March 2022 Tarotscopes

March 2022 Tarotscopes

March will be a month that feels ripe. As action-packed and potentially overwhelming as it may be, there are multiple opportunities for magic. Like January, there are 2 New Moons! Anytime the lunar cycle meets the Gregorian calendar in an unusual way, the month feels different: more charged, magicool, or even chaotic.

Mercury is in Pisces for most of the month, which emphasizes communication with other realms as much as it does leaning into experiences that are beyond language. Verbal communication is not the only way to express your thoughts; flex your energetic, empathetic, and telepathic muscles. Be mindful of where your messages are coming from, and what messages you send out.

The third week of the month holds the spring equinox as well as the Zodiacal New Year, days after a Full Moon. It’s time to come out of hibernation and start to thaw.

The theme for March is the Bigger Picture.

Wherever you are, your mindset or beliefs are due for an update. If your beliefs about yourself are too small or even cruel, they will confine you instead of expand you. Perhaps the day-to-day grind has bogged you down. Too many fires to put out will keep one stuck in survival mode—too much to do will keep one exhausted. Now it is time to zoom out and see what patterns are ready to end. Now it is time to open your hands and mind and imagine a larger scope of possibilities for yourself. Think about what parts of your life will be of service for the planet, your spiritual practice, others who need help, your inner child, your beloveds and kin, and your concentrated joy. Examine what gets in your way and then envision that it is easy to navigate through or around these challenges.

What can happen when you give yourself options? What can happen if you spend time with community that is also thinking of the big, and bigger picture?

The ask of this month is to stay as open as possible. Make decisions out of curiosity, instinct, and innovation—not fear. Imagination will be a close friend: do what you can to keep her near. Start an imagination journal, write your imaginings down on post-its, then channel them into outcomes. As much as possible, shorten the time between a brilliant thought or creative idea and an action that amplifies it. In March, bring at least one of your ideas into tangible form.

—Excerpt from the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner. Buy your copy here.

This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. If your Tarotscope doesn’t resonate now, you may want to go back at the mid-point or end of the month to re-read.

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

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March 2022 Tarotscopes  

8 of Swords

Time and attention will be the main themes this month. Be mindful of where you waste time. Not only your own, but others as well—are you indecisive? Unclear? Passive-aggressive? A flake? Notice who you let waste your time. Who creeps into your brainwaves? Who and what influences your emotional states the most? Do an attention audit weekly: assess where it gets hijacked by things that don’t matter. Before you pick up the phone to scroll, ask why? Before you click the link, pause. Before you address someone else’s needs, take a breath. Ask yourself: Do I have the bandwidth or desire? Does this need to take up my precious time and attention?

There’s a useful tool in witchcraft called the sphere of influence. Some practitioners utilize it before they cast spells to help them get specific about what they are calling in and expanding. The idea is that we start with where we are, with what we can control, with our time, attention, energy, and actions. Growth and change occur incrementally from there. 

I invite you to create your own sphere of influence around your goals for this month and beyond. Even if you don’t cast a single spell or whisper a prayer, the act of clarity will help you stay focused and offer important reminders. What you can’t control isn’t worth one minute of worry. Your precious time and attention are not to be squandered. Not by anyone, including you.

Suggested spell ingredients: Salt circles, clear quartz, mind maps, social media detoxes, and yarrow.


Page of Swords

An easy way to contextualize where the bigger picture is by asking yourself “What is my life curriculum right now?” Answers are all around you this month. Lessons are, too. And the thing about lessons is they are meant to be learned, not repeated. That hamster wheel of sameness you feel like you’ve been stuck in since before the ye-olde-pandemic isn’t going to budge until you do, Gentle Bull.

The good news is, March is a month to break patterns and unwanted habits. As the daylight grows, so does your awareness. The shifts that are achingly close depend on your willingness to seek guidance and stay open. Implement different systems, workflows, and mindsets. Question more than what is comfortable. “Just because I’ve always done this,” or “This is the way it’s always been,” are not appropriate answers.

