, a yard sale or day spent listing old items online, raspberry leaf tea, at least one somatic experiencing session, and surrender. 

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July is going to be a big month for you, Gentle Taurean. It is now that you will find a missing component that will serve as a breakthrough device around a big wall you’ve been coming up against. There have been blocks around personal and career growth. It’s been hard to figure out whether you need to change, or what you are doing needs to change. The answer is both.

The details will emerge through unlikely encounters. Prioritize some hidden desires before they turn to dust. The thing is, by now, you absolutely know what you want. You’ve been thinking about it for so long that it’s become an unbelievable fantasy, always out of reach: a daydream, never to be plucked from the sky and channeled into reality. That all changes this summer. 

The main recalibration to focus on is embodiment. On the relationship between the nervous system and the mind. Between the imagination and your breath. Between energy and movement is where you begin to repattern. Try, as much as possible, to support the relaxation of your body: through what you eat, how you stretch, through grounding practices. Stop holding your breath, and start breathing in abundance. Act as if you’ve already transformed. You will be, soon enough. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Gold charms, birds of paradise, at least one ingredient or meal you’ve never tried, Pranayama breathwork in the morning and night, and massages. 

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Have you ever shared your personal symbolic language with others? What are the stories this language illustrates about your proclivities and natural strengths? Spend an afternoon in the first week of July to sit down with all the images, songs, colors, words, and correspondences that resonate with the depths of your being. Your magic needs an archive, Twin Star. Create visible markers of the energy that makes you feel at home. 

Once again, you find yourself at a crossroads. The fact that they get more frequent is a good thing, promise. Lessons are now learned more quickly. From now on, the mistakes you make will be new ones.  

What must be recalibrated this month are the tiny self-defeating habits that lead to the death of your dreams. Stop looking for problems or imperfections where there aren’t any. You make it harder for yourself when you forget how capable you are, how much you already know. It’s important to rely on other's input, but when you ignore your intuition in order to serve someone else’s logic, you only waste more time. You are now tasked with shifting gears from the micro to the macro. Not only will your symbolic language help you create a vibrant, meaningful legacy, it will also help you make decisions about your pivot. Zoom out in order to attune to the greater myth that is your life. 

Suggested spell ingredients: A long day spent by the ocean, river, or a lake, dialogues with angels, a brand new altar filled with your magical symbolic language, and meditations on the larger map of your legacy.  

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9 of Swords 

Inevitably, when we get used to carrying what is not our own, we reach a breaking point. Moonchild, this month marks the beginning of a major breakthrough. But breakthroughs often come after breakdowns. The indecision, overwhelm, or burnout you've been experiencing in a couple of important areas of your life as of late will flow into glimmers of clarity—so long as you get out of your head and into your body.

So much space is cleared when you stop processing others’ emotions for them. So much relief accompanies the realization that you are not responsible for the experience of others, or their bad behavior. The more you focus on feeling good in your body, the more you will heal any trauma responses that appear in the form of an excessive need to control others and outcomes.

Needlessly suffering does not make you noble, it only makes you exhausted. Nourish the future by choosing joy and ease in the present. As Doreen Valiente reminds us, all acts of love and pleasure are the rituals of the Goddess. The gifts you are meant to share with the world come through joy, compassion, and a deep connection to your intuition. The time to bring them forth is now. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Bloodstone, coconut milk & honey baths, focused fantasy morning meditations, weighted blankets, and moonlit walks. 

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6 of Swords 

It takes a lot of courage to release the things you aren’t quite ready to let go of yet, to take risks that might disrupt your hard-earned comfort. Stretching yourself because another transformation calls—another adventure awaits—isn’t always enjoyable, but it is your particular calling in this season of your life. July welcomes you onto the open road of new endeavors. 

Last month you turned a *major* corner. Look back to reflect on some of the new things you tried: particularly that which only you can measure, that which occurred only in your intimate experience of Self. Your interior got some much-needed renovations: your self-talk has never been kinder. The truth of your brilliance and natural talents are now starting to reverberate in a way the body can finally receive. Has your self-regard caught up yet? 

Stop doing what you've been doing automatically that isn’t considerate of your health or time. There’s no good reason to stay on autopilot anymore. Take a break from any relationships that do not support growth. The guilt that comes with taking quantum leaps might make you waver, so watch yourself when you start shrinking for other’s comfort (or your own). Change everything that needs changing: your bank, gym, everyday routines, meals, who or what you give thanks to first thing in the morning. It’s the small habits and your immediate surroundings that will support the greatest shifts. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Tiger’s eye, passionflower tea, tears, asking for help, and trust falls with the Universe. 

