June 2021 Tarotscopes

June 2021 Tarotscopes

June is likely to have unexpected twists and turns.

Much of this month could feel uncomfortable. Oh, just half the solar system is retrograde, plus a solar Eclipse, no big deal. This month can help us tune back into ourselves and center. We may feel called to commune and communicate with parts of ourselves that have been silenced or ignored. We can work with retrograde energy to reflect, review, revise, recreate, and reprogram. Eclipse energy can help us relate to ourselves and others differently. Some themes of the month could be: communication, clarity, projections, alignment between desire and communication, thought and action, soul retrievals or integrations, relationships and relating, and finding closure.

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The Tarotscopes below were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for it. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. 

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

Knight of Wands

Chaotic neutral is going to be the energy to embrace this month: good thing you are ready for it. This is a time to interrogate some of your key behaviors and decide if there’s a bit too much influence from a stifled society in them: there’s at least one area you’ve been playing a bit too safe. We don’t change culture by conforming; we shape culture by being brave enough to shine. You Only Live Once In This Body: now is the time to prioritize pleasure, joy, and fun. Now is the time to start a to-do list of only exciting things and try them. The way to learn is by doing: give yourself opportunities to fail and frolic at least a few times each week this month. 

Invite more of what feels good into your every day. As long as you are not hurting anyone, do you, boo. Flirt with the birds, the bees, and the cute barista. They will all appreciate your attention. Spread joy for joy’s sake alone.

June is a month for seeking, not for staying in one place for too long. It is time to finally stop punishing yourself for wanting what you want. The way you will finally understand that life can be both easier and more of an adventure is by opening up to more chances for the Universe to tell you yes!

Suggested spell ingredients: red candles, sunstone, rosewater, an inventory list of all that sparks joy, and a risky text or two.

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2 of Wands

Don’t forget your why, sweet one. Scrawl it on the inside of your wrists, write it on your mirror in lipstick. Why you do what you do needs to be connected in a spiritual nature. What you ultimately value needs to be front and center now. The world around you is changing, and while expansion could feel uncomfortable, there’s no other choice but to move.

This month there may be a robust array of distractions or ploys almost uncannily designed to derail you from your purpose. That’s because 1.) what happens when beginning a different path, which is what you are doing now 2.) this is a month filled with Eclipses and retrogrades and 3.) there’s the incessant heartbreak of humanity, barking in your ear. Do what you need to do to support equity for those who need it most and inner peace.

This month, the ones that you might be thanking the most could be your enemies: the frenemies, foes, annoyances and old habits still have some messages about what you are no longer willing to put up with. Engaging with them differently proves that you’ve mastered the art of energetic transmutation. Let them serve as reminders of how far you’ve come. They show you who you don’t want to be. Continue to choose a different path.

Suggested spell ingredients: sulfur, dried rosemary by your bedside, poems by Carl Phillips, lullabies to your North Star, and peppermint oil on your pulse points before you begin your day. 

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5 of Wands

Momentary messes. Mischievous mishaps. June may have you rolling your third eye a bit, Gorgeous Gem. So long as you keep in mind that this is not a month for permanent conclusions or decisions, things will be fine. June will be trippy, potentially full of interpersonal conflicts and/or delusions. There will be plentiful opportunities to... just.let.it.go.

The 5 of Wands tends to highlight where you are in the process around your energy management and spiritual routines, and that’s a useful reminder to keep in your back pocket. Maybe the annoyances or disturbances that crop up in your life are not meant to be taken personally, but are an opportunity to shift patterns around burnout or boundaries. Maybe areas of contrast show you what you don’t want, so you can spend more time with what makes you light up.

What is June good for? Honoring your chosen family. Being a part of a support system, if you’ve got the bandwidth for it. Circulating into different corners of your neighborhood, skillsets, and educational aspirations. Celebrations of precious connections and any and all good news. Harmless and silly fun. Cleaning out that closet, reconciling that old project or relationship. All acts of kindness that no longer keep you separate from adoration, facilitate clean slates, and support a greater integration of your far-ranging, brilliant self.

Suggested spell ingredients: random acts of radical generosity, labradorite, soft textures and bright colors, Rorschach tests with the clouds, and to-do and to-don’t lists for each week of the month.

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The Emperor

When one has had a troubled relationship with power, it can be difficult to see the value in it. Why would one want to embrace something that has been so distorted, so often used for malicious purposes? Part of the reason you are on the planet is to use your personal power: first for your healing and then for the benefit of others. June is all about the exploration of different definitions of power—ones that feel supportive to embody. This begins by showing up to your life—and in your life—in decisive, confident fiery ways.

Take back all your energy, all your power. Any patterns of being a bystander, a people-pleaser, or a doormat must end. (It’s ok if some people don’t like you—promise!) June requires you to make some decisions and proclamations about what you need most and where you fit in best. By October, you will be so appreciative of all that was done now. 