What is changing for you externally also hinges on how you see yourself. Identity shifts happen more quickly when you relate to yourself as the competent, hot, deserving rockstar that you are. You can figure things out—if you are neurodivergent, have learning disabilities, or feel out of your scope, that’s ok. Go slow, ask for help, and tap into your perseverance. Start with all the life curriculum items that will set you free, eventually.

Suggested spell ingredients: Magnifying glass, chrysocolla, scissors, paper, pen, and a more open mind than you’ve had in years.

The Emperor

March will have you examining where you can be flexible and where you must be stead-fast. Situations will arise that around what to compromise around, and what isn’t up for discussion. Throughout this entire spring, questions around career, identity, motivation, and how you show up in life will be answered by where the yes lies. This kicks off a longer process that will highlight your ability to take the lead without doubt.

You can “both/and” a lot in life. You, more than most, understand that there is no singular truth, there are many. Radical change agents know that there are very few hills worth dying on. However, it’s time to clarify all the things that don’t fall into the “both/and” zone. Take a good hard look at your integrity. Is your behavior a true reflection of your values? One way to know for sure is if guilt is largely absent from your psyche. Another is the ability to sleep at night.

Relationships can’t expand if the same old walls stay up. Trust can’t deepen if it’s adrift in wishy-washy behavior. You’ve been aching to grow in fundamental ways, and consistency is one of the missing ingredients. Drop the defenses in order to scale greater heights.

Suggested spell ingredients: Orange candles, The Neutral by Bertrand Russell, fuchsite kyanite, hibiscus tea, and creative knot tying as ritual.


Death, Reversed

You’ve wanted to press the pause button on the world to freeze time for a while. You may yearn for space to explore, experiment, and execute new ideas. In a perfect world, you’d spend the next four months figuring out the most important things. You’d prioritize those items of importance, as well as get all those mundane tasks and to-dos finally taken care of. You’d have space to deeply rest without guilt or concern.

While you are a talented time bender and powerful intuitive, no one can bring the world to a halt. There are certain obligations and constraints that have been at times annoying, and at others, downright debilitating. Don’t let temporary roadblocks bog you down completely. Look up. Summon the bigger picture. Remember your gifts.

While you lack the ability to stop time, you do have another superpower that will help you in March: You are water, Moonchild. Water can penetrate cracks and crevices, it finds a way through. Water always finds a way back to the vast ocean. It cleanses and holds the memories of all time. Focus on dissolving blocks by remembering how boundless the future remains. Find your way back to flow. Reorganizing the core components of your life takes time, so be patient.

Suggested spell ingredients: Petrified wood, sunstone, sunflower seeds, water, and a funeral for all of your doubts and fears.


5 of Cups

You could be experiencing sweat, blood, and tears both figuratively and literally in the first few weeks of this month. Whether bogged down by feelings or simply a mile-long to-do list, the tasks ahead require a certain amount of effort and may tax you emotionally. Part of this could teach you how trying doesn’t necessarily mean straining. Face what needs to get done with faith.

A lot has been said about healing the inner child, but less about the importance of connecting with your inner teenager. What did your teenage self need? It would behoove you to research attachment styles. Notice how nervous system responses create somatic states. If called, experiment with safe ways of rebellion, with meaningful ways of creative expression.

Underlying all of this is the politics of care and the importance of aligned expression. Do the people in your life know how you need to be loved? Do you know what they need? Are your ideas and inspirations getting adequate air time? Blood, sweat, and tears lead to renewal, growth, connection, and progress. Water fertilizes the earth, makes hidden seeds grow, helps life return. What you need to express has changed, lovely Leo. How you need to be cared for is, too. All the inner and outer healing efforts will pay off, so keep trying.

Suggested spell ingredients: Star rose quartz, rose water, TRE, Attachment Theory in Practice: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) With Individuals, Couples, and Families by Susan M. Johnson, and love letters & voice memos to your inner teen.


