May Full Moon Tarotscopes

May Full Moon Tarotscopes

May 2019 Full Moon Tarotscopes

Happy Full Moon, everyone!

This is the only Full Moon in the month of May. It is in the sign of Scorpio. This Full Moon is sometimes called the Flower Moon, and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we can understand why! The verdancy of spring (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) reminds us of life. We are reminded of our bodies; we are reminded that we are in a season of growth, a season of blossoming.

Get in your body and try to go outside, whenever possible. This is the time the earth presents her glory to us. Weave earth protection into some of your Full Moon magic. Vow to be more of a steward of the planet in this time of climate change.

This Full Moon is also called a “Blue Moon”. That is because it is the third Full Moon in a season of four Moons. Traditionally, this is the meaning of the term “Blue Moon.” These happen every two to three years, so they are rare. (Blue Moons are also commonly defined as the “second Full Moon to occur within a single calendar month.” This witch will take any type of Blue Moon she can get!)

This is a Full Moon that carries the themes of transformation and growth—transformation through growth, and growth from transforming. Consider your life and zoom in on where you wish to shift the most. Put a name to it. Reflect on where you are most attached to staying the same, and why. Call in the energies you wish to make the focus of your new cycle. Harvest these in your actions, in your insights, in your choices.

These Tarotscopes contain channelled advice and insight for your sign, based on the card that was pulled for you just before this Full Moon. Feel free to read your sun, moon, rising, or any other you feel drawn to. Take what you need and leave the rest.

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9 of Cups

You can’t have everything you want, or so the saying goes. That isn’t entirely true. You can have everything you want, just not all at the same time, Aries. And a very special something you want is surfacing at this Full Moon. Why is it particularly special? Because it isn’t just only what you want: it is also what you need. This could feel overwhelming in all the uncomfortable ways. This time is the culmination of a lot of inner and outer work that you’ve been doing. It is ok to continue to hold boundaries that are healthy and loving for you. Remember that you are safe to desire, safe to share, safe to let others in. Remember it is safe to ask for what you want. Remember it is safe for you to be seen. To be adored. To be enjoyed. Remember that this is part of what you’ve been asking for.

Scenarios that are blooming for you now are a result of what your heart wants. No wonder you feel tender. No wonder why you might be shaking off a bit of disbelief. This is a Full Moon to celebrate all of the small and big victories transpiring inside and outside of you.

Suggested spell ingredients: a letter to yourself filled with only yeses, enough flower cocktails to hydrate an army of lovers, gold confetti to throw on your candles and yourself, and a sequin-encrusted jar to put all your wishes into and charge under the Full Moon.

The Moon

Beautiful Bull, the card you’ve received for this Full Moon is the Moon! And in your season, as well! Are you feeling yourself yet? Are you ready for profound transformation? This card says you are. But first, you need to get uncomfortable. For the next 6 months, make getting outside your comfort zone a priority with every major decision—work, self-development, and relationships—you must make. It would really pay off to pay attention, around this Full Moon, to internal messages around your evolution. A secret that you know, and I know and the Moon knows, is that you are a lot wilder, a lot more ferocious, a lot stranger than you sometimes let others see. By letting certain parts of yourself loose, you are stepping forward into a new level of ambition—a new focal point of focus. Letting those certain core unexpected parts of yourself out of the bag, to integrate with alongside your goals, will pay off.

And now, for the magic. This is a Full Moon for Moon magic! Schedule it. Make it count. Make a powerful ritual around your expansion and around your transformation. Around your wildness and around those goals. Let yourself be changed. Let yourself be surprised. You are becoming more and more yourself. You are becoming more and more whole. Later this year, you’ll be glad you took the risks you needed.

Suggested spell ingredients: moonstone, a massage, an altar to all the past-life shells you are finally shedding in this one, Moon water, and a new jewelry piece or talisman that symbolizes how you are growing.

The Ace of Swords

Happy Full Moon, precious Gem! This Full Moon might be feeling closer to a fresh start for you. That’s awesome news, because a lot of this year so far has been, well…challenging, to say the least. You’ve been doing a lot of interior excavation, and a lot of reflection on your vocation and your work in the world. That can be painful on a lot of different levels. But you never, never, never gave up on yourself. And now, you are rewarded with the clarity of the Ace of Swords.

What you want to make happen now you can. It all starts with your empowered alignment and it continues with your clear communication.

Take some time at this Full Moon to reflect. What have the last 4.5 months taught you? Open yourself up to downloads. Keep careful track of your inner voices. You’ve done so much clearing away of the negative ones, and now the true messages of your intuition can flow through.