The kind of power you are cultivating isn’t in relation to someone else. It has nothing to do with good or bad, safe or exposed, winning or losing. Power has to do with how well one balances their attention, integrity, and energy. Power has to do with how adaptable and compassionate one is. Every time you choose to shine, to lead, and to see yourself clearly is a gift to the universe.

Suggested spell ingredients: elemental balancing rituals, aquamarine, empowerment anthems by your favorite musicians, coral-colored candles, and a walk spent outside collecting kindling for a bonfire that reconnects you to your fire.

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Leo, for you, June is a great big month of YESES. You have done a tremendous job at facing your demons through action. You may still be in the process of realignment, may still be diving deeper. This would be a most excellent time to figure out what unconscious over-extensions are still circulating in your habits and figure out the motivations behind them. Do you overexploit yourself? Over-explain yourself? Do you do the absolute most, then wonder why you are exhausted, or why certain forms of support are hard to come by? 

June is a time to break these last lingering patterns, while also soaking in some beautiful surroundings you’ve created literally and metaphorically. Bask in the glow that comes from reclaiming one’s own true nature.

Take a moment to get accustomed to the new terrain you’ve journeyed to. It's ok slow down and adjust to the temperatures, the pace, and any new collaborators. Like any adjustments, there will be tests, slow starts, and moments of doubt this month. Remember to drink in all the good: savoring helps to normalize all the sweetness. Gratitude makes the creativity feel safe to come around and curl its tail around your feet more often.

Suggested spell ingredients: candlelit salt baths, naps, fluorite, aerobic yoga (or any exercise you love that gives you energy), and homemade basil mist.

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9 of Cups

When was the last time you let a creation remain unpolished, or not completely finished, and released it anyway? When was the last time you could let yourself be proud of an imperfect meal that you enjoyed making, a piece of art that got to the heart of your dreams, or an earnest try that didn't quite make the mark? If you are to grow, you cannot always be a pretty package tied up at all times for the approval of others.

Check all martyr tendencies: these suffocate, these starve. What this month is promising you most is inspiration found through spaciousness. You must let your ideas, relationships, and dreams breathe. What you need most is the belief that your wishes can come true, and that it isn’t too late. What you need is to let beloveds of all kinds help. Lean back and trust that all your cups will be filled.

Name and invest in what is only for you. Create secret moments of pleasures not for public consumption. Spend time with sacred profanity. It is also your responsibility to stop at completing certain tasks as “good enough” so that there's more time and energy for what is most important: making desires more tangible. Affirmations will be unexpected and subtle, enjoy them anyway.

Suggested spell ingredients: rose and smoky quartz, a self-love or self-pleasure nighttime practice, a new plant for your workspace, jasmine oil, and a new hobby that gets you into your body and out of your head.

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Queen of Pentacles

Last month was about abundance realignments. You figured out how to get more by giving less: less fucks, less ruminating, less bending over backwards for everyone else but you. Some internal negotiations were made that resulted in a bit more space—this is still in process. Enjoy the glorious ripple effects that came from the changes you made. These will continue to flow in this month.

All the “no thank you's” and “this feels like a you problem’s” are now resulting in so much more precious time. You’ve got money to make, loved ones to care for, and less patience for the petty than ever before.

Now you are in a better equipped space to place your attention on that which is ready to grow and expand. Your body is going to be a source of great intuition this month—messages reside in your hips, or flow through your heart. Because of this, your energetic boundaries will need to be impeccable. Our culture of non-consent has influenced so much, it might be a challenge to locate your truest needs—however, you must. Let this be a month where your boundaries don’t exist retroactively, or only in theory: they must be a daily practice. Everything you need is inside your own verdant garden. Protect yourself enough so you have the resources to coax out all the buds and blooms.

Suggested spell ingredients: malachite, rose of Jericho, your body as a pendulum, spontaneous gifts to past and future you, and yarrow.

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The Hierophant

For the Scorpio who is looking for another vocation or job, June is a good time to begin your search. Just make sure that what you go after aren't simply a different version of that which you are wanting to escape. Give yourself the range to ask the right questions. Maybe it isn’t the actual job that matters right now, maybe it’s the paycheck and benefits. Maybe it isn't how good the pay is, but how much there is potential for growth.

For the Scorpio wanting healing or reconciliation in some area, look to what you’ve abandoned or ignored. Let the knowledge that you are divine—not separate from that which you seek, and that which will heal you—guide you like a pink light into the caverns you’ve been avoiding.

All Scorpios would benefit from naming teachers: the ones who model what you most need to learn and implement, those who remind you of what you tend to overlook.

All Scorpios will be encouraged to deal with wounds created by familial constellations, especially those that prohibit the ability to believe the best of themselves.