3 of Pentacles

There’s a Kabbalistic proverb that is relevant this month: Once upon a time, a woman came across three stonecutters in a construction zone. She asked the first one what they were doing. “Why, I’m cutting stone, of course,” they replied, annoyed to be interrupted. She walked over to the second stonecutter and asked the same question: “I’m supporting my wonderful family through honest work,” they responded contentedly. Finally, she greeted the third stonecutter with the same question. “Why, I’m helping to build a temple of divinity where thousands of people will be able to worship for hundreds of years!” was the answer from the smiling worker.

Virgo, what would three of your replies be about work, purpose, and the everyday?

The one you repeat most frequently is the one that will determine what life crystallizes into come autumn.

Your perspective has shifted to the larger shape of your life. What you’d like to do with your time, and how you need to think of it needs to be front and center. Thrown in the mix are your health, your relationship with your body, and your place in the ecosystem of community, family, and a greater collective. March is a month to pollinate and create: opportunities abound this month in career, physical healing, liberation work, and collaboration. You’ve built a platform, now it’s time to add different root systems and branches. Feel a different perspective kiss your crown like the rays of a sweeter sun.

Suggested spell ingredients: Dirt, sunshine, sage, friends, pyrite pyramids, and the practice of perspective.

Knight of Cups

When I feel unmoored, untethered, and wide awake in the unknown, I understand I’m not always meant to be anchored. Solid ground isn’t always where the answers lie. Sometimes, I’m meant to float and notice where my energy naturally wishes to move towards. Generally, the lack of pressure helps spark inspiration. When there’s space, there’s room for play, daydreams, and experimentation. Sometimes meaning can only be found through a meander.

When I feel lost, distant from myself, far away from hope and pragmatic willpower, I lean on my toolkit of resources: favorite poems, songs, colors, meditations. The reminders that land, always. The processes that work. The advice I’ve given to others. The rituals that cleared away confusion. Often, it is the mundane practices—the ones often overlooked, the routines that seem meaningless—that breathe new life into old bones.

To be lost and to float are two distinct states of being. This month, expect to toggle between the two. Both have their merits. They both offer up the fruitful experiences of surrender and contrast. Pleasure for the sake of pleasure alone must be prioritized. Discern when it’s time to float and when it’s time to get resourced. Lean on your tools when needed. Push out into the unknown when it’s time.

Suggested spell ingredients: Long walks in unknown places, humming, crayons, saltwater and dried lavender foot baths, and selenite.


6 of Wands

After so much extended hardship and seemingly unrelenting challenges, your spirit is yearning for a major win. Manage your expectations: huge opportunities will appear further along in the year. March is all about small victories, so savor each one. These include peace and quiet and containers of uninterrupted time. Embrace closure where you can and resolution however you can attain it.

Humans love measurable change, made tangible quickly. It’s easier to see results when working under constraints. Identify what those are, and have fun playing within their confines.

Momentum will build. Another way to amplify energy is to focus on fast, external changes you can make with ease. Things like weeding and repotting plants, bold haircuts, rearranging your room or office, starting a mutual fund, and other types of moves like these should be focused on this month.

In much of my own teaching, I talk about how important it is to tend to energetic baselines. That includes what types of emotions, energetic states, and nervous system responses you are in most frequently. That includes what you will put up with and what you expect. So much magic happens when you raise what you experience most frequently to be closer to the dignity, abundance, and consideration you deserve. When in doubt, start there.

Suggested spell ingredients: Symbolically painted pots for your green babies, Sunday nights spent preparing for the week, yellow and red candles, dried nettle infusions, and at least one different way of getting off.



Once upon a time, when in youth, your instincts were perfect simply because they were without influence. Want wasn’t distorted into judgment. Desires weren’t ignored and turned into helpless causes. Instincts weren’t intercepted or undermined by others who were threatened. You wanted what you wanted, period. March is a month to reunite with those pristine instincts of yours. Without guilt. Without shame. You’re ready to trust yourself wholeheartedly. Move towards what magnetizes you. It’s time to roar.