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3 of Cups 

Whenever you feel like you have no support is when your angels hover the closest. Spiritual practices can be easily forgotten when times are good, but that is precisely when we must thank our invisible angels and the energies that created those conditions. Know that these unspoken realities are a few of the trickier truths that reflect some of the themes of July. 

This month your recalibration comes from restoration. Tend to what you overlook or take for granted in relationships: those who always have your back without fail also need support. Restore a daily spiritual practice: even if it’s simply throwing a kiss to the Sun and a smile to the Moon. Sweet Virgo, if you are the one feeling like your needs are being overlooked by your chosen kin or your spirit team, speak up. 

This is not the month to start anything new. This is the month to polish off those dusty projects that were forgotten in last year's haze and grief, to reconstitute dreams that began long ago. Focus on specific goals, self-care practices that have been proven to restore you, and reliable deities/plant friends/ancestors. Collaborate with your besties, continue with a committed social justice practice, or schedule weekly volunteer time. Continue last month’s assignment of invoking all Venusian delights. Drink in sweet exchanges and the rewards that come from intimate investments.

Suggested spell ingredients: Kunzite, satin sheets, sunlight, honey, and thyme blossom tea.

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5 of Wands

At the mid-point of the year, we often hear a whispery grief that coaxes us to reflect and realign. Society wants all stories to be written neatly, with lessons learned, boxes checked, and that's just not where you are at right now. Instead of punishing yourself, take this month to see how far you've come: even with letting yourself be a Work In Process. 

You are in the messy middle. So what? This isn't a reflection of where you are going, it is a road on any path of progress. You have vastly different considerations than you did even 5 months ago: this is a privilege. You are being asked to see what wishes to emerge, rather than decide on some absolutes. Confusion is your least favorite place to be, Libra, even though you find yourself there often. You truly can see all sides of a situation, can truly see infinite possibilities. So you get advice from others, weigh out all the possibilities with your besties—you know that futures are communal and collective. But now you've got to figure something out for yourself, from your Self. This month's recalibration reminds you that isn't WHAT you've been building, it’s the WAY you’ve been building it. 

Order and rules have their merits, but this isn’t the time for you to stick to well-trod paths. There have been some limits you’ve put on who you've allowed yourself to be. Now it’s time to explore what happens when you try something different. Feel into a different way of being with yourself. A new space of belonging will open up. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Carnelian, seeking out the least obvious thing, vinyasa flows every morning for 7 mornings, yellow candles, and at least one joyful mess.

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The Devil 

What is the cost of running with the Devil? Depends on which witch you ask. One will tell you it's entrapment and addiction. Another will say much clarity will be gained around intimacy with desires and breaking through limiting beliefs. All are true, depending on the situation; many times, all these themes are woven together in this archetype of subversive magic, shadows, sex, and forbidden realms. You are ready to look at the dark side of something you once loved. It's bound to be a wild month. 

What is needed to address any fears, ruts, or attachments is a reckoning with reality. Your recalibration this month is around the very stuff of real-life: how you use your minutes (and how they use you). Time wrangling. Time bending. Quality of time. There are 744 hours this month that can be used to ponder, rearrange, and rebuild a potent component of your life. Don’t waste those hours, unless you want to. Most importantly, do not let people who don't care about you take advantage of your time. 

Whenever you get stuck, think about limits as permission slips. Let your exhaustion teach you what your body needs most. Let your past failures give you information and remind you that it’s ok to fail, over and over, so long as it gets you closer to where you want to be. 

Suggested spell ingredients: A joyful gathering where you can dress up and strut your stuff, an hourglass, volcanic rock, blue vervain tincture, and the secrets that your shadow wishes to share.  

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2 of Cups

In the Kabbalah, the word used for “light” actually translates to divine love. An unconditional love that bursts forth from Source: a reminder that pleasure, connection, and delight are the main reasons we are on the planet. When we act from this divine love, we are blessed beyond measure. Somehow, the connection you’ve had to an overflowing heart has gotten weak. 

This month, there are two areas where recalibration is most needed. The first is around what you owe yourself. You’ve spent the last while acting out of “shoulds”: what you think you should do, what certain people in your life want from you, or what the automatic next step is now that you've gotten to a particular place. You’ve pleased many people and you’ve built up a beautiful life, based on logical next steps. But this hasn’t brought happiness, not entirely. Think about what you really want for yourself. Then act. 