All Scorpios will be encouraged to make space every day to look for magic in the ordinary; to pluck the hidden secrets of your everyday discoveries and make them available as something to hold, be guided by, or as a soft something to rest upon.

Suggested spell ingredients: vulnerability without expectation, pyrite, prayer, geranium oil, pink candles, and purpose.

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Ace of Swords

June begins a new cycle for you. Last month was filled to the brim with old ghosts and haunts. Those stories have faded, the horizon is much clearer. Keep simplicity and lucidity your keystones all month.

The potential pain points for this time revolve around how you make decisions for your highest self. Your newfound clarity ushers in different possibilities. In order to circumvent decision fatigue, pick the mindset you most need each morning and go from there. Another way to organize your decision-making process is simple. Pick the options that give you more options. Do not commit to anything very long with vague expectations or unclear roles. Short, sweet, and defined will serve you best now.

The yearning you feel isn't meant to putter out into frustration.
You want the most thrilling ideas to immediately explode into form and create different worlds.

You dream of the brightest colors, the most audacious movements. 
Sagittarius, you live in a world that often does not comply with the ideals, or visions you hold dear. Don’t let that fact take away your precious light.

You can’t change anyone else. You can only change yourself. If you don’t like the party, start your own.

Suggested spell ingredients: jumping jacks, holy tulsi, clear quartz, tie-dye potlucks, rainbow meditations, and lavender tea lights.

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Page of Swords

The practice of a beginner’s mind is useful for an endless amount of reasons. This is about being open, in general: open to solutions that make things easier for all involved. Openness to receiving all the messages that will be flying in on unlikely wings. Embody a beginner's mind: be curious, ask clarifying questions, and don’t believe your first thought.

What could offer solace and soothing this month, Sea Goat, are small trips. Day trips, afternoon trips, neighborhood night walks. Trips by way of documentaries, foreign films, and different albums. Climb inside the minds of those who are fascinating and totally different. Travel will ultimately teach you more about your true nature, now that you are also more attuned to your nervous system’s needs. Changes of scenery will inspire you and eventually guide what some next projects or areas of study will be.

There’s a general belief to be cautious around Mercury retrograde and eclipse season—which is this month’s cosmic weather. However, this is an opportune time for you to get started on all things behind the scenes. Visioning, therapy, EMDR sessions, hypnosis, first drafts, syllabus creation, taking classes, making phone calls, overdue appointments, and long overdue outdoor hangouts are all supported.

Suggested spell ingredients: Dalmatian stone, passionflower tea at night, first drafts, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig, and meditations to the sound of wind chimes.

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Four of Cups

June is a month about facing certain subconscious patterns in order to get free. Whatever emotional dead ends you continue to find yourself trapped in are clues. Feel a different way in order to heal a different way. There are no shortcuts: there are some items staring you in the face that must be dealt with. Some of these are boring, some are not as painful as expected.

Escapism is not the answer now. Delaying the process isn’t fair to your future self. You’ve got new inspirations to heed and different places to be—this moment is one of preparation.

One key aspect of this process is gaining clarity over what are your emotions, and what are programmed responses, other’s emotional dumping, or collective heartbreak. There’s also the chance to unravel learned emotional habits: rage instead of sorrow, numbness instead of expression. Try going past the surface in order to release the core culprits of your apathy. One way to turn the corner is to realize how much autonomy you have over your emotional responses. Other people don't get to control these anymore. The scared part of the subconscious isn’t allowed to have the final say. Neither is the past.

The light at the end of this sloggy tunnel is a huge emotional clearing. There’s so much goodness on the way, after this recovery process. Be gentle with yourself.

Suggested spell ingredients: tears, closure, “Diving into the Wreck” by Adrienne Rich, Bettye Swann records, and aragonite.

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Ten of Cups

The main themes of the moment for you, Cosmic Mystic, is overall contentment and relationships. In order to truly take advantage of all the beauty and connection that wants to flow in, you must be able to receive. If all you wanted was right in front of you, would you be equipped to embrace it? If that answer is yes, start opening up your arms. If that answer is no, start simply by addressing one barrier at a time. When in doubt, build an altar to surrender and spend time there with open ears.

One is never ready, only available. How available you are to sweetness, intimacy, and opportunities this month will determine their quantities.

The other place riches are found is in community. Think IRL connection instead of just IRL. In fact, a social media cleanse would be a welcome activity to June. Use the extra time to reach out and connect in authentic ways. Do your people make you a better person? Do you make your people better? Find the folks who are doing what you admire, talking about what you are interested in, and can offer you the kind of kinship that is supportive. Community offers up the ability to not have to do it on your own, to not feel alone. It is in the acknowledgment of this simple truth that healing takes place.

Suggested spell ingredients: land acknowledgments, land offerings, at least one new group ZOOM, chrysoprase, and active listening: especially to the animals, the elements, and your heart.

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