Your sense of what is true for you and only you is as clear as a bell. Whatever is not completely in alignment for you is a no. If there is any resistance or cloudiness, you know to decline.

Behind the scenes work will be favored now. Plan meetings, reach out to old friends, and follow up on new exciting contacts. if you feel the pull to do a lot of writing for yourself or for your business, schedule out some time slots and make that happen. If you are inclined to embark on writing projects, this is a good time to go for it. Your imagination could be keeping you up at night: do something with your excitement!

Suggested spell ingredients: mirror magic, sigils, rainbow moonstone, lemurian quartz, a gorgeous new journal to write down all your ideas, and silver jewelry you can wear under the Full Moon to connect to her energy

The Sun

You are going somewhere else, Moon Child. The more you let the world see your joy, the smoother the ride will be. Sometimes the past can drag you down like an anvil. Sometimes because not everyone is happy, not everyone is cared for, you don’t allow yourself to play. Abandon the belief that you have to be everything to everyone. You only have to be yourself—your most generous, your most trusting, your most blossoming self. You are becoming someone else, Moon Child. Some of this becoming you’ve already understood and can name. Some of this transformation will be a surprise, revealed over the next season.

Many of you Cancerians have logically understood that much of the resistance you have been coming up against this year resides totally inside of you. It is up to you to release resistance. Now, you can truly move forward into flow with your emotions in harmony with your higher self. Shift it into the new normal with focused embodiment. It can be easier, if you let it.

Channel your work through fun, ease, sharing, and joy. Connect to the current of your own unique life force and bring that to all your collaborations. If you’ve got desires around being more visible in the world, follow them. Allow yourself to be seen—just as you are when you exist in your most honest and innocent version of love. Choose laughter, choose play, choose taking the scenic route. This Full Moon, cast some big spells around joy, around visibility, around travel.

Know that the less you grasp, the more you’ll get.

Suggested spell ingredients: sunflower seeds, sunstone, a naked dance party, sun-charged moonwater, and messages from your higher self that you act out in dance, in play, in your daily life.

The Magician

This Full Moon is all about who you want to be and where you want to go. The fantastic news is that you don’t have to go anywhere. What you need isn’t outside of you. You’ve got all the goods: the connections, the resources, the knowledge, the toolkits. The missing piece is you truly deciding to redefine who you are now. This has been a long time in the making, and now it is time. Rename and begin again. This is your Full Moon magic.

If this feels really hard, that makes sense. Give yourself some credit. Choosing to bid farewell to certain past identities that have defined you is brave. You may need to do a ritual to honor and release certain aspects of self. An exciting identity transformation is on its way to you. Deep in your heart, you know you have certain messages to share. You know you have even more magical sides of yourself for others to witness. The sooner you begin, the sooner you transform.

There is also a particular nudge for some of you Leos listening. For some of you, it is go time, around something that you’ve been dragging your feet on. What is one big splash you can make in the next month, with what you already have? Where do you need to get out of your own way, and just do the darned thing? See what incredible impact you can have in the next 4 weeks. Let that intention be your Full Moon spell.

Suggested spell ingredients: an altar with all of the elements on it, an outdoor spell, moldavite, hematite, the song “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat, and a horseshoe you paint your favorite color and hang to remind you of how you get to attract your own luck.

The 7 of Pentacles

Virgo, it’s time to reap the rewards of your work. This is a Full Moon around enjoying the harvest. Your harvest is bountiful and needs you to acknowledge it. In all of the various gardens of your life, you’ve got them. There are the relationships that support your growth and hold you in your entirety. There’s the boomerang back contentment of all the service you do for the collective. Let yourself celebrate all of this. Express your appreciation to your people, your intentions, the elements and the Moon. Can you give yourself this weekend to fill your cup?

There is the term sabbatical coming up for you now and the 7 of Pentacles. Some soil needs to rest. Some areas of your life don’t need the same attention, don’t need to be forced. This summer, you’ll be making more concerted choices on what to prune away, what to weed out, and what to fertilize for the future. I’m going to make a potentially controversial suggestion for you and give you some unsolicited advice around this next project related cycle. Make your choices about where you are going to spend your precious time and energy around money, pleasure, and ease. If it is too frustrating for you, it is for someone else. If it is too little pay for your genius and expertise, it is for someone else. If you really want to do some work now, then reflect on all you have going on. Some projects will need to be wrapped up. Some projects will need investing in. With space, consider what fuels you and consider what exhausts you.