The next is what you owe to others. We are all interlinked, your success is the success of your community. Certain expectations and behaviors within close relationships and partnerships have to be addressed and shifted: on both sides. To love and be loved blend into one, with the right person. This is what is possible for you in July. 

Authentic relationships don’t exist without deep listening. Your needs can’t fully be met if you aren’t willing to meet them yourself. Give yourself many encounters with divine love this month. Your heart demands it. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Rainbow moonstone, lavender mocktails, Codependent No More by Melody Beattie, The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy, and heart-centered orgasms. 

For even more guidance & support during this month's astrological transits and spiritual insights, download the July Monthly Guide!


7 of Swords, Reversed 

Recalibration happens when we are vulnerable enough to admit we must stay with the discomfort. In the silence that opens up when we confront the hard thing, a bloom of insight grows over the gates our avoidance tried to erect. This month, recalibration comes from being radically honest. There is a disconnect between who you want to be and what you currently spend most of your time doing. There’s an idea of who you think you need to be in order to be palatable and deserving. It’s time to make space for more fierceness, beauty, and more depth. Your brilliance is about to reach another level, as soon as you admit what you’ve been holding back. 

The otherworldly ambitions you possess are part of your charm and your spiritual practice. External accomplishment and accolades are socially acceptable measures of success, safety, and power. They can also be mechanisms you use to hide behind. Be ruthless about what certain illusions need to be shattered. 

Think about what in the realms of how you work, make your money, and communicate needs to be addressed and rearranged: something’s got to give. As you prune and trim, keep both feet squarely on the ground, and your head craned towards a greater vision. Something being easy or automatic isn't a reason to keep it. There are no wrong decisions, so long as that decision moves you into a deeper relationship with yourself. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Clear quartz, golden yarrow essence, documentaries about baby foxes, paper fortune tellers, and grace. 

For even more guidance & support during this month's astrological transits and spiritual insights, download the July Monthly Guide!


The Lovers  

You are about to enter a deep portal for the next few months: maybe even the rest of the year. This portal is one where you will be working on at least one very personal, very meaningful project. This is all related to home, self-development, spiritual development, relationships, creativity, and career. A beautiful muse has been frantically trying to get your attention for quite some time. Now, you are about ready to surrender. July will be spent in preparation. 

Part of why you’ve been conveniently ignoring all the signs to move ahead is because some part of you doesn’t quite believe you can do it. That it will be worth it. That it will work out. All of this doubt is reasonable. We cut ourselves off from what we desire most as a protection device. However, one of the reasons why your muse is so persistent is that this is something that you must do: it is one of your life’s missions.

The recalibration needed this month is to shift focus. Concentrate on the connections you will need with your community, your daily habits, and your rituals. Concentrate on one tiny bold risk to take each day, that proves it is safe to embrace your deep dream. In the yes is the worth it: through devotion comes belief. Court your muse, your inspiration, by setting yourself up for a sure success. Choose love. 

Suggested spell ingredients: A night of duking it out with your dreams and doubts, river stones to meditate with, a geode breaking party, indigo candles, and hibiscus punch. 

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The Sun 

People are rarely responding to your authentic self. Much of the time, they are reacting to the idea of who they think you are, the story they've made up in their head. They are responding to their own projections, which are built up around their insecurities, traumas, needs, and motivations—who they need you to be, not who you really are. Sweet Pisces, this realization can be a trip: a little exhausting, yet also exhilarating. Being a hologram isn't always a bad thing. You are not what those who cannot truly see you think you are. What a relief. 

You get to show up for these precious days however you’d like. You get to do it for yourself, your spiritual growth, and for the ones who truly do see and understand you. Your recalibration comes from realizing that any proclivities towards performing for other people have come to an end. Tell all the roles you’ve played in order to stay safe that they can take a rest. They are exhausted from years of trying to protect you. 

The time and energy that is now released allows you to play and explore what would feel good now. Try to ask: “What feels good today?” at least once a day in July. Then give the day that gift. Like a field scientist of your own life, notice the results, themes, patterns. This is how you begin to write the next true story.

Suggested spell ingredients: Kaleidoscopes, a new journal, Living My Life by Grace Jones, sunstone, and sunflowers.  

For even more guidance & support during this month's astrological transits and spiritual insights, download the July Monthly Guide!