In traditional Tarot theory, the Strength Tarot card symbolizes the process ready to be initiated when you’ve gone beyond limits: limits that others have put on you, and limits you’ve put on yourself. This archetype reminds us that beauty is as strong as love, that time devours all beauty, and life is meant to be lived with equal parts courage and enjoyment.

On the flip side of all these desires, primal drives, and fun excursions are the shadows of them. Every once in a while, it’s time to ride the beast. The problems arise when you let it take you on a ride. You’ve learned the hard way, far too often. Now make it your mission to learn from joy and trust.

Suggested spell ingredients: Red tulips, red nails, a Qi Gong practice, rubies, and a night spent in wild abandon.


2 of Wands

There’s not much you enjoy more than getting right down to business. You want to build, make, strategize, and create. You want to see the fruits of your labor as much as you want to hold it all in your hands. But lately, it appears like there’s been a lull in either productivity or enjoyment. A bit of aimlessness has seeped in that’s been hard to shake.

Luckily, March is a month for getting right back on track. First, be gentle with yourself. It’s been stated a million times before, but we are still in a pandemic. There are different phases of burnout, exhaustion, and languishing that hit at different times. The fact is, you had to hold it together—and keep going for the last few years in a way you’ve yet to understand or give yourself credit for. It makes sense that malaise is setting in after so much exertion. Reach out for help and support if need be. Take a class, sign for a mentor, or simply stick to a healthy meal plan. Care for your physical and mental health as never before. This is fundamental.

The other key component for reigniting your inner fires is to set the stage. What can you do to set yourself up for success? Create spaces to thrive. Sink into the moment. This month, it isn’t about tangible outcomes. It’s about the reconnection to tiny pleasures and reciprocal energetic exchange. Try being content in your own space, spirit, and skin. You’ll know which path to go down, soon enough. 

Suggested spell ingredients: a new matchbook, lapis lazuli, elderflower tea, a favorite devotional chant sung upon waking, and a planner or journal to keep you grounded.


5 of Wands

There’s a pretty big decision you’ve been avoiding. Mostly because you understand this will be disruptive, the start of a “no going back” scenario. And what kind of fool wants to disrupt a life they’ve painstakingly built, that’s good enough, at least for now?

There’s no good time for seismic shifts. There are no convenient moments for inconvenient pivots. Transformation is what’s on the menu, water bearer, and you know this. Don’t burn everything down, no matter how much destruction calls. (This includes certain relationships. You know which ones.)

Take an intentional adaptation stance with this process: when things don’t go accordingly to plan, see what can still work out to your benefit. Stay aligned with your key intentions and wants. Don’t get overly attached to moments of overwhelm or surprises, stay the course. Keep your sights on where you want to go. If you lose sight of the horizon, recenter and find the horizon within. Understand that how you get there isn’t always up to you. Your attitude, who you take with you, and how you want to respond, are.

Suggested spell ingredients: Bird formation meditations, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds by adrienne maree brown, headlamps, clear quartz, and spell candles and candle magic.


The Moon

Your season is in full swing, Cosmic Swimmer, and luckily it is lit. A key theme for your March is a familiar one: vibes. Think carefully about how you want to feel and what you wish to experience. Then, cultivate the best possible conditions for those feelings and experiences to flourish. It’s important to be as intentional as possible, especially around the Pisces new moon at the start of the month.

Your life is a reflection of certain subconscious programs. What runs through the underworld of your brain most frequently is shown to you through what pops up over and over again in waking life—this includes how you react. The easiest way for you to repattern your subconscious is through the senses. Every day this month, spend time soaking your senses in what you’d like more of. One day, this might be devouring the brightest blood orange in the shower. Another, it’s a walking meditation in a perfect place with an album that reminds you of hope and breakthroughs.

Of course, there’s a spiritual component to all the vibe-setting and mood support. Now until June, is a critical time to make some bold leaps and heal some deep grooves. Start with retraining your neurons and nervous system in gentle, enjoyable ways.

Suggested spell ingredients: Jasmine essential oil, crystal singing bowls, labradorite, blue lights, and a different playlist for every desired mood and moon phase.