Count your blessings and they will multiple. With more rest, with less pushing, will come more opportunities for even more gifts to flow to you.

Suggested spell ingredients: a casual moonlight potluck in your favorite park with your favorite people, lemon quartz, aventurine, bay leaves, some restorative yoga classes, and a new pot that you decorate with symbols and plant a new special plant friend in to commemorate all your growth.

The Knight of Cups

Darling Libra, what a gorgeous Full Moon for you. The Moon is full and the word is love. Romance is in the air, to be sure. But apart from romantic love, this Full Moon wants you to really consider love, and lovingkindness. How it guides your life. What you love. How you love. Connecting to feelings of love and kindness in the everyday. Really taking in messages of love more as you take in messages that are cruel. It isn’t just a one way street, you need to let love in. And in order to do that you need to share and show what is most meaningful to you. You have to be vulnerable. You have to show yourself that you still care.

New offerings abound and you are the one who needs to offer them. New, beautiful opportunities are on the horizon for you this year. They could feel too good to be true. But they aren’t. Because love is what is guiding you. The art of love. The love of art. At this Full Moon, that’s your cosmic homework. Channel love, and art, and belief, and all the true movement all through your life.

If it isn’t loving, why are you there?
If it doesn’t take your bright bold heart into consideration, why are you even giving it one second of attention?

Darling Libra, you invoke love when you enact love. Love is allowed to grow and change. And so are you. At this Full Moon, let yourself receive love as freely and as openly as you give it. Receive it on a cellular level, drink it in on a soul level. Affirm that you are worth a love that will never leave. It all starts with the love you give yourself.

Suggested spell ingredients: blue lace agate, aquamarine, turquoise, birdsong, images of swans, a love playlist, a book full of love poems you write to what you value and what you hold dear, homemade flower cordials, and a bath filled with rose petals.

2 of Pentacles

Happy Full Moon, sweet Scorpio! You’ve got a lot going on, but that isn’t really different than your usual. What could feel different for you, at this time, is your perspective. You are thinking long-term, and you are thinking a lot bigger. Congratulations! It is about time that your ideas about what is possible for you are actually energetically matching your talents, your innovation, and your power.

If part of your future plans involve leaving your current home, your current vocation, or your current habits, get serious about those plans now. Your daily habits will be the building blocks of your transformation. This includes how you speak to yourself and what possibilities you are allowing for your future. Get real and start naming what you are stepping into—these future plans are part of a longer process where you will be seeing results, start getting clearer around, beginning in autumn. Right now it is about holding all the various parts in flow.

Do not get distracted by what other people are doing or what other people are getting. Other people’s opportunities are for them, not you. Double-down on your gratitude practice. Pay attention to all the abundance that you currently have, and all the hopes you are watering with your actions. Remember that one of your superpowers is your discipline. Stay focused on where you are going. Plan in more time than you think you need. In the empty spaces will come many more opportunities for travel, for creativity, for money, and more.

Realizing that the disparate aspects of your life are actually quite connected will help you to hone your energy. Whenever you start to get frustrated with one area, name the lessons you are learning that can help you with another. Embodying grace will be an unexpected gift you will gain through this next transformation.

Suggested spell ingredients: picasso jasper, vanadinite, a map with gold stars on all the places you wish to go, a check you write to yourself for the amount you will be making in this next transformation, some deep deep breaths, and a new outfit that matches your new energy.

Knight of Pentacles

We believe in things when we see them. We see things when we believe in them. Sagittarius, our Full Moon message is asking you to integrate your magic with your faith, your faith with your trust, and your trust with your work.

You’ve already started working on this. Thinking about it, journaling about it, and talking about it counts as working. Creating easier ways of working smarter, not harder, is absolutely part of this. This includes your intention. This includes your magic.

The one thing not to do, at this time, is to revert to an old creaky cautiousness. The one thing not to do is to go for everything all at once and then risk burnout and resentment. You are already making plans that will ensure your steady success. Sabotaging yourself isn’t fair to your mission. Playing small is just hiding from yourself. And hiding from yourself means blocking your magic. And let me remind you, intrepid archer, you are done with all that. For good.

There are a ton of different pathways you can grow into, and are growing into. Take a step back, and try to lay of grid of organization over all of them. They are all golden, and they will remain. You must pace yourself and pick the most important project to you. The one you believe in the most may also feel the most vulnerable to you. Hold it gently against your heart as you promise to maintain your devotion.

Suggested spell ingredients: many altars you encounter through your travels on the earth, a clear plan, and earthing practice, pumice, copper, malachite, chrysocolla, and a watercolor you paint that reminds you of the notion of perpetual care.

5 of Swords

Listen carefully, Sea Goat. You know you are just on the cusp of a new reality. And you know if you don’t deal with some of the core beliefs about yourself, or the world, that are holding you back, you are destined to encounter the same strange resistance that has been following you around like a hungry, mangy, stray cat. The itchy, vague feeling that something is, off, somehow, will continue to haunt you until you go ahead and make a decision around healing an old wound. It is time for you to stand in your truth, and accept your power.

This is a time of cord-cutting. There are a couple of different layers of the 5 of Swords card coming up for you at this Full Moon. The more empowered you become, the more folks may feel insecure around this. The more you are yourself, the more folks will have an opinion about this. And the more people are watching you, the more that noise will build up. Ultimately though, this is about you. About finally cutting cords to guilt, shame, distrust, self-judgment, and all the behaviors that you’ve let accumulate in your mind that are no longer acceptable for you to keep perpetuating. There could have to be some difficult conversations with yourself or with others.

Once you’ve made that decision and cut those cords, there will be sense of relief and ease for the rest of the month. Factor in recovery time, and look forward to the upcoming space you’ll get to enjoy once you’ve said your piece and walked away. Have a list ready of actions, behaviors, and projects you can focus on that are most aligned with who you know yourself to be, and who you are becoming.

When you’ve truly moved on, peace awaits.

Suggested spell ingredients: black salt, selenite, black obsidian, a forgiveness playlist, a knife to cut your cords away, and a burn book for all the annoyances that have been getting you down that you detail with charcoal and then burn and bury in a backyard 3 nights after the Full Moon.

Knight of Wands

Shiny, alluring, sexy. Playful, traveling, exciting. You are all of those at this Full Moon, Aquarius. Even if you don’t completely feel this way, you certainly have access to all of this gorgeous Knight of Wands energy that is flowing your way. Spend an hour or a day sparking your flames of creation. Set a timer and go to it. Art dates, date dates, play dates, nature dates: these all need to be on your calendar.

Your creativity needs movement at this time. It needs a place to go. It needs you to seduce it, so you can start seducing others with it. When in doubt, don’t push—but keep it moving. Listen to what your body wants to do. If you want to leave, leave. If you want to stay, stay. At this time, your intuition will come through in the body. In following the burning messages that burst through in what you want to touch, what you want your body to rub against, what sensations you need to encounter. Stare at the mirror and flirt with yourself. Promise to make this kind of bold energy come forward more often. Making a mess is part of all of it—not an excuse for you to quit. Your life is the masterpiece. Conjure delight and take a big bite.

Make processing yourself part of your own process.

Suggested spell ingredients: sex toys, sex magic, pyrite, carnelian, a feast of your favorite, juiciest fruits, and an altar made of candles that spells out your favorite number.

10 of Swords

Sweet Pisces, this Full Moon could culminate with some endings. The feelings that might be coming up for you at this time is a feeling of entrapment. You might feel so pinned down with expectations, or pressures. You could find yourself feeling helpless or simply exhausted.

This Full Moon is a chance to reflect on unhelpful behavior that needs to go once and for all.

Pisces, you are an overflowing chalice of cosmic love and kindness. You cannot be contained in just one role, in just one aspect of your being. You will be fulfilling your life’s purpose through many roles, many aspects, many creative endeavors, many healing spirals. This is just one moment of many.

Any limiting thoughts about yourself, your capabilities, or the future that awaits you must now be burned to the ground and left behind. Take time to feel your feelings, take time to grieve. Write it all out and begin the process of slowly detaching. Lay your burdens down and rest.

For some of you, this will feel more like being ready to go beyond where you’ve been. For some of you, this is a Full Moon to ask yourself: where have I been selling myself short so that those around me will not feel threatened? Where have I been choosing comfort over actual change?

Even if what is happening in your life isn’t externally showing you change, there are important changes happening on your insides. Touch base with what beliefs have been keeping you stuck, unable to here are subtle currents of wrapping up, of putting away, of letting go. Please remember that you are preparing for a series of beginnings. The sun is rising. Be clear about what new life you are growing in the darkness before the dawn.

Suggested spell ingredients: a day at the spa, clear quartz, a poem picked at random from The Essential Rumi, and a black cauldron on a black velvet cloth, covered in black tourmaline, where you burn all your doubts and